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Conveyors: Industry News

Dorner Appoints Southern Mexico Regional Manager

Maria Guadalupe Sandoval, Dorner Manufacturing  “It’s great to join a team like this and help with increasing awareness of our conveyor systems to new markets throughout Mexico.”
Maria Guadalupe Sandoval is tasked with establishing brand recognition and growing sales throughout the country.

Bunting Announces Scholarship Recipients

These 12 recipients will receive $500 each toward tuition and related expenses for higher education through college or vocational training.

Dorner Appoints More Regional Sales Managers

Michael Goodall, Dorner Mfg. “We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year and there’s no better time to be joining the company than right now. I’m very familiar with the conveyor market and the Northern Ohio/Michigan region, so I’m ready to go and help show customers what we can do for them.”
Michael Goodall now covers northern Ohio and Michigan, and Melina Beluche covers northern Mexico.


Conveyors: Products

Industrial Conveyor Platforms for Aerospace Cleanrooms

Dorner conveyors are ideally suited to operate in cleanroom environments requiring robust material handling, as well as flexibility, automation and accurate part movement over distance and time.
The 3200 Series Modular and Flat Belt conveyors, 2200 Series Precision Move and the SmartFlex conveyor platforms from Dorner all receive cleanroom certification for aerospace manufacturing.

Low Profile Conveyor Removes Parts from Machinery

pivot points on the 2200 LPZ / Z-Frame Conveyor provide added flexibility so that it can be
configured in either Z-frame, horizontal-to-incline and nose-over positions.
The sleek, narrow profile of the 2200 Series LPZ / Z Frame Conveyor from Dorner can be positioned under machinery where other conveyors won't fit, making it ideal for removing parts in metalworking.

Automated VRC for Conveyor Systems

The XpressLift Automated VRC meets ANSI/ASME B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors and quickly transfers material weighing up to 75 lb at speeds up to 350 fpm up distances to 18 ft high. Local vertical and horizontal jog control and lift diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. 
This innovative design from Wildeck incorporates vertical lifting capability into automated material handling conveyor systems.