General Lifts

An Application Guide for Scissor Lifts

To select an appropriate scissor lift for a specific application, here is the basic information that must be considered, including capacity, the nature of the load, the means of loading and unloading, the travel and lowered height, the platform size, speed requirements, power and duty cycle requirements, and more.
General Lifts: Articles

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General Lifts: Industry News

Industrial Magnetics Named Distributor for Ixtur

IMI is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the patented LI-120 automatic lifting magnet.   


General Lifts: Products

Rideable Material Lift

The new RiderLift Type B from Wildeck allows an authorized person to ride with their cargo to a second level to avoid climbing stairs for immediate off-loading of material when the lift reaches its destination.

Intelligent Control System for Hydraulically-Operated Lifts

The SmartControl system for hydraulically-operated VRCs from Wildeck enhances operation, simplifies maintenance, and protects the lift from damage.

Hydraulic Tilt Tables for Automotive Applications

Ideal for demanding environments, economical and cost-effective Standard and Wide-Width heavy duty hydraulic tilt tables from Verti-Lift tilt up to 6,000 lb from zero to 90 degrees.