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Magnet Applications Celebrates 50 Years

In its first 50 years, Magnet Applications has become known for manufacturing magnets and magnet assemblies, supplying machined components and rapid prototypes, and building magnetizing fixtures.

Lexair named North American distributor for Breuning IRCO Automatic Bar Feed Systems

A unique multi-channel loading magazine on the PROFImat and ecoPROFI models allows one-button channel changes in seconds.
Lexair has added high-performance, large-capacity bar-feed loading magazines to their machine tool and workholding solutions with exclusive sales, support and repair services agreement.

Evana Automation Supplies Custom Screw Driving System to Prominent Products Manufacturer

The system automates the assembly of modular aluminum fencing, which drastically reduces manual labor and increases quality assurance.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Evana's automated solution will reduce manual labor and increase quality assurance for aluminum fencing assembly process.


Other Material Handling Equipment: Products

Innovative Workspace and Storage Solutions

The durable and ergonomic Arlink® 8000 All-Purpose Workbench offers flexible reconfiguration of bench length, worksurface depth and benchtop height for demanding industrial environments.
Arlink® 8000 Modular Workstations from Lista are available with a supplied conveyor system or easily integrate with an existing conveyor on the shop floor.

Destacker Tooling Design Feeds Aluminum and Steel Blanks

The flexible destacking solution from Bilsing can successfully separate and feed both steel and aluminum blanks in various sizes and configurations. 
Bilsing Automation North America offers a flexible destacking solution that can successfully separate and feed both steel and aluminum blanks in various sizes and configurations, along with Carbon Fiber Master Booms that meet dimensional specification and standards as set by General Motors for its World Tool Boom.