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The Culture Shock of Safety First

They might come as a shock to some accountants, but the productivity gains, cost savings and other returns on investing in a safety-first culture are very real to the people who spend most of their days on the shop floor. After identifying safety trouble spots and investing in automated equipment that provides as inherently safe a workplace as possible, we have reduced workers' compensation claims to near zero.
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Reduce the Risk

The Smart Factory reduces insurance costs and increases productivity and profitability by investing in new systems with advanced technology to protect both workers and equipment. Here are some of the latest advances in protective equipment, safety automation and services, and more that can help make your shop become a safer workplace.

How to Automate a Batch Size of One

This shop discovered how to use a high degree of automation integrated with a sheet metal storage system to quickly turn around a wide variety of power distribution systems for the electrical trade and switchgear production.


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DESTACO Receives Vendor of the Year Award

They are recognized by MSC for excellent sales performance, profitability, product innovation, marketing, field support, operational performance and customer service.

Eriez Executive to Serve on MANA Board

Charlie Ingram is the first manufacturer to serve on the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association board since its founding in 1947.

New Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Wildeck

Paul Mihelich now plans and directs their sales and marketing objectives, strategies, and initiatives.


Other Material Handling Equipment: Products

Heavy Duty Casters for Higher Loads

The 310 & 410 Kingpinless Series casters from W.T. Hight are constructed of high quality, heat-treated AISI 1045 laser-cut steel and feature a precision-machined raceway for improved ergonomics and superior strength in rugged and towed applications.

Quickly Fixture and Set-Up Welding & Fabrication Jobs Anywhere

The Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station from Strong Hand Tools includes the welding table plus a 66-piece Clamp and Component Fixturing Kit that mates to the CNC precision-bored 5/8 in tabletop holes for accurate clamping or fixturing on the tabletop.

Modular, Rugged Structural Steel Access System for Shops

The rugged framework of the core, bolt-together components in the LadderLink Modular Access System from Wildeck allows users to quickly select, connect, and create work platforms, crossovers, and stairs.

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