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Other Material Handling Equipment: Industry News

Bunting Magnetics Names New COO

Jana Davis, Bunting Magnetics  “I’m proud to take another step within the company. I look forward to this new role and helping with the next stage of growth.”
Jana Davis is the new chief operations officer over all four divisions in the company.

Magnet Applications Celebrates 50 Years

In its first 50 years, Magnet Applications has become known for manufacturing magnets and magnet assemblies, supplying machined components and rapid prototypes, and building magnetizing fixtures.

Lexair named North American distributor for Breuning IRCO Automatic Bar Feed Systems

Lexair has added high-performance, large-capacity bar-feed loading magazines to their machine tool and workholding solutions with exclusive sales, support and repair services agreement.


Other Material Handling Equipment: Products

Suction Cups for Handling Oily Sheet Metal

Combining the properties of polyurethane with those of rubber, Piab's six new friction cups display exceptional elastic memory and press oil resistance, enabling them to keep their shape and remain in good working order.
Piab has expanded their DURAFLEX line of friction cups, the new range keeps every sheet safe, six new cups keep a tight hold on extra thin and shaped sheet metal at higher stroke rates.

Vacuum Tooling for Automotive Body-In-White Assembly

Modular Automation Tooling (PMAT) from Piab features connecting parts for welded frames or extruded profiles and swivel arm assemblies with single bolt adjustment for ease of set up with a choice of attachments that is ideal for body-in-white (BIW) assembly, mostly in decentralized applications for greater up time, more reliability and ease in troubleshooting.
Shops can use Modular Automation Tooling from Piab to quickly construct flexible and adjustable vacuum gripper/fixture tooling, robot end-effector tools or other fixturing for any type of automation equipment.

Material Handling Showcase

A Wrapper Tornado from TAB secures a pallet load at Ta Chen International. The orbital wrapper automatically wraps plastic stretch film 360 deg around and under an entire pallet load to create a unitized, secure load that also protects the cartons from weather, warehousing and transportation operations.
Here is the latest in orbital wrapping equipment, lift and other magnetic applications, portable storage solutions, reel and hose carts, and other systems to help your shop become more competitive.