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Overcoming Obstacles with 3D Vision Technologies

Quickly grabbing and orienting a random part from a bin has never been an easy task for a robot. So it often falls to humans to find and process parts – until now.
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Gaining a Competitive Position

Integrating material positioners into their operations enables this manufacturer of HVAC products to deliver quick job turnarounds at lower costs.


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ABB Sells First U.S. Manufactured Robot

An IRB 2600 will be used by Hitachi Powdered Metals for handling in-process engine components.

Advanced Autonomous Mobile Robot Enters North American Market

The emerging mobile robot industry is expected to achieve total sales of 14,500 units and revenue of $20 billion over the next three years.

Omron Supports Illinois FIRST

The company donated $25,000 to promote hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for young people.


Robotics / Automation: Products

Automated Turret Punch Press Loading

FS Tower Series cell stocker systems from Murata Machinery provide a compact design, quieter system operation, multiple-stack operation to cater non-standard parts and the latest technology FMS-dedicated controller.

Flexible Handling and Storage of Sheet Metal Inventory

The BASIC Tower Sheet Metal 4.0 system from Remmert allows shops to keep an economically sensible stock of sheet metal inventory while maintaining flexible handling of the material.

Flexible Automated Material Handling for Unmanned Production

For CNC machine tools, the Flexible Pallet Container pallet handling system from Fastems enables operators to set up new pallets while parts on other pallets are being completed, eliminating the need to stop machining to change setups.