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Gaining a Competitive Position

Integrating material positioners into their operations enables this manufacturer of HVAC products to deliver quick job turnarounds at lower costs.
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Advanced Autonomous Mobile Robot Enters North American Market

A battery-powered Universal Robots UR5 mounted on top of an MiR100 mobile robot being used inside a manufacturing plant.
The emerging mobile robot industry is expected to achieve total sales of 14,500 units and revenue of $20 billion over the next three years.

Omron Supports Illinois FIRST

The company donated $25,000 to promote hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for young people.

Yaskawa Motoman Partners with Teams for Amazon Picking Challenge

Rutgers University’s PRACSYS Lab, The University of Texas Nuclear Robotics Group and Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Autonomous Robotic Collaboration Lab will each receive a dual-arm robot.


Robotics / Automation: Products

Vacuum Tooling for Automotive Body-In-White Assembly

Modular Automation Tooling (PMAT) from Piab features connecting parts for welded frames or extruded profiles and swivel arm assemblies with single bolt adjustment for ease of set up with a choice of attachments that is ideal for body-in-white (BIW) assembly, mostly in decentralized applications for greater up time, more reliability and ease in troubleshooting.
Shops can use Modular Automation Tooling from Piab to quickly construct flexible and adjustable vacuum gripper/fixture tooling, robot end-effector tools or other fixturing for any type of automation equipment.

Intelligent Lifting Device

Booth S-2181: The new free-standing, plug-and-play Easy Arm® 660 Intelligent Lifting Device from Gorbel incorporates the G-Force Intelligent Lifting technology with the body of an ergonomic articulating jib crane to address applications ranging from placement of automobile engines to loading of large plates in CNC machines.
Gorbel will showcase the free-standing, plug-and-play Easy Arm 660 that has a load capacity up to 660 lb to address application needs ranging from placement of automobile engines to loading of large plates in CNC machines. 

IMTS 2014: Industrial Automation North America

Booth E-4746: A compact, self-contained Touch Robot from Force Robots performing delicate airfoil machining. The system requires only 120 VAC and shop air to operate. It consists of a 4-axis material removal arm and a 2-axis part positioner mounted to a 1.2 m x .8 m portable work table. Dividing the system's six degrees of freedom between the two coordinated mechanisms preserves the deft touch of the tool arm while permitting manipulation of heavy castings up to 0.4 m long. 
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