Measurement & Inspection

Manual and automated analog and digital gages, instruments, scales, tests and other devices, integrated systems and techniques used to report, record, and manage the data of precise physical dimensions, weight, temperature, pressure, current, voltage or other process value being generated from the forming, fabricating, welding or cutting of material.      

One Step Closer to the Factory of the Future

As the Factory of the Future learns how to manufacture parts as seamlessly as possible, portable metrology is making major inroads for machine control in large robots used for assembly operations that previously involved very expensive fixed tooling, multiple operators, and many days to accomplish these tasks. 
Ballbar Systems

Learning New Tricks with Ballbar Analysis

Advanced ballbar testing enables this semiconductor component supplier to achieve better-than-new machine tool accuracy and extend machine life for unconventional silicon processing.
Bore Gages

Cutting Through Surface Noise: Easy Cylinder Head Inspection

This high-intensity, multidirectional lighting camera technology makes easy imaging of challenging part features on machined heads to provide a clear advantage for this automotive supplier.
Coordinate Measuring Machines

How to Minimize the Dynamic Error of CMM

The COORD3 Universal CMM from Perceptron uses the latest REVO-2 5-axis measuring system to minimize CMM dynamic error by managing all part feature scanning motion within the REVO-2 head.
Laser Scanners

Under the Radar

With a need to focus on monitoring process quality during the manufacturing process, this laser radar system provides a unique alternative to the shortcomings of the traditional inspection methods.
Non-Destructive Testing

Emerging Trends in Nondestructive Testing

This review of some new products shows how advanced technologies are bringing flexibility and a wider range of applications to NDT inspection booths, pre-inspections and screening applications used in shops.
Other Gages and Gaging Equipment

Exploring Part Deviation with Surface Plate Measurement

The Millimar C1200 from Mahr Federal is a low-cost, easy-to-view and easy-to-use Digital IC Amplifier with a new high resolution, high color contrast display that provides clear and very responsive analog readings with selectable scales.

All-Touch CMM Software

This touch technology introduces smart phone productivity into the operation of coordinate measuring machines, portable arms and laser trackers.
Surface Roughness/Finish

Prerequisites for High Surface Quality

The flawless surfaces required in mold making demand large cutting volumes during the roughing sequence, but a perfectly finished surface at the end. This analysis from Heidenhain examines how, along with high quality machine tool mechanics and control performance, the optimal milling result necessary to do this depends heavily on the measuring technology.
Measurement & Inspection: Products

Collect Real-Time SPC Data for Process Monitoring

MeasurLink 8.0 data management software from Mitutoyo America  re-introduces the Gage Management module, along with support for managing multiple measurement specifications. The Gage Management module assists users in developing, maintaining, organizing and managing information about the gages, including service intervals, GR&R dates, recall dates and general gage event history.
MeasurLink 8.0 software from Mitutoyo America allows an operator to collect data from most measuring instruments, and analyze, monitor and manage the results to monitor the production process in real-time.

Fully Automated Hardness Tester

The VH3300 from Buehler is equipped with patent-pending collision protection technology, a high-speed sample stage, DiaMet universal testing software and a 6-position test head with up to three indenters and three zoom objectives that can perform 150 make and measure indents an hour using the fully automated test program. 
The Wilson VH3300 Vickers / Knoop fully-automated hardness test system from Buehler is ideal for more advanced heat treatment processes like the aerospace, energy, construction and transportation industries that require hardness testing systems to be durable while maintaining precise control during critical test data generation.

Measurement & Inspection Showcase

GR-2245/2241 bore gages from Sunnen are ideal for measuring energy industry parts from heavy-duty large part machining, such as flow meter tubes, liner hangers, drill pipe, mud pump liners and sucker rod pump barrels. (second view)
Here are some of the latest boring gages, stud sensors, laser scanners and CMMs to help your shop become more competitive.