Measurement & Inspection

Manual and automated analog and digital gauges  instruments, scales, tests and other devices and techniques used to report and record a precise physical length, orifice, weight, temperature, pressure, current, voltage or other process value being generated from the forming, fabricating, welding or cutting of material.

Getting to True Position in Six Degrees of Freedom

The new nanometer level of precision being achieved by next generation motion systems to meet the high precision demands of metrology, laser processing and micro-machining opens up a whole new realm of application possibilities. This white paper examines how it works.
Ballbar Systems

Machine Tool Metrology Provides Traceability of Critical Oil/Gas Components

FMC Technologies uses Renishaw RMP60 touch probes on most of its machine tools, including two Okuma Space Center MA-600HB horizontal boring machines
Renishaw machine tool probes and calibration products check and verify the dimensional accuracy of the company's CNC machine tools. The resulting data are stored for quick retrieval and easy access using Renishaw’s CNC Reporter software.
Coordinate Measuring Machines

LDI Distributes Tomelleri CMMs in North America through Regional Resellers

At the other extreme is the 5-axis Space MICRON arm, with a very small range with ultra high accuracy (4 micron+L/50 mm, 250 mm range) that approaches stationary CMMs. The MICRON is ideal for measuring small parts with precise tolerances. It is an articulated measurement arm with a revolutionary design and axis configuration that allows inspection of parts with great accuracy and accessibility, more quickly than any other stationary or portable CMM.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Laser DesignTomelleri Engineering line of Space Arm® articulated-arm CMMs.
Go/No Go Gages

Hard Gaging Goes Soft

In its pre-launch application at Meyer Tool, one Equator gage eliminated at least four costly hard gages in a new work cell. Meyer manufactures hot-section components for jet engines.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Jet engine component maker Meyer Tool reduces its hard gage costs by replacing multiple costly hard gages with a single software-driven Equator® gage from Renishaw.
Laser Scanners

How Things Are Measured Today

A former hurdle with laser scanning was difficulty scanning highly reflective surfaces. This would necessitate spraying the object with a matte spray coating to eliminate obtaining reflective data and other extraneous noise. Modern laser scanners feature automatic real-time adjustment of sensor settings for each individual point along the laser stripe, effectively handling highly reflective surfaces or those with varying colors.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Laser Scanning Innovation: Alex Lucas of Nikon Metrology explores how retrofitting CMMs or articulated arms with new laser scanners is one affordable option among many that shops are considering.
Non-Destructive Testing

Emerging Trends in Nondestructive Testing

This review covers equipment such as the MAXIMA™ ML-3500 Series ultraviolet lamps from Spectronics that allow NDT inspectors to see the smallest surface defects, hydrocarbon contamination and other flaws that escape less powerful lamps,
This review of some new products shows how advanced technologies are bringing flexibility and a wider range of applications to NDT inspection booths, pre-inspections and screening applications used in shops.
Other Gages and Gaging Equipment

Laser Encoders Deliver Part-Per-Million Accuracy in Composite Machining

The Composites Machining Center achieves repeatability of 0.0381 mm (0.0015 in) on its long X-axis using HS10 and HS20 laser encoders for position feedback.
Laser encoders from Renishaw deliver part-per-million accuracy during week-long machining cycles on 40 meter long composite wing skins being built by Flow Corporation. 

Breathe New Life Into New and Existing CMMs

Verisurf software supports both modern model-based measurement techniques and traditional blue print measurement processes. Measurement includes the import of any CAD model, creation of model associative GD&T, automated alignment of 3D CAD models to physical parts and real time probe position with deviation display.
By retrofitting a manual CMM to run Verisurf software, a shop adds additional functionality and productivity features that are quickly becoming requirements of manufacturing and quality engineers.
Surface Roughness/Finish

Prerequisites for High Surface Quality

The gigantic stainless steel Cloud Gate sculpture by the artist Anish Kapoor that is located in Chicago’s Millennium Park was polished by 24 specialists for several months as the final step. The sculpture weighs over 99 metric tons and has a seamless 10 m x 20 m x 13 m surface that mirrors the Chicago skyline.
The flawless surfaces required in mold making demand large cutting volumes during the roughing sequence, but a perfectly finished surface at the end. This analysis from Heidenhain examines how, along with high quality machine tool mechanics and control performance, the optimal milling result necessary to do this depends heavily on the measuring technology.
Measurement & Inspection: Products

Parts, Cameras, Scan!

No preparation or complicated setup is required to operate the Go!SCAN 20 from Creaform. The scanner, which is ideal for delivering maximum resolution on smaller objects with intricate details, is up-and-running in less than two minutes.
Unprecedented speed, accuracy and ease-of use, combined with the fastest paths ever from art to part, make it tough for progressive shops to ignore an investment in 3D scanning. 

AccuPlug Bore Gage Systems Measure Aerospace, Automotive Parts

The plug is inserted into the bore to be measured and the reading can be observed on the indicator without the need for extracting anvils.  Therefore, it is a much quicker operation than measuring with 3-point gages and more accurate because there is very little travel of the contacts.  Since these are 2-point measuring instruments, they can also be used to measure ovality.
Advanced hand held ergonomics allied to an ingenious mechanical/electronic system render AccuPlug the easiest to operate Starrett bore gauging system to date. 

Measuring Surface Finish

The SFP1 probe option for the REVO® five-axis measurement system from Renishaw is the first to allow surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within coordinate measurement routines. 
Here are some of the latest advances in surface measurement work that show the newest capabilities and innovations in metrology for the shop floor.