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Learning New Tricks with Ballbar Analysis

Advanced ballbar testing enables this semiconductor component supplier to achieve better-than-new machine tool accuracy and extend machine life for unconventional silicon processing.
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Machine Tool Metrology Provides Traceability of Critical Oil/Gas Components

FMC Technologies uses Renishaw RMP60 touch probes on most of its machine tools, including two Okuma Space Center MA-600HB horizontal boring machines
Renishaw machine tool probes and calibration products check and verify the dimensional accuracy of the company's CNC machine tools. The resulting data are stored for quick retrieval and easy access using Renishaw’s CNC Reporter software.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Fort Wayne plant uses the ballbar on 20 machine tools, including all of its CNC mills and wire EDM equipment. Maintenance engineers monitor results by using a predictive maintenance program that tracks a three-month timeframe for early detection of errors for optimum efficiency in scheduling maintenance and repairs.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
QC20-W wireless ballbar technology from Renishaw does fast checks with minimal interruption and adds a new dimension of volumetric accuracy testing that is ideal for use in small machining envelopes on medical machine tools.


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Ballbar for Medical Machine Tools

The wireless ballbar requires just one setup, less than 15 minutes, for testing in all three planes. It doesn't disturb the production setup so the machine tool does not have to be reset back into production mode. The ballbar is removed, a tool is inserted and the machine tool is making parts in minutes.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Its wireless operation facilitates use in small machining envelopes and allows fast checks with minimal interruption. Its volumetric accuracy testing adds a new dimension. For these reasons, a new ballbar technology from Renishaw is being touted as “just what the doctor ordered” for medical machine tools.


For use with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP and Vista, this latest version of ballbar software is downloadable and free of charge.