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Mahr Federal Engineer Recognized by ASME

Frederick G. Parsons was honored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers with the Patrick Higgins Medal for outstanding service.


Bore Gages: Products

Dorsey Standard Bore and Snap Gages

Dorsey Standard Bore Gages are offered from sizes 1.00 in to 36.00 in and are available with depth extensions to 36 in (other lengths available to 144 in). Depth extensions are available both in steel or light weight, thermally stable carbon fiber. SSG Snap Gages are available from 0-1 in to 24 in sizes. Larger Long Range SSG style snap gages are also available. Solid carbide anvils feature a generous lead radius to protect the part being measured.
These U.S.-made gages are built to the same exact specifications and precision as the original Standard Gage Products.

AccuPlug Bore Gage Systems Measure Aerospace, Automotive Parts

The plug is inserted into the bore to be measured and the reading can be observed on the indicator without the need for extracting anvils.  Therefore, it is a much quicker operation than measuring with 3-point gages and more accurate because there is very little travel of the contacts.  Since these are 2-point measuring instruments, they can also be used to measure ovality.
Advanced hand held ergonomics allied to an ingenious mechanical/electronic system render AccuPlug the easiest to operate Starrett bore gauging system to date. 


Transfer data values from calipers, micrometers, indicators, depth gages, height gages, bore gages, surface roughness testers, and laser scan into a PC using the new USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITN® from Mitutoyo America.