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LDI Distributes Tomelleri CMMs in North America through Regional Resellers

Laser DesignTomelleri Engineering line of Space Arm® articulated-arm CMMs.
Coordinate Measuring Machines: Articles

How Things Are Measured Today

A former hurdle with laser scanning was difficulty scanning highly reflective surfaces. This would necessitate spraying the object with a matte spray coating to eliminate obtaining reflective data and other extraneous noise. Modern laser scanners feature automatic real-time adjustment of sensor settings for each individual point along the laser stripe, effectively handling highly reflective surfaces or those with varying colors.
Retrofitting CMMs or articulated arms with new laser scanners is one affordable option among many that shops are considering.

True Position Measurement

The advent of portable CMM technology has greatly reduced the difficulty of measuring GD&T properties, including the deviation from true position of features. The combination of hardware and software allows the user to take points easily and quickly and the software uses best fit algorithms to give the user accurate, virtually instantaneous, results.(click on photo to enlarge it)
Inspection of a bore in an open setup often requires multiple measurement steps and mathematical calculations, but portable CMM technology from FARO can alleviate much of this work by allowing the user to fix the part in one spot, take several points to create an alignment of X- and Y-axes, and measure the bore. Software then determines the position of the bore and its deviation from the called out position.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Industry News

Perceptron Acquires Coord3 and Next Metrology

This $15.9 million acquisition moves Perceptron into a stronger position in the $1.8 billion global CMM market.

ITAMCO Donates Zeiss CMM to High School

Students from the Metalworking I class at the Precision Tool Manufacturing Training Program. From left to right: Trevor Roberts, Tanner Virgil, Luke Neidlinger, Blake Carbaugh, AJ Avery and William Penrod
A $100,000 initial donation complimented the group's donation of a Duramax CMM to the Precision Tool Manufacturing Training Program.

CMS Introduces Level-Two Certification for Portable CMMs

The organization announced that both Level-One and Level-Two certification examinations will be conducted during the 30th annual Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC), from July 21st through July 25th this year.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Products

Bridge-Type Machines, Horizontal Arm and Gantry Style CMMs

There is a separate section in the brochure that outlines Coord3 after-sales services that include calibration, retrofits and software upgrades, CMM maintenance, digitizing and reverse-engineering, and CMM moving and relocation.
A 10-page, 4-color, brochure highlights the Coord3 line of coordinate measuring machines that are available from Coord3 Metrology.

High-Performance Bridge CMM Designed with Job Shops in Mind

New COORD3 ARES XL CMM for job shops.
COORD3's New Ares XL model has features and costs targeted to meet the needs of job shops.

New Line of Portable CMM Arms to Be Distributed through U.S. Regional Resellers

Additional 3D measurement software programs are in the process of being integrated with the Space Arm.
Laser Design Inc. will be the primary North American distributor of Space Arm articulated-arm CMMs.