Coordinate Measuring Machines

How Portable Metrology Fuels Optimization Under the Hood

Take a closer look at how Hendrick Motorsports uses technology to deliver speed and actionable data to win big and gain recognition for excellence.
Coordinate Measuring Machines: Articles

Automated Measurement & Inspection

Here are some of the latest advances in automated measurement that can help improve the productivity and capability of your inspection processes.

How to Minimize the Dynamic Error of CMM

The COORD3 Universal CMM from Perceptron uses the latest REVO-2 5-axis measuring system to minimize CMM dynamic error by managing all part feature scanning motion within the REVO-2 head.

How Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation Improves CMM Performance in Precision Surface Measurement

High-throughput CMM laser interferometry surface measurement systems  can be negatively affected by plant low-frequency vibrations, which can distort the interferometry measurements and deliver inaccurate readings. Here's how to prevent that from happening.

LDI Distributes Tomelleri CMMs in North America through Regional Resellers

Laser DesignTomelleri Engineering line of Space Arm® articulated-arm CMMs.

How Things Are Measured Today

Retrofitting CMMs or articulated arms with new laser scanners is one affordable option among many that shops are considering.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Industry News

Hexagon Invests in New Smart Factory

They will spend 90 million euros on a new 52,000 sq m advanced facility in China that will produce metrology systems for their Manufacturing Intelligence division.

AIMS Metrology Achieves Accreditation for Calibration

Their ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation from the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board covers testing and calibration performed using standard, non-standard and laboratory-developed methods.

Mitutoyo America Opens New Solution Center

The Novi M3 Solution Center showcases flexible automated measurement cell technology, technical training and applications support services.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Products

CT-Based Coordinate Measuring Machines

The METROTOM CT-based coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss is ideal for flexibly measuring and inspecting a wide range of applications involving dimensional size and material density in one X-ray scan, including hybrid parts made from different materials such as plastic, ceramics or composite materials, as well as magnesium, aluminum and steel.

How to Make Large Precision Measurements Simple and Affordable

With greater air bearing separation for increased stiffness and accuracy, the new Zenith-3 CNC coordinate measuring machine from Aberlink USA can be supplied with any Renishaw touch trigger probe and probe head.

Smart Technologies Impact Dimensional Inspection Operations

Ideal for the higher productivity demanded by automotive, aerospace, general mechanics and precision mechanics industries, the GLOBAL S CMM platform from Hexagon utilizes smart technologies and PC-DMIS software for collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data.

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