Coordinate Measuring Machines

How Portable Metrology Fuels Optimization Under the Hood

Take a closer look at how Hendrick Motorsports uses technology to deliver speed and actionable data to win big and gain recognition for excellence.
Coordinate Measuring Machines: Articles

Automated Measurement & Inspection

Here are some of the latest advances in automated measurement that can help improve the productivity and capability of your inspection processes.

How to Minimize the Dynamic Error of CMM

The COORD3 Universal CMM from Perceptron uses the latest REVO-2 5-axis measuring system to minimize CMM dynamic error by managing all part feature scanning motion within the REVO-2 head.

How Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation Improves CMM Performance in Precision Surface Measurement

High-throughput CMM laser interferometry surface measurement systems  can be negatively affected by plant low-frequency vibrations, which can distort the interferometry measurements and deliver inaccurate readings. Here's how to prevent that from happening.

LDI Distributes Tomelleri CMMs in North America through Regional Resellers

Laser DesignTomelleri Engineering line of Space Arm® articulated-arm CMMs.

How Things Are Measured Today

Retrofitting CMMs or articulated arms with new laser scanners is one affordable option among many that shops are considering.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Industry News

Automated Precision Services Division Expands to New Building

This new 14,000 sq ft of office and calibration laboratory space will service and support the increasing demand of their newer Omnitrac 2 laser tracker models.

Organizational Changes at Mitutoyo America

Matt Dye has been appointed company president and Doug Adkins is their new executive vice president.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Partners with Wichita State

They are collaborating on automated scanning systems for aerospace applications, hosting technology workshops and training events.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Products

Place-and-Press Inspection Systems

Keyence features their XM-1200 Handheld Probe CMM, a 3D measurement system that bridges the gap between hand tools and CMMs. Also on display will be their IM-7000 Instant Measurement System and the VHX-6000 Digital Microscope.

CMM Accuracy in the Most Extreme Manufacturing Environments

The Xtreme CNC coordinate measuring machine from Aberlink uses a non-Cartesian structure, linear motors and mechanical bearings to maintain accuracy at very fast measurement rates without suffering from accumulative inaccuracies that can occur in conventional three-axis Cartesian machines.

Measurement of Complex Parts on the Digitized Shop Floor

The Revolution Series LM coordinate measuring machine from AIMS Metrology can triple productivity with infinite positioning and 5-axis motion that delivers true high precision 5-axis measurement smoother and faster, collecting data on complex features at a rate of 4,000 points per second.