Coordinate Measuring Machines

Automated Measurement & Inspection

Here are some of the latest advances in automated measurement that can help improve the productivity and capability of your inspection processes.
Coordinate Measuring Machines: Articles

How to Minimize the Dynamic Error of CMM

The COORD3 Universal CMM from Perceptron uses the latest REVO-2 5-axis measuring system to minimize CMM dynamic error by managing all part feature scanning motion within the REVO-2 head.

How Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation Improves CMM Performance in Precision Surface Measurement

High-throughput CMM laser interferometry surface measurement systems  can be negatively affected by plant low-frequency vibrations, which can distort the interferometry measurements and deliver inaccurate readings. Here's how to prevent that from happening.

LDI Distributes Tomelleri CMMs in North America through Regional Resellers

Laser DesignTomelleri Engineering line of Space Arm® articulated-arm CMMs.

How Things Are Measured Today

Retrofitting CMMs or articulated arms with new laser scanners is one affordable option among many that shops are considering.

True Position Measurement

Inspection of a bore in an open setup often requires multiple measurement steps and mathematical calculations, but portable CMM technology from FARO can alleviate much of this work by allowing the user to fix the part in one spot, take several points to create an alignment of X- and Y-axes, and measure the bore. Software then determines the position of the bore and its deviation from the called out position.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Industry News

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Partners with Wichita State

They are collaborating on automated scanning systems for aerospace applications, hosting technology workshops and training events.

Q-Mark Reaches Milestone

They have now served the aerospace, biomedical, defense, technology, and transportation industries for 25 years. 

Automated Precision Appoints New VP

Song Chung is their new senior vice president of global sales and marketing.


Coordinate Measuring Machines: Products

Automated, Repeatable Measurement of the Part Being Made

Integrated Verisurf 2017 measurement software from Verisurf Software supports and drives the portable zCAT direct computer control coordinate measuring machine from Fowler.

Software for Tube Inspection

The scalable TubeShaper software system from Hexagon can interface directly with one or more CNC tube benders to calculate and apply correctional data within the production cycle to streamline operations and almost completely eliminate scrap.

Medical Inspection

Contract manufacturers that are making parts for medical applications must measure and compare parts faster, with higher precision, and generate and integrate all types of inspection and measurement records for the production history of a given part. Here are some of the newest systems available to help them do that.