Non-Destructive Testing

Emerging Trends in Nondestructive Testing

This review of some new products shows how advanced technologies are bringing flexibility and a wider range of applications to NDT inspection booths, pre-inspections and screening applications used in shops.
Non-Destructive Testing: Articles

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Non-Destructive Testing: Industry News

Spectronics Has New Service Manager

Debra Hammond, Spectronics “My primary focus will be to continue to maintain, nurture and strengthen the customer relationships our sales team creates worldwide. These relationships are critical, since our customers will continually come back to us when their needs are satisfactorily addressed.” 
Debra Hammond is their new global customer service manager.

TRIS Appoints New Sales Manager

Larry Volkmann now handles business development manager for advanced NDT and energy services.


Non-Destructive Testing: Products

Inspection Lamp Goes Where NDT Inspectors Need to Go

NDT inspection using the Spectroline OPTIMAX 365 cordless  LED inspection lamp. The lamp has an electronic intensity stabilizer that assures consistent performance (the beam strength will not weaken between charges). With instant-on operation, the lamp reaches full intensity immediately with the push of a power button.
The powerful, lightweight OPTIMAX 365 cordless UV-A LED inspection lamp from Spectroline is ideal for magnetic particle inspection or fluorescent penetrant inspection.

NDT Inspection Lamp Complies with ASTM E3022 Standard and Rolls-Royce RRES 90061

The Spectroline TRITAN 365 inspection lamp produces a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of less than 5,000 µW/sq cm at 15 in and a large 4 in diameter coverage area at 15 in with a minimum UV-A intensity of 2,500 µW/sq cm. The faceplate has integral black light filters to reduce the output of wavelengths longer than 400 nm. Visible light emission is less than 1 ft-candle. The UV-A lenses reduce the rate of solarization, a common problem with traditional lenses. A rubber bumper with a Borofloat glass lens protects the LEDs from damage.
The Spectroline TRITAN 365 from Spectronics uses three ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs for NDT inspection plus an intense white light LED to illuminate dark work areas.

Advanced Micro-Hardness Testing

The Wilson VH1202 universal micro-hardness tester features deadweight loads from 10 g up to 2 kg and nine different, automatically selectable loading stages. It is equipped with a six-position turret, including two indenters for both Knoop and Vickers, and an additional objective with 5X magnification at long working distance.  (Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Buehler)
With no user intervention, Wilson VH1102 and VH1202 universal micro-hardness testers from Buehler provide flexible, cost-efficient and reliable Knoop and Vickers testing with high precision and repeatability within a minimum of time.