Non-Destructive Testing

Emerging Trends in Nondestructive Testing

This review of some new products shows how advanced technologies are bringing flexibility and a wider range of applications to NDT inspection booths, pre-inspections and screening applications used in shops.
Non-Destructive Testing: Articles

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Non-Destructive Testing: Industry News

LTI Acquires Fracture Technology Associates

This deal expands LTI's footprint in the fracture mechanics testing services business.

Marposs Joins Michigan Aerospace Manufacturer’s Association

They see great growth potential for high precision measurement and inspection technologies in the aerospace and defense industries.

New Director of Operations at LTI

Brandon McVaugh now oversees their destructive testing, non-destructive testing and metrology operations.


Non-Destructive Testing: Products

Rapid Metal Analysis Reduces Shop Downtime

Ideal for metal fabrication and machining of parts used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, military, scientific and general industrial sectors, the Watson XRF Handheld Metal Analyzer from Tribogenics performs reliable positive materials identification of metal alloys in seconds, with onboard calibration and cloud reporting of results.

Inspection Lamp Goes Where NDT Inspectors Need to Go

The powerful, lightweight OPTIMAX 365 cordless UV-A LED inspection lamp from Spectroline is ideal for magnetic particle inspection or fluorescent penetrant inspection.

NDT Inspection Lamp Complies with ASTM E3022 Standard and Rolls-Royce RRES 90061

The Spectroline TRITAN 365 from Spectronics uses three ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs for NDT inspection plus an intense white light LED to illuminate dark work areas.

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