Optical Measurement Equipment

How Instant Measurement Brings Instant Results (and Heavy Traffic)

By measuring up to 99 dimensions in less than three seconds, the machine shop of this medical manufacturer realized immediate return on investment in their new system that inspects small, tight-tolerance components – and anything else, from milled parts to dimensions on laser marking.
Optical Measurement Equipment: Articles

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Optical Measurement Equipment: Industry News

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Partners with Wichita State

They are collaborating on automated scanning systems for aerospace applications, hosting technology workshops and training events.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Joins CCAM

They will provide research and expertise in optical non-contact 3D measuring systems.

Calibra Engineering Becomes Distributor for Xiris Automation

They now handle exclusive sales and service in Turkey of post weld inspection systems for tube and pipe fabrication.


Optical Measurement Equipment: Products

Complete 3D Analysis of Tools and Parts

Walter HELICHECK 3D non-contact CNC measuring machine from United Grinding combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan, then digitize cutting tools and production parts. It then creates 3D models of those tools and/or parts that users can save, process, analyze and measure.

Vision Optical Measuring Systems for Cylindrical Profile Measurements

Optical Gaging Products VICI MTL 1's high resolution camera is capable of resolving the intricate features inherent in small turned medical parts, while its software includes thread analysis, compared radius, and chamfer tools to facilitate measurement of small features using simple programming techniques.

Complete Part Inspection in a Single Measurement

The MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D from Mahr Federal combines optical and touch sensors in the same unit to provide 3D functionality and complete inspection of the workpiece in a single measurement.