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Exploring Part Deviation with Surface Plate Measurement

The Millimar C1200 from Mahr Federal is a low-cost, easy-to-view and easy-to-use Digital IC Amplifier with a new high resolution, high color contrast display that provides clear and very responsive analog readings with selectable scales.
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Laser Encoders Deliver Part-Per-Million Accuracy in Composite Machining

The Composites Machining Center achieves repeatability of 0.0381 mm (0.0015 in) on its long X-axis using HS10 and HS20 laser encoders for position feedback.
Laser encoders from Renishaw deliver part-per-million accuracy during week-long machining cycles on 40 meter long composite wing skins being built by Flow Corporation. 

Back to Basics: How Air Gaging Works

Air gaging technology is continually improving as computer technology continues to evolve.  These systems can range from simple desktop readouts to full SPC computers with contour scanning capabilities.  As manufacturing requirements continue to become more complex, air gaging technology evolves to meet the demand.  For these reasons, air gaging will remain a viable measuring solution for generations to come.
Air gaging technology has its roots back over 70 years and is today a viable and highly reliable method for many applications in industries where a high volume of parts is produced or where the precision of hard-to-access dimensions makes other measuring techniques impossible.

Direct Load Position Sensing with Secondary Feedback Encoders

An adjustable cylinder honing tool in operation. By comparing the indicated positions of rotary and linear encoders to one another, the motion control system can monitor mechanical drive wear and tear over time. As the drive begins to exhibit increasing play and slop, the amount
of deviation between the two readings will increase and provide valuable information for preventive maintenance and predictive failure. (Photo courtesy of Fraunhofer)
To help verify machine tool accuracy in closed-loop motion control systems, direct load monitoring using secondary feedback encoders eliminates common sources of position error — mechanical backlash, non-linearity, and hysteresis — and saves money along the way.

As The World Turns

Robot places a machined bearing into the Equator’s measuring envelope (foreground), with part conveyor and Okuma twin-spindle lathe in background. Aluminum block on Equator’s fixture plate has hole in center which Equator uses to set its coordinate system. Part is placed in center of block for measurement.
A process-controlled hard turning cell in this Texas machine shop deploys programmable gages for measuring and sorting mud-motor bearings – and the cell pays for itself in 18 days.

Hard Gaging Goes Soft

Equator measurement results are presented as variable data so the machinist can compare the current part with recent measurements, rather than get a simple pass/fail result.
Jet engine component maker Meyer Tool reduces its hard gage costs by replacing multiple costly hard gages with a single software-driven Equator gage from Renishaw.


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Olympus Receives Edmund Optics Gold Supplier Award

Olympus receives the Edmund Optics Gold Supplier Award for their on-time delivery and quality products.  In 2015, they provided an overall on-time delivery rate of 97.13 percent and quality rating of 100 percent. In the first quarter of 2016, they achieved a score of 100 percent for on-time delivery and quality.
The award recognizes their service of on-time delivery and high quality products.

Hexagon Metrology to Cohost Workshop with the National Institute for Aviation Research

Hexagon Metrology's workshop will focus on measurement solutions for common aerospace challenges.

Direct Interface Between CGTech and ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions

Direct interface between CGTech Zoller and ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions.
CNC verification and simulation software developer CGTech and ZOLLER, a presetting and measuring machine manufacturer, announce a newly developed tooling management interface that increases overall machining effectiveness by reducing the operating costs in tool presetting, simulation and prove-out.


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In-Die Verification of Thread Presence or Absence

The ThreadChecker features four internal probes ranging from 4 mm to 10 mm, and two external probes ranging from 6 mm and 8 mm. It is available with both switched and analog outputs. Using the switched output option, the sensor is wired to a PLC or other controller, programmed to alarm when no thread is detected.
The ThreadChecker sensor from Kaman Precision uses proven eddy current technology to check threads, regardless of part cleanliness.

Automated Thickness Measurement of Semiconductor Wafers

ACU-THIK can help diagnose and control the distance through a wafer between corresponding X/Y points on a front and back surface. Thickness is calculated to resolution and repeatability of .00025 mm/.00001 in. It also diagnoses and controls the deviation of the center point of the median surface of a free, unclamped wafer from the median surface reference plane established by three or more points at equidistant locations on the wafer.
ACU-THIK from Acu-Gage is an automated thickness measurement tool incorporating dual contact probes for high accuracy inspection of semiconductor wafer diameters of 100 mm to 400 mm and beyond.

New Gage for Micro Tool Inspection

Booth W-2453: The PG1000-400S-4K inspection gage from Euro-Tech offers higher accuracy inspections of micro tools through true 4K inspection capability, magnification to 400X and X-micron linear scales. It uses REACTION software for cutting tool inspection that makes both scale and edge detection inspections possible in real time. Make, save and recall inspection scenes for new tool inspections of a tool image by using scales, screen, edge detection, comparisons or .dxf file overlays in multiple colors. (first view)
The PG1000-400S-4K inspection gage from Euro-Tech offers higher accuracy inspections through true 4K inspection capability, magnification to 400X and X-micron linear scales that are ideal for micro tool inspection.