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How Portable Metrology Fuels Optimization Under the Hood

Take a closer look at how Hendrick Motorsports uses technology to deliver speed and actionable data to win big and gain recognition for excellence.
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Reducing Failure Costs with Air Gaging

Check out how Baldor switched from mechanical gaging to faster, more repeatable air gaging systems that improved their process capabilities, reduced their manufacturing costs, and improved the cycle times in their rotor machining cells.

Aluminum Extruder Reaps Profits from Innovative Temperature Measurement

Check out how this innovative pyrometer from AMETEK Land delivers high accuracy in a three-in-one capability for extrusion press exit, extrusion press quench zone and strip mills at Sapa Profiles UK.

Exploring Part Deviation with Surface Plate Measurement

The Millimar C1200 from Mahr Federal is a low-cost, easy-to-view and easy-to-use Digital IC Amplifier with a new high resolution, high color contrast display that provides clear and very responsive analog readings with selectable scales.

Laser Encoders Deliver Part-Per-Million Accuracy in Composite Machining

Laser encoders from Renishaw deliver part-per-million accuracy during week-long machining cycles on 40 meter long composite wing skins being built by Flow Corporation. 

Back to Basics: How Air Gaging Works

Air gaging technology has its roots back over 70 years and is today a viable and highly reliable method for many applications in industries where a high volume of parts is produced or where the precision of hard-to-access dimensions makes other measuring techniques impossible.


Other Gages and Gaging Equipment: Industry News

Diabetes, Heidenhain and the Story of a Dog Named Pickles

Heidenhain supports a worthy cause through the Ron & Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation.

Organizational Changes at Mitutoyo America

Matt Dye has been appointed company president and Doug Adkins is their new executive vice president.

Dorsey Metrology Opens Online Webstore

This e-commerce site showcases their bore gages for measuring ID and snap gages for OD, along with convenient “Quick Shop” and “Build Your Own Gage” features.


Other Gages and Gaging Equipment: Products

Roughness and Optical Shaft Measurement, Wireless Capabilities

Mahr Federal features advanced dimensional metrology and gaging capabilities in their MarSurf PS 10 Roughness Measuring Unit, MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus, and their extensive wireless data transmission processes.

Metrology Systems for Precision Measurement of Parts and Assemblies

The latest precision dimensional measurement machines and software from QVI includes metrology systems that combine proprietary optical, laser, and contact sensors for precision measurement of manufactured components and assemblies.

Diameter Measurement Gage: On-Machine Accuracy and Repeatability

Do you need to check the size of your turned parts while still on a lathe, grinder or other machining center? The Diameter Measurement Gage model DMG360 from ABTech is ideal for precisely measuring the diameter of very large parts with high accuracy using the current machine setup, without removing the part or needing to sweep with a beam gage.