Cutting Through Surface Noise: Easy Cylinder Head Inspection

This high-intensity, multidirectional lighting camera technology makes easy imaging of challenging part features on machined heads to provide a clear advantage for this automotive supplier.
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All-Touch CMM Software

TouchDMIS reduces traditional CMM software to just eight Function Buttons which, when selected, open the appropriate Function Window. All open windows offer ‘thru-view’ sight of displayed graphics. Many windows offer a ‘flip button’ for window flipping to display further advanced functions and capabilities for expert users. The software graphics area bleeds to the edge of the touch screen with all software buttons floating atop the graphics.
This touch technology introduces smart phone productivity into the operation of coordinate measuring machines, portable arms and laser trackers.

Taking Off Safely

Jan Horn of Lufthansa Technik (left), Ulrich Rienks of CAMTECH/Edgecam (center), and Julian Lüdecke of ZOLLER. 
By linking CAM software into an advanced tool presetting system, this airline manufacturing unit efficiently manages a large tooling database and machining simulation on highly complex aircraft parts to quickly respond to market changes.

Breathe New Life Into New and Existing CMMs

Verisurf software supports both modern model-based measurement techniques and traditional blue print measurement processes. Measurement includes the import of any CAD model, creation of model associative GD&T, automated alignment of 3D CAD models to physical parts and real time probe position with deviation display.
By retrofitting a manual CMM to run Verisurf software, a shop adds additional functionality and productivity features that are quickly becoming requirements of manufacturing and quality engineers.

Before Investing in Quality Management Solutions, Know Thyself

Manufacturers must now consider investing in enterprise quality management software that can verify and analyze their own understanding of their current quality capabilities across people, processes, and technology. 
Every shop should develop a high-level understanding of their existing quality resources so they can begin creating flow charts for each quality process that, in turn, will help them understand not only a breakdown of what takes place within a specific process, but also the resources allocated to each step along with any potential gaps that may exist. 

Devil in the Details: Measuring Complex Pressure Vessels

The assurance of accurately placed features on complex units did not exist for Cannon Boiler Works until they moved into advanced metrology from FARO that completes inspection in the desired detail and generates other benefits as well.

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Automated Precision Appoints New VP

Song Chung, Automated Precision As senior vice president of global sales and marketing, he is charged with broading their sales in industrial markets for dimensional gauging, dimensional inspection and 3D scanning.
Song Chung is their new senior vice president of global sales and marketing.

Hexagon Acquires FTI

Hexagon expands their footprint in automotive sheet metal applications by combining their CAM and metrology systems with the CAE technology of FTI.

Absolute Machine Tools Partners with ServiceMax

Downtime due to machine wear or neglect can be eliminated 100 percent of the time with the correct maintenance program in place. ServiceMax software allows shops to manage the entire work process, from work order to recalls to service, using preset data collection functions that apply usable metrics to track how many applications have been run on a given machine, part replacement patterns and previous service to that technicians can quickly determine issues without a site visit. 
Absolute expands their ISO-certified Preventive Maintenance Program through ServiceMax cloud-based software that offers shops real-time maintenance service any time via an iPad or Windows-based PC app.


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Software for Tube Inspection

The scalable TubeShaper software system from Hexagon applies the versatile measurement capabilities of their ROMER Absolute Arm CMM to tube production, tube and pipe inspection, reverse engineering of tubes and tube assemblies, and tube gauging.  (view one)
The scalable TubeShaper software system from Hexagon can interface directly with one or more CNC tube benders to calculate and apply correctional data within the production cycle to streamline operations and almost completely eliminate scrap.

Tube & Pipe Fabrication

Ideal for furniture, pipe and automotive applications as well as for job shops, the E-TURN all-electric tube bender from BLM Group provides automatic right and left hand precision bending of a variety of tube configurations, including round, square, rectangular, flat-sided, oval and elliptica.
Here are some of the advances in tube and pipe fabrication equipment and accessories that are now available to help shops make money while meeting demands for more complex geometries, tougher materials, faster speed and higher quality.

Efficiency Dashboards for SPC Cloud Users

Synergy 1000 Cloud from Zontec includes enhancements that further the accessibility to real-time data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication and reporting.