All-Touch CMM Software

This touch technology introduces smart phone productivity into the operation of coordinate measuring machines, portable arms and laser trackers.
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Taking Off Safely

Jan Horn of Lufthansa Technik (left), Ulrich Rienks of CAMTECH/Edgecam (center), and Julian Lüdecke of ZOLLER. 
By linking CAM software into an advanced tool presetting system, this airline manufacturing unit efficiently manages a large tooling database and machining simulation on highly complex aircraft parts to quickly respond to market changes.

Breathe New Life Into New and Existing CMMs

Verisurf software supports both modern model-based measurement techniques and traditional blue print measurement processes. Measurement includes the import of any CAD model, creation of model associative GD&T, automated alignment of 3D CAD models to physical parts and real time probe position with deviation display.
By retrofitting a manual CMM to run Verisurf software, a shop adds additional functionality and productivity features that are quickly becoming requirements of manufacturing and quality engineers.

Before Investing in Quality Management Solutions, Know Thyself

Manufacturers must now consider investing in enterprise quality management software that can verify and analyze their own understanding of their current quality capabilities across people, processes, and technology. 
Every shop should develop a high-level understanding of their existing quality resources so they can begin creating flow charts for each quality process that, in turn, will help them understand not only a breakdown of what takes place within a specific process, but also the resources allocated to each step along with any potential gaps that may exist. 

Devil in the Details: Measuring Complex Pressure Vessels

The assurance of accurately placed features on complex units did not exist for Cannon Boiler Works until they moved into advanced metrology from FARO that completes inspection in the desired detail and generates other benefits as well.

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Absolute Machine Tools Partners with ServiceMax

Downtime due to machine wear or neglect can be eliminated 100 percent of the time with the correct maintenance program in place. ServiceMax software allows shops to manage the entire work process, from work order to recalls to service, using preset data collection functions that apply usable metrics to track how many applications have been run on a given machine, part replacement patterns and previous service to that technicians can quickly determine issues without a site visit. 
Absolute expands their ISO-certified Preventive Maintenance Program through ServiceMax cloud-based software that offers shops real-time maintenance service any time via an iPad or Windows-based PC app.

New Management at Zontec

As the new marketing manager, Travis Nipper will help guide strategic direction and oversee all marketing functions.
David Kennard is their new sales manager and Travis Nipper is their new marketing manager.

Verisurf Adds Coordinate Metrology Experts to Sales Team

Tom Moon, Verisurf Software  “I come from the hardware device side of the business where I was able to get to know and respect this product and management team, which I am now pleased to be part of.  I hope to have a positive impact on our future.”
Tom Moon is the new sales manager for North American and Pat Bass is the new regional sales manager for California and Arizona.


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Simple, Visible Inspection

Tailored for small and medium-sized shops, PiWeb sbs quality data management software from Zeiss connects all gaging and inspection devices into one common reporting system that standardizes reporting and personalizes graphical representation of measured parts for easier and faster communication.
Take a look at some of the latest advances in quality assurance software to help your shop remain competitive.

Cloud ERP for the Small Job Shop

A completely integrated cloud solution, Exact Online JobBOSS features anywhere, anytime access through a web browser to quotes, manufacturing processes, customer information and business financials that help shops increase operational efficiency, on time delivery, customer loyalty and profits.
Exact Online JobBOSS is ideal for make-to-order, make-to-stock, mixed mode and assemble-to-order metal fabricators, job shops and machine builders.

Software Automates Quality Inspection

Verisurf AUTOMATE is graphical object oriented sequencing and CMM probe path generation software that quickly and easily creates automated inspection plans, executes them and generates reports.
Verisurf X8 makes CMMs, portable CMMs, and 3D scanners more productive for automated inspection, guided assembly, and reverse engineering.