Automated Measurement & Inspection

Here are some of the latest advances in automated measurement that can help improve the productivity and capability of your inspection processes.
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Cutting Through Surface Noise: Easy Cylinder Head Inspection

This high-intensity, multidirectional lighting camera technology makes easy imaging of challenging part features on machined heads to provide a clear advantage for this automotive supplier.

All-Touch CMM Software

This touch technology introduces smart phone productivity into the operation of coordinate measuring machines, portable arms and laser trackers.

Taking Off Safely

By linking CAM software into an advanced tool presetting system, this airline manufacturing unit efficiently manages a large tooling database and machining simulation on highly complex aircraft parts to quickly respond to market changes.

Breathe New Life Into New and Existing CMMs

By retrofitting a manual CMM to run Verisurf software, a shop adds additional functionality and productivity features that are quickly becoming requirements of manufacturing and quality engineers.

Before Investing in Quality Management Solutions, Know Thyself

Every shop should develop a high-level understanding of their existing quality resources so they can begin creating flow charts for each quality process that, in turn, will help them understand not only a breakdown of what takes place within a specific process, but also the resources allocated to each step along with any potential gaps that may exist. 

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Automated Precision Appoints New VP

Song Chung is their new senior vice president of global sales and marketing.

Hexagon Acquires FTI

Hexagon expands their footprint in automotive sheet metal applications by combining their CAM and metrology systems with the CAE technology of FTI.

Absolute Machine Tools Partners with ServiceMax

Absolute expands their ISO-certified Preventive Maintenance Program through ServiceMax cloud-based software that offers shops real-time maintenance service any time via an iPad or Windows-based PC app.


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CAD-Based Metrology Software for Automatic Path Generation

QVI ZONE3 from Optical Gaging Products is next-generation metrology software that offers full 3D CAD-based programming in a multi-sensor measurement environment.

Automated, Repeatable Measurement of the Part Being Made

Integrated Verisurf 2017 measurement software from Verisurf Software supports and drives the portable zCAT direct computer control coordinate measuring machine from Fowler.

Robotic Inspection Made Easy

Metrolog X4 I-Robot version v7 from Metrologic controls both the measuring device and the robot directly, eliminating the need for several software packages and a complex integration to control a robotic cell.