Surface Roughness/Finish

Prerequisites for High Surface Quality

The flawless surfaces required in mold making demand large cutting volumes during the roughing sequence, but a perfectly finished surface at the end. This analysis from Heidenhain examines how, along with high quality machine tool mechanics and control performance, the optimal milling result necessary to do this depends heavily on the measuring technology.
Surface Roughness/Finish: Articles

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Surface Roughness/Finish: Industry News

Mahr Federal Expands Application Center

The double-sized center includes broader range of metrology equipment to enhance application development and customer interaction.

Mahr Federal Engineer Recognized by ASME

Frederick G. Parsons was honored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers with the Patrick Higgins Medal for outstanding service.


Surface Roughness/Finish: Products

Measuring Surface Finish

The SFP1 probe option for the REVO® five-axis measurement system from Renishaw is the first to allow surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within coordinate measurement routines. 
Here are some of the latest advances in surface measurement work that show the newest capabilities and innovations in metrology for the shop floor.  

Probe Option Allows for Fully-Integrated Inspection

Renishaw's SFP1 probe is a fully integrated option for the REVO 5-axis measurement system.

Integrated 3D Part Measurement and Inspection Reporting

InspectionXpert and Verisurf have integrated the strengths of 3D measurement with automated inspection reporting by streamlining the first article and production inspection process from 2D drawings to automated 3D measurement and reporting.