What Lies Ahead in Real Time

The Holy Grail in manufacturing automation lies in machine tool monitoring and the growing impact of network communications on equipment effectiveness for manufacturers.
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Internet 4.0 Innovations for Machine Tools

Using an integrated Beckhoff control computer, the 701S micromachining center from Willemin-Macodel delivers path accuracy better than 0.2 μm, low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and very high precision and repeatability at a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm – without tool holders, which increases static and dynamic rigidity and results in very high balancing quality and a low radial runout (less than 1 μm at the tool tip).
Take a look at how PC-based control technology is turning visionary Industry 4.0 concepts into profitable "smart factories" through the use of Google Glass in automation, all-in-one robot and machine tool control, and standard OPC UA connectivity.

Intelligent Factories: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The biggest challenge for intelligent metalworking shops is implementing the correct individualized manufacturing systems on the software side that can fit their unique needs and provide competitive advantages.
A new era of highly efficient, flexible and customizable mass production requires software and analytical systems that turn the deluge of data produced by intelligent factories into useful and valuable information.

Automation: Essential for 5-Axis Machining Productivity

The robot picks the next job from the Lang Eco Tower and loads it to the MX520 5-axis machining center so that production can continue uninterrupted until all the vices on the tower have been completed.
What used to take seven or eight operations can now be done in two, and one job, which took three standard weeks can now be completed in three days with 24 hour running, according to the company's managing director.


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KUKA Aerospace Expands in Michigan

The Clinton Township facility is expanding to support further growth of its aerospace business.

Management Changes at Bosch Rexroth

Paul Cooke is the new regional president of Americas and the president and chief executive officer of Bosch Rexroth Corporation U.S. He will continue as the senior vice president of sales within the Industrial Applications business unit in Germany until the end of June 2015.
Paul Cooke is the new regional president of Americas and the president and CEO of Bosch Rexroth Corporation U.S. 

Industrial Robots Hit New Peaks

Fueled by automotive and electronics manufacturing demands, robot sales are exploding.


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Wireless DNC for Machine Tools

The Wireless USB DNC Unit connects directly to the USB Port on a machine tool while communicating via the user's wireless network, meaning users do not have to run expensive CAT5 cabling for file revision control and 20,000 V of surge protection while controlling the DNC from the office.
This is the only wireless DNC system that can communicate directly to a CNC that comes from the manufacturer with just a USB port.

Advanced Robotics, Automation for Manufacturing Cells

Designed for both small batch and high volume production, the FlexMT increases spindle utilization by up to 60 percent over manual machine tending. The system can handle most any size and type of part, and is compatible with a wide range of machine tools, including horizontal and vertical lathes, machining centers, 5-axis machines and grinders. 
ABB Robotics offers the new IRB1200 robot family, the FlexMT machine tending cell, and part handling with the higher payload FlexPicker delta robot for job shops of varying sizes serving different industry sectors.

How a Flexible Manufacturing System Advances the Science of Machining

Take a look at how this flexible manufacturing system (FMS) from Makino has become a cost-competitive solution for the high-mix, low-volume production requirements at Micro-Mechanics.