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Mission Accomplished

Thanks to SolidCAM iMachining, cycle times are down 50 percent, tool life is up 40 percent, and Mico Industries is creating dies, weld fixtures and check fixtures without compromise.
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CAD/CAM Machining Software: The Latest Trends and Advances

Figure 1. CAMWorks 2014 uses toolpath simulation for an effective review: The tool vectors for the toolpaths can be viewed during Step-through simulation, making it easier to review 5-axis toolpaths. Shops can use a WIP (work-in-process) model as a start-up stock when simulating sections of a toolpath to shorten the review time.
Nothing is changing faster or more profoundly than the software used to design and machine parts. To help shops keep up with the latest competitive advances being introduced on the shop floor, here is a report on some of the newest CAD/CAM software.

Trophy Work: Moving from Art to Part

Check out how Blue Chip Engineering was able to engineer and machine a complex, mobile sculpture for renowned designer Tom Shannon using advanced CADCAM software from Gibbs and Associates.

Test and Engineering Services Grow with Machining

hyperMILL CAM software provides toolpaths, collision checking, and verification for complicated models.
And what drives machining growth? Aerodyn Engineering uses intuitive 5-axis CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies that “gets it.”


CAD/CAM Software: Industry News

SURFCAM Hosts User Group Meetings

The user-group meetings are an opportunity to receive customer feedback on the latest product developments in the upcoming release of software, to strengthen existing relationships, and to better understand the evolving needs of users.
These are forums for interaction between customers and the software team, and meaningful peer interaction.

Verisurf Selected by Workshops for Warriors

They will provide 20 fully licensed seats of 3D measurement software to help train and certify veterans.

VMH Joins Partners in THINC

The Siemens PLM Solutions Partner expands the integrated CAM capabilites of the Okuma group.


CAD/CAM Software: Products

A Complete Manufacturing Platform

VisualCAM for SolidWorks saves countless hours by automatically updating toolpaths when your model changes.
This new CAD/CAM application marries the power and functionality of parametric design with the robust and powerful milling capabilities of standalone CAM software.

Catch the Wave(form)

With Rough Waveform Turning, the toolpath maintains a constant cutting load, enabling significantly faster cutting data, and prolonging tool life. The cycle is sensitive to the stock condition, eliminating ‘fresh-air cuts.’ (first view)
Waveform turning, multiple machining sequence support, ribbon bar and interface updates, and the inclusion of Wire EDM are the newest CAD/CAM game changers that machine shops need to compete in a global economy.

Reduced Lead Time When Cutting Gear Profiles

InvoMilling software is very user friendly with excellent graphics, milling path generation and simulation functionality.
InvoMilling CAM software from Sandvik Coromant generates the CNC program to produce different gear profiles using CoroMill 161 and CoroMill 162 milling cutters.