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Precision Grinding With Graphical Monitoring

The special controls used by thread grinding machine tool builder Mikromat keeps their machines simple to operate as they get faster and more precise to meet complex aviation, aerospace, marine and automobile applications.
CAD/CAM Software: Articles

Mission Accomplished

Robotic metal polishing; Mico Industries.
Thanks to SolidCAM iMachining, cycle times are down 50 percent, tool life is up 40 percent, and Mico Industries is creating dies, weld fixtures and check fixtures without compromise.

CAD/CAM Machining Software: The Latest Trends and Advances

Figure 1. CAMWorks 2014 uses toolpath simulation for an effective review: The tool vectors for the toolpaths can be viewed during Step-through simulation, making it easier to review 5-axis toolpaths. Shops can use a WIP (work-in-process) model as a start-up stock when simulating sections of a toolpath to shorten the review time.
Nothing is changing faster or more profoundly than the software used to design and machine parts. To help shops keep up with the latest competitive advances being introduced on the shop floor, here is a report on some of the newest CAD/CAM software.

Trophy Work: Moving from Art to Part

Check out how Blue Chip Engineering was able to engineer and machine a complex, mobile sculpture for renowned designer Tom Shannon using advanced CADCAM software from Gibbs and Associates.

Test and Engineering Services Grow with Machining

hyperMILL CAM software provides toolpaths, collision checking, and verification for complicated models.
And what drives machining growth? Aerodyn Engineering uses intuitive 5-axis CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies that “gets it.”


CAD/CAM Software: Industry News

Vero Software Hires Account Manager for Northern California

Sean Fallis, Vero Software  “I am passionate about helping our customers achieve greater efficiencies and profitability with best-in-class software and technology. Knowing that I play a part in their success in this manufacturing process excites me, and motivates me to continue to grow our customer base in this area with Vero Software solutions.”
Sean Fallis is now responsible for the Edgecam and Surfcam solutions in the region.

First-Ever Industry Standard for the 21st Century CAM

These new industry standards define competencies and skills needed for entry-level CAM positions in manufacturing.

Vero Software Appoints Technical Team Leader

Carl Orton, Vero Software “I am very excited to take on this new role and work with our team to service and train our WorkNC customers. We have a great staff and products, and I am confident that we can continue to improve our service offerings and increase our revenues by helping our customers achieve success with our software."
Carl Orton is now their technical team leader for WorkNC in the Americas.


CAD/CAM Software: Products

CAD for CAM Design Tools

Mastercam X9 Design uses powerful modeling tools that include 3D surfacing and solids, hole-filling, direct editing without a solids history, geometry repair, and much more to streamline and simplify modeling and editing geometry. It also supports advanced geometry creation, including NURBS curves and surfaces, 2D and 3D associative dimensioning, surface extension, blending, trimming, splitting, variable filleting, solid modeling and hybrid modeling to complete  jobs quicker and more efficiently.
Mastercam X9 Design offers a suite of shop-tested design tools that get parts on and off the machine as quickly as possible.

How to Apply Artistic Elements to CNC Manufactured Products

The training set for the BobART artistic CADCAM plug-in for SOLIDWORKS includes 34 individual videos and a digital workbook that covers everything from converting image files to sketch geometry and creating 3D-embossed models to applying CAM toolpaths and creating chiseled finishes with V-carving tools.
The BobART software module from BobCAD-CAM is a CNC machining plug-in for SOLIDWORKS that includes comprehensive video training on how to break down artistic programming by individual features.

CAD/CAM Increases Milling Efficiency in Roughing and Extends Tool Life

In roughing with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2 CAD/CAM software, the depth of cut and the best utilization of cutting data ensure fast and cost-effective manufacturing while keeping tool costs low. The tool path automatically adapts to the geometry without full-width machining. The integrated re-roughing counteracts the formation of larger steps in steep boundary areas. These areas can be machined from bottom to top with a smaller depth of cut.
Version 4.0 Release 2 CAD/CAM software from Tebis is especially well-suited for rough machining of deep cavities and hard material.