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Making Natural Gas Clean with a “Hole” Lot of Pressure

Using a modified HMD915 magnetic drill and Industrial Series of Rotabroach Cutters from Hougen enabled Mueller Environmental to cost-effectively develop a patented new system for cleaning natural gas.
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Allied Machine & Engineering Joins Partners in THINC

The provider of precision hole-making technologies joins over 40 THINC members that provide solutions to end-users and enhance productivity while maintaining lean operations.


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New Magnetic Drill Pilot Light

This feature shines light along the bottom of the cutting teeth and over the pilot tip which extends from the end of the cutter. By shining the light in this area, it allows the operator to easily see the pilot point and center punch of the hole. This increases operator productivity and hole location accuracy.
This LED light from Hougen lights the pilot point when drilling in low light, and in brighter conditions it counteracts shadows from the light.

Affordable Magnetic Drill Optimizes Power-to-Weight Ratio

Weighing only 22 lb, the Slugger® JHM Short Slugger Portable Magnetic Drill has a gravity-fed coolant bottle that can be easily removed and the lightest, lowest profile of any drill model in its class, making it ideal for use in overhead and upside down drilling.
Priced at $699, the “Short Slugger” from FEIN Power Tools weighs only 22 lb and stands at 11 in with a 430 W motor that is ideal for repetitive drilling in close quarters or as a first-time user’s magnetic drill.

Laser Drilling Provides Stress-Free Holes

ALT Laser Hole Drilling produces distortion- and stress-free holes as small as 0.010 in diameter with ±0.0005 in tolerances and exact repeatability, depending upon the material, thickness and configuration. Specializing in producing critical parts, the firm can provide air flow testing with accuracy of 0.33 percent of reading and 0.25 percent repeatability within ±2 standard deviations. 
Superior to mechanical drilling, ALT Laser Hole Drilling from Advanced Laser Technologies is ideally suited for nickel alloys, Inconel®, stainless steel, 6061 aluminum, and similar materials.