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Making Natural Gas Clean with a “Hole” Lot of Pressure

Using a modified HMD915 magnetic drill and Industrial Series of Rotabroach Cutters from Hougen enabled Mueller Environmental to cost-effectively develop a patented new system for cleaning natural gas.
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Allied Machine & Engineering Joins Partners in THINC

The provider of precision hole-making technologies joins over 40 THINC members that provide solutions to end-users and enhance productivity while maintaining lean operations.


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Portable Magnetic Drill Increases Productivity

A new two stage magnet increases the magnetic holding power by 30 percent when the drill motor of the HMD904 is turned on, saving energy and increasing magnet life. A new arbor system utilizes a 5/8 in slot drive for more rigidity, hole accuracy and quicker use of accessories such as drill chucks and tapping attachments. The drill now has a more robust housing design with an ergonomic carrying handle, a spot to hold the hex wrench, reversible feed handles and a d-ring on the back of the magnet for quickly attaching the safety chain.  
The completely redesigned HMD904 Magnetic Drill from Hougen adds major improvements and more features to its powerful performance, lightweight size, small footprint and hole capacity.

Cutting the Cord on Tough Drilling Jobs

The M18 FUEL 1.5 in Magnetic Drill features a patented magnetic base that delivers safer drilling in ¼ in steel by providing the strongest magnetic hold on this material. The new tools utilize permanent magnets so that the magnetic base operates without electricity, ensuring that the magnet does not deactivate if the battery is drained.  Equipped with Auto-Stop lift-off detection, power to the motor is automatically cut if excess rotational motion is detected while drilling.
Ideal for vertical and overhead drilling, these compact cordless magnetic drills meet the demands of workers with limited access to power that regularly encounter thin metal applications.

Powerful Lightweight Two-Speed Mag Drill

The HMD905 portable magnetic drill from Hougen provides steel fabricators with a great power-to-weight ratio that offers more strength and torque in a small lightweight footprint.