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Gear Hobbers and Control Migration

This is the story of how Bourn & Koch upgraded its older gear hobbers to advanced CNC systems to machine large bull and cluster gears, worms, shafts, splines and pinions for the defense and aerospace, oil/gas drilling, mining, heavy equipment and power generation industries.
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New Honing Process Produces High-Precision in Manufacturing

Single Stroke Honing from Sunnen is a single-pass process that sizes and finishes a bore with a series of progressively larger superabrasive tools adjusted to a pre-set diameter. Single Stroke Honing tools rotate while passing through the bore one time and then withdrawing. The machine's servo-controlled stroking system provides flexibility with adjustable speed and various feed profiles, such as pecking, short stroke, dwell, etc. Column feed and spindle speed can be varied throughout a cycle using the machine control. 
Developed in Europe by Sunnen Products Company, the Single Stroke Honing® process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies produces less than 2 µm cylindricity in bores, achieving almost 200 percent more precision than previously possible.

Advanced Machining Allows Subsea Valves To Handle the Pressure

Operating a DMG / Mori Seiki NL2500 at BEL Valves.
BEL Valves uses a variety of DMG / MORI SEIKI machine tools to meet its paramount need for reliability during production. 

Spot On Welding Control Helps Produce New Line of Grills

In an industry that faces considerable foreign and domestic competition, changing demands in public taste and the constant challenge of product innovations, this new automated spot welding system from Contour-Arc uses Siemens controls to provide R.H. Peterson with complete flexibility to produce all of the models, sizes, and quantities they need at any time to stay ahead of the competition.

An Insatiable Appetite for Mega Machining

The insatiable global demand for infrastructure is driving the increased size of mining, mineral and aggregates processing equipment.


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Holroyd Precision Receives Award

 precision makes 
 the difference. Holroyd's recent 
$4.5 million 
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U.S., China 
Enterprise recognizes their success 
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TGS Names Global Sales Director

Chanley Chambers, Total Grinding Solutions "“I look forward to working with this team," said Chambers. “For a company to succeed, it needs quality people, innovative ideas and a lot of concentrated effort. We have all of these key ingredients.”
Chanley Chambers will oversee centerless grinder sales, strategic planning and business development.

Strausak Grinder Returns to U.S.

Hank Ecker, Strausak Inc. “It is exciting to be involved in the return to the U.S. of a major and long-standing Swiss machine tool builder. I look forward to developing North American headquarters for Strausak into a first-class organization that will pride itself in high-tech technology and superior support.”
With Hank Ecker as the president, one of the oldest names in the CNC tool grinding field returns to the U.S. and marks an important milestone in a long, storied history.  


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Tool Grinder Handles Complex Cutting Tools

The U Grind has a NUM Fleximum control with the latest generation of NUMROTOplus tool grinding software for all types of cutting tools, including complex step/form tools, hobs, burs, shape cutters, T-slot cutters, high performance endmills and drills, routers, form tools, porting tools and more.
The flexible, high-accuracy U-Grind 5-axis CNC tool grinder from Strausak is ideal for small batch production, regrinding, and high-precision tool grinding.

High Accuracy Cylindrical Grinding for An Affordable Price

For precision, efficiency and productivity, the wheelhead features a highly rigid main body, a heat-treated nitride steel wheel spindle and a large ø 510 mm wheel. To maximize stability and load capacity, the wheelhead and table feed include wide, V-flat guiding surfaces. The high damping performance and equalization of lubricant provided by the oil film’s squeezing effect ensure long-term smooth and precise grinding. Non-concentric hydrodynamic bearings secure an optimal wedge angle. Bearings are ground to a high degree of precision with an exclusively developed grinder for bearings.
GAE Series CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinders from Shigiya are ideal for heavy grinding precision and, when combined with an angle head type wheelhead, perform face grinding with ease.

Angle Grinders Maximize Material Removal

The key features in the 1660 and 2260 angle grinders include dual auxiliary handle positions, reversible throttle handle and interchangeable guards that allow for versatility to fit any application.
The 1660 and 2260 Angle Grinders from Cleco Tools have a streamlined angle head and all metal housing for ultimate ruggedness that minimizes shop downtime, enhances productivity and increases the bottom line.