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Gear Hobbers and Control Migration

This is the story of how Bourn & Koch upgraded its older gear hobbers to advanced CNC systems to machine large bull and cluster gears, worms, shafts, splines and pinions for the defense and aerospace, oil/gas drilling, mining, heavy equipment and power generation industries.
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New Honing Process Produces High-Precision in Manufacturing

Single Stroke Honing from Sunnen is a single-pass process that sizes and finishes a bore with a series of progressively larger superabrasive tools adjusted to a pre-set diameter. Single Stroke Honing tools rotate while passing through the bore one time and then withdrawing. The machine's servo-controlled stroking system provides flexibility with adjustable speed and various feed profiles, such as pecking, short stroke, dwell, etc. Column feed and spindle speed can be varied throughout a cycle using the machine control. 
Developed in Europe by Sunnen Products Company, the Single Stroke Honing® process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies produces less than 2 µm cylindricity in bores, achieving almost 200 percent more precision than previously possible.

An Insatiable Appetite for Mega Machining

The insatiable global demand for infrastructure is driving the increased size of mining, mineral and aggregates processing equipment.


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Glebar Moves Into New Facility

The new 44,560 sq ft headquarters in Ramsey, NJ, consolidates all of the engineering and manufacturing operations to build their precision grinding systems.

GCH Tool Adds Sales Engineer

Carol King, GCH Tool “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity that I've been given. GCH has already built something that is truly exemplary and I’m excited to be part of the team that takes the company to the next level.”
The parts supplier for grinding equipment adds Carol King to the inside sales team.

Holroyd Precision Receives Award

 precision makes 
 the difference. Holroyd's recent 
$4.5 million 
truly groundbreaking technology 
already has
U.S., China 
Enterprise recognizes their success 
in exporting specialized
machine tools.


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Outstanding Cylindrical and Face Grinding Accuracy

The spindle on the SGU32X100S Cylindrical Grinding Machine runs on precision bearings, assuring maximum spindle stability. It guarantees outstanding accuracy for external and internal diameter grinding and face grinding. 
The SGU32X100S Cylindrical Grinding Machine from Sy Machinery uses a stable and rigid spindle head, precision wheel head with special hydrostatic bearing and advanced automatic hydrostatical lubrication for extremely smooth movement, added feed accuracy and superior grinding accuracy.

Automated Centerless Grinding for Medium to Large Production

The TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinder dependably handles a variety of industry-wide grinding applications in the roughest production environments. The machine is built to provide many years of uninterrupted service without high maintenance costs.
The TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinder from Total Grinding Solutions is ideal for medium to large-batch production with short setup times in the roughest production environments.

Modular Belt Grinding System for High Versatility

The Slugger GIC cylindrical grinding machine is designed for maximum loading and centerless grinding capability, ensuring reliable operation even in continuous manufacturing use. Connection to the GI belt grinding module is simple and fast.  It has a quick-release attachment for easy tool changes and a continuous, three-phase motor for uninterrupted service.  Variable pipe diameters and lengths up to 20 ft can be processed using the optional pipe guide.
The Slugger GI series of belt systems from FEIN are ideal for radius grinding, cylindrical grinding and flat grinding of thick and thin wall pipes, square tubes, flat materials and profiles.