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Gear Hobbers and Control Migration

This is the story of how Bourn & Koch upgraded its older gear hobbers to advanced CNC systems to machine large bull and cluster gears, worms, shafts, splines and pinions for the defense and aerospace, oil/gas drilling, mining, heavy equipment and power generation industries.
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New Honing Process Produces High-Precision in Manufacturing

Single Stroke Honing from Sunnen is a single-pass process that sizes and finishes a bore with a series of progressively larger superabrasive tools adjusted to a pre-set diameter. Single Stroke Honing tools rotate while passing through the bore one time and then withdrawing. The machine's servo-controlled stroking system provides flexibility with adjustable speed and various feed profiles, such as pecking, short stroke, dwell, etc. Column feed and spindle speed can be varied throughout a cycle using the machine control. 
Developed in Europe by Sunnen Products Company, the Single Stroke Honing® process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies produces less than 2 µm cylindricity in bores, achieving almost 200 percent more precision than previously possible.

An Insatiable Appetite for Mega Machining

The insatiable global demand for infrastructure is driving the increased size of mining, mineral and aggregates processing equipment.


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Rollomatic Appoints New Regional Sales Manager

William McKenna, Rollomatic, Inc.  As
regional sales manager, his responsibilities will include all aspects of managing customer accounts, negotiating contracts and acquisition of new accounts.
William McKenna will cover New England, the state of New York, the northern part of the state of New Jersey, Quebec and the eastern tip of Ontario.

GMTA Selected for Automotive Gear Projects

They will partner with GM on the CVT 250 project for gear hones and supply Ford with Scudding sun gears on new transmission lines.

Vollmer Adds New Personnel

Derrick Bailey, Matthew LaRose and Tatjana Gruber have joined application and sales support.


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Abrasive Air Tools for Automotive Applications

The National Detroit Legacy line of tools from Dynabrade includes 5 in and 6 in diameter DAQ Dual-Action Sanders, 5 in and 6 in diameter ELZ Dual-Action Sanders, an 8 in diameter Gear-Driven Sander, and a FB8 Long Board Sander.
The National Detroit Legacy line of tools are ideal for stock removal, sanding, blending and other operations.

FABTECH 2015: Grinding, Polishing, Finishing

Booth S-2063: Burr King will display their full product line of grinding, finishing, polishing, deburring, vibratory and surface conditioning equipment. 
Take a closer look at some of the grinding, polishing and finishing machinery, tooling, systems and accessories that will be exhibited on the show floor. 

Cordless Grinders Pack A Punch

Booth S-5007: The universal cordless straight grinder ASC 9 from Suhner is ideal for work with non-woven brushes and flap wheels. Typical work includes the removal of tarnishing and blending on matte surfaces. The reduction gears fitted in the machine deliver a high torque and consistent working speed, providing a uniform grinding pattern.
Suhner expands their product range with a complete series of four cordless compact grinders, consisting of the straight grinder ASC 9, the belt grinder ABC 7, the fillet weld grinder AKC 3, and the tube polisher ATC 7.