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Gear Hobbers and Control Migration

This is the story of how Bourn & Koch upgraded its older gear hobbers to advanced CNC systems to machine large bull and cluster gears, worms, shafts, splines and pinions for the defense and aerospace, oil/gas drilling, mining, heavy equipment and power generation industries.
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New Honing Process Produces High-Precision in Manufacturing

Single Stroke Honing from Sunnen is a single-pass process that sizes and finishes a bore with a series of progressively larger superabrasive tools adjusted to a pre-set diameter. Single Stroke Honing tools rotate while passing through the bore one time and then withdrawing. The machine's servo-controlled stroking system provides flexibility with adjustable speed and various feed profiles, such as pecking, short stroke, dwell, etc. Column feed and spindle speed can be varied throughout a cycle using the machine control. 
Developed in Europe by Sunnen Products Company, the Single Stroke Honing® process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies produces less than 2 µm cylindricity in bores, achieving almost 200 percent more precision than previously possible.

An Insatiable Appetite for Mega Machining

The insatiable global demand for infrastructure is driving the increased size of mining, mineral and aggregates processing equipment.


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Drake Mfg. Appoints Director of Sales

Bruce L. Dibble, Drake Manufacturing In his new position, he is responsible for managing sales efforts and serving as advocate for customers and prospective customers to help expand and support their precision thread grinding solutions in the steering systems, aerospace, cutting tool, speed reducer, ball screw, and linear motion industries.
Bruce L. Dibble directs all company sales in North America.

Pro-Gear Relaunched as Gear Grind Only Service

This is ideal for gear manufacturers that need additional capacity and machine shops that require external gear grinding services.

Okuma Earns ISO Certification

They are the first CNC machine tool builder to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.


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FABTECH 2016: Welding (Part Two)

Booth N-4329: Available with an integrated Inclinometer and Weld Revolution SpinArc Torch for high speed, vertical down applications in pipe welding, the Piper-Plus pipe welding system from Bug-O Systems makes automatic, pre-programmed changes to any and all welding parameters as determined by the position of the tractor as it travels around the pipe.
Take a closer look at some of the welding technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.

Plate Beveler for Weld Preparation

Booth N-4304: Ideal for weld preparation beveling on mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel, the new Model 9000 Bevel-Mill from Heck Industries uses standard carbide inserts in a milling cutter to produce bevels up to 1-3/16 in and features variable angle adjustments from 15 deg to 45 deg.
The Model 9000 Bevel-Mill from Heck Industries features variable angle adjustments from 15 deg to 45 deg on mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and more.

Surface Finishing Solutions for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Booth N-2311: With a more powerful 15A motor for producing most linear finishes up to a mirror finish on steel, stainless steel and other nonferrous metals, the PTX Eco Smart professional linear surface finisher from CS Unitec is ideal for grinding and blending jobs such as removing welds, deep scratches, oxidation, rust and paint, and it can also polish inside corners.
The PTX Eco Smart, VARLIEX WSF 1800, and PIPE-MAX grinding and finishing equipment from CS Unitec can remove welds, deep scratches, oxidation, rust and paint and produce a mirror finish on steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.