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Under the Hood: Automotive Machining

New powertrain components. More sensors and electronics parts. Increasing part complexity. Difficult to cut materials. Faster delivery. How do automotive suppliers navigate to profitability through this stormy sea of lightweighting and driverless cars? 
Honing Machines: Articles

Over a Barrel

Honing dramatically improves bore diameter size uniformity and accuracy, surface finish and roundness throughout the length of the barrel.
Surface finish is the one feature of a rifle barrel that cannot be controlled in hammer forging. Now, custom rifle barrel makers are learning a trick from the makers of hammer forged barrels on how to overcome surface imperfections.

A Chip Off the Old Block

Dart produces about 16,000 cylinder heads per year.
Dart masters the "peaks and valleys" of custom engine block production with an advanced American-made Sunnen SV-20 flexible honing system that uses programmable control to replicate “best” engine parameters and produce expert results with minimal operator expertise.

Smart Honing Lifts Business for Aerospace Hydraulic Pumps

The work envelope of the honing machine shows air-bearing index table in foreground, robot to left, honing spindle and tool upper center, and air gage right. 
This second generation machining business is using a new technology that makes a 60 millionths tolerance look generous. No kidding.

Over a Barrel

The hydraulic shop of this Cat dealer salvages cylinders up to 21 ft long by re-surfacing them with an HTA tube hone, saving their customers 80 percent or more over cost of new barrel.

Perfect Holes in Hard Material – Made Easy

Capable of producing the 0.1μm Ra or better finishes required by Damen’s automotive and large cylinder customers, the SV-­‐560’s patented, synchronized servo axes eliminate the “flattening of the crosshatch angle common with other honing machines.
Exotic materials specialist Damen Carbide Tool Co. expands its holemaking capability and business base with honing capacity to 9 in diameter and a 60 in stroke length using hones from Sunnen.


Honing Machines: Industry News

Sunnen Sponsors Sweepstakes for Children’s Camp

Nick Ferri (left), the co-owner of Patterson Elite Performance, is pictured with NHRA Pro Stock driver Erica Enders-Stevens. His team built the engines that delivered her consecutive national championships in 2014 and 2015. Ferri has volunteered to create a custom-tuned Mopar 6.4L Gen lll  Hemi racing engine for this year’s Engine Charity Sweepstakes.
Their 2016 Engine Charity Sweepstakes help provide medically supervised activities for kids who have serious health conditions.

GMTA Selected for Automotive Gear Projects

They will partner with GM on the CVT 250 project for gear hones and supply Ford with Scudding sun gears on new transmission lines.

Jasper Engines Installs Sunnen Honing Systems

The pure vertical stroke on the SV-20 honing machince, combined with high spindle power and an 8-stone diamond tool, produces bore roundness, straightness, shape and form that are as good as a factory original, and it's quick.
The remanufacturer now operates several honing machines in three of their plants.


Honing Machines: Products

Affordable Power-Stroke Honing for Small Shops

The SSH-1680 makes quick work of parts with keyways, splines and blind bores. An adjustable spindle allows the operator to eliminate mandrel runout, making it easy to achieve precision bore geometry. Multiple land and tandem bores are bridged with Sunnen’s long stones, maintaining alignment and consistent size without camber or washout. 
Ideal for multiple-land and tandem bores, heavy/odd shaped parts, keyed or splined bores, blind bores and thin-wall parts, the value-priced SSH-1680 honing system from Sunnen brings power-stroke efficiency to small shops for sizing complex bores up to 60 mm diameter and 250 mm length.

Honing Machine Optimizes Gear Finishing

The Präwema SynchroFine 205 HS gear honing machine features a pick-up design to enable automation. The workpieces and dressing tools are loaded and unloaded by the workpiece spindle. The large X-axis travel enables placement of additional stations adjacent to the loading/unloading station inside the machine, such as a two-flank roll-checking device.
Using direct-driven, digitally controlled spindles for the tool and the workpiece, the Präwema SynchroFine 205 HS gear honing machine from GMTA can produce gear finishing quality comparable to grinding for spur and helical gears, as well as shafts.

Large-Part Honing Machine for Job Shops, Repair Facilities

The SV-20 honing system from Sunnen.
The SV-20 honing system from Sunnen Products is the first competitively priced large-part machine for job-shop part production with a true linear, vertical, servo-stroking system to produce precision bore geometries on compressors, oilfield components, automotive/truck blocks and similar parts.