Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining vs. Vertical Machining: Rethinking Your Operation

If the manufacturer is able to move past the sticker price and examine the dollars spent making the part, or the cost per part, a multitude of qualities can factor into the machine tool’s return on investment. Here are some reasons why a less expensive piece of equipment is not always the obvious choice.
Horizontal Machining Centers: Articles

High Speed Horizontal Machining of Largest Parts in Class

The HMC500 can reach cutting speeds of 15,000 rpm in a mere 1.7 seconds (with 50 hp) for faster machining of a variety of tough materials, including 1018 steel.
The HMC500 from OKK is built for speed and faster cycle times, with exceptionally fast automatic pallet and tool changers and the ability to complete deep boring operations without rotating the pallet.

Flexible Automation for Global Competition

The automated material handling system links Makino horizontal machining centers, pallet loaders and operators by using a servo-controlled, rail-guided vehicle to transport material to and from machines, with little, if any, operator intervention.(Click on top two photos to enlarge them)
The MMC2 flexible manufacturing system from Makino helps shops reduce costs, increase throughput and improve quality while adapting quickly to a constantly shifting production schedule.

Adopting a Nuclear Option

Wisconsin job shop Lindquist Machine adapts to the changing economy by increasing its presence in the nuclear energy market and adding wind energy customers with the help of an FT 3500 horizontal boring mill.

Corporate Profile: Makino

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Horizontal Machining Centers: Industry News

L&R Precision Tooling Invests in FMS

Since installing the system, the shop more than doubled their warehouse space and increased their workforce by 45 percent.

SW North America Forms Alliance with B/K Components

This strategy introduces gun manufacturers to the strengths of both companies for participation in ITAR sensitive projects.

Hwacheon Names Nedler Vice President

Hwacheon Machinery America has appointed Robert Nedler to the position of vice president of sales.


Horizontal Machining Centers: Products

High-End Machining at an Affordable Price

The new compact Tongtai CT-350 five-axis vertical machining center from Absolute Machine Tools boasts high-end machine construction and performance at an affordable price. Rigidity is ensured by its C-frame structure, 45 mm roller type guideways and pre-tensioned, large diameter ballscrews. The column has a wide span, making it torsion-resistant while cutting 5-axis parts.
The Tongtai CT-350 five-axis VMC, the Tongtai SH-4000 HMC and the Johnford DMC Series double-column moving table bridge mill from Absolute Machine Tools handle any variety of aerospace part applications.

Unprecedented Speed, Efficiency and Power

Supplemented by optional rotary axes with direct drive technology, the MFZ 4-2W horizontal machining center from SAMAG is equipped with two independent Z-axis spindle units with a clearance of 450 mm for five-sided or five-axis simultaneous machining of aerospace parts. This is the fastest two-spindle horizontal machining center in its class for highly productive horizontal complete machining of cube-shaped parts made of steel, cast iron or aluminum. (first view)
The MFZ 4-2W from SAMAG is the fastest two-spindle HMC of its class for horizontal complete machining of cube-shaped parts made of steel, cast iron or aluminum.

Horizontal Machining Centers

The three-point-leveled, T-design base of the Cincinnati 6-axis MEGA 800 HMC from Fives moves the workpiece in a straight line to and from the spindle for precision boring, with X, Y and Z axes all driven by dual ballscrews using absolute scale feedback. The B-axis rotary table with high-accuracy absolute encoder allows infinite contouring, producing 3,300 ft-lb torque.
Advanced capabilities. Uninterrupted machining. To move forward in the hyper-competitive world of metal cutting, it’s time to enter into the world of horizontal machining.