Laser Cutting

Micromachining: No More Constraints

The latest femtosecond laser technology from Raydiance can reduce cost per part by 20 percent to 50 percent and reduce product design, prototyping and development from months to as little as 24 hours.
Laser Cutting: Articles

World’s Largest 5-Axis Laser-Texturing Machine Comes to North America

The LASER 4000 5Ax can produce textures on components with maximum workpiece dimensions of 13 ft by 10 ft by 5 ft.
Custom Etch purchased the LASER 4000 5Ax from GF Machining Solutions to add surface textures to extra-large workpieces used for automotive parts, housewares, aerospace, medical, beverage, lawn and garden equipment and toys.


Laser Cutting: Industry News

Cy-Laser Opens Technology Center in Detroit

There were 16 dealers from throughout North America that spent a day and a half learning about the product line and touring the Technology Center. Three persons at center (in positions 5-7 from the left), are Cy-Laser America LLC management: Frank Vanin, area manager, Martina Campana, vice-president, and Federico Campana, president. To their left (position 4) is Massimo Denipoti, the president of Cy-Laser LLC.
The new facility includes a showroom of end-load fiber lasers for North America and houses a supply of parts and accessories.

Trotec Laser Increases Technical Support Staff

Their technical support staff boasts more than 25 years of industry experience in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, automation technology and robotics and are experts with their entire product line, including both flatbed, and Galvo systems. 

Trotec Laser, Inc. Adds National Sales Manager

Kris Tennyson joins Trotec Laser, Inc.


Laser Cutting: Products

Cold Micro-Machining of Tough Materials

The Diamond™ Series from Laser Machining Technologies is the most affordable micro-machining laser for cold micro-machining of 3D forms, 2D shapes and PCD, CVD-D, CBN, tungsten carbide, rubies, natural and man-made diamonds, and many other exotic and hard-to-machine materials.

Robotic 3D Laser Cutting

The Jenoptik-Votan® BIM 3D metal cutting machine uses a laser robot arm that is unique in that the optical fiber is located only in the stationary robot shoulder and the laser beam path is totally integrated.