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Well Ahead of the Game

Investing in 5-axis machining has enabled this machine shop to be more competitive in their core oil and gas business and boosted opportunities for them to diversify into new energy and power generation markets.
Milling Machines: Articles

Under the Hood: Automotive Machining

Cylinder blocks with adapter plate being machined on a two-spindle SPECHT 500 DUO 5-axis horizontal machining center from MAG. 
New powertrain components. More sensors and electronics parts. Increasing part complexity. Difficult to cut materials. Faster delivery. How do automotive suppliers navigate to profitability through this stormy sea of lightweighting and driverless cars? 

Flying High: Aerospace Machine Tools

Supplemented by optional rotary axes with direct drive technology, the MFZ 4-2W horizontal machining center from SAMAG is equipped with two independent Z-axis spindle units with a clearance of 450 mm for five-sided or five-axis simultaneous machining of aerospace parts. This is the fastest two-spindle horizontal machining center in its class for highly productive horizontal complete machining of cube-shaped parts made of steel, cast iron or aluminum.
Competition can be brutal in the aerospace supply chain. To help your shop stay competitive on job bidding, these new machines can hit your bottom line by saving more time and labor, processing ever more complex parts quicker and more accurately – and doing it all with less of that extremely expensive material.

How to Win at Titanium Machining

Profiling in action. Whether profiling on large gantry machines or milling on smaller machining centers, processing tough material like titanium is a constant challenge. Machining hard alloys while adding the pressure of improving production efficiencies means maximizing metal removal in the face of low cutting speeds and significant cutting forces. 
Machine builder Fives Cincinnati discovers how an innovative spindle connection key can achieve new levels of metal removal on industry-leading “super-profiler” operations.

Boring Mill Fuels Energy Sector Expansion for Machine Shop

The dual-pallet, rotary table Giddings & Lewis MC 1600 horizontal boring mill (HBM) from Fives is designed for multi-axis contour milling, precision boring, drilling and tapping. It will produce a variety of large parts for Milwaukee Machine Works, including wind turbine gearbox housings and fluid end manifolds for the oil/gas industry.
Milwaukee Machine Works expands its energy sector business into wind turbine gearbox housings, fluid end manifolds for the oil/gas industry, and other oversized components up to 10 ft long and weighing up to 7,000 lb with a new large capacity dual-pallet Giddings & Lewis MC 1600 from Fives.

Panel Builder Achieves 50 Percent Savings in Time-To-First-Hole Machining

The Steinhauer eCAB WorkCenter machine tool uses a Siemens 802D solution line CNC and Sinamics S120 drives package to produce enclosures and cabinets fabricated from steel, aluminum, stainless, galvanized and fiberglass.
Haewa's use of the Steinhauer eCAB WorkCenter has resulted in more than a 50 percent savings in that critical “time to first hole in the workpiece” scenario, allowing a substantial increase in the production at the company.


Milling Machines: Industry News

Reliable Metalcraft Invests in New Capabilities

They add tool and die, engineering and machine tool capabilities to meet unique specifications in new products offered to their clients.

GF Machining Solutions Names New Distributors in Northwest and West

Ellison Technologies, D & R Machinery and Hartwig now sell and service their EDM, milling and laser texturing equipment.

Beaver Aerospace & Defense Upgrades Machining Capabilities

The new ecoMill 1100 V 4-axis machine tools on the shop floor at Beaver Aerospace & Defense. Each machine tool is equipped with a direct drive rotary table that allows parts up to 40 in x 20 in to be completed with a one-step setup process. Both machines also provide 30 tool slots and allow 3D designs to be loaded into the controls. (Photo courtesy of Beaver Aerospace & Defense)
Their two new DMG MORI ecoMill 1100 V 4-axis machine tools increase their speed, accuracy and part processing size for customers.


Milling Machines: Products

Jig Mills Offer Accuracy, Rigidity for Moldmaking Applications

The fixed crossrail, massive ram design of the Jig Mill J1620 and J1620X machines provides a straightness accuracy in X and Y axes better than 10 microns. Table squareness to the Z-axis is also better than 10 microns.
Jig Mill J1620 and J1620X machines from Mitsui Seiki are ideal for mold base production, mold plates, precision hot runners, progressive and transfer dies, and other jig boring and milling applications.

Flexible Machining Center Configures to Wide Range of Applications

Booth S-8129: The compact Hüller Hille NBH P 80 machining center from FFG allows flexible configuration for a wide range of applications, includes a pallet changer with an ergonomic 90 deg indexable setup station, and has a service-friendly drive unit mounted on top of the machine.
The compact Hüller Hille NBH P 80 from FFG has a choice of spindles, highly precise and dynamic rotary tables, and CNC controls that allow for flexible configuration. Its chain-type magazine has 60 locations that can be manually loaded during machine operation.

Horizontal Boring Mills Designed and Priced for Job Shops

Booth S-8109: Designed and priced for job shops and engineered for flat-floor installation, small footprint and low ceiling clearance, T-bed or travelling column boring mills from Fives Giddings & Lewis move the column in the Z-direction and the tables in X. The permanently lubricated spindle and torque are adapted to high metal removal or hard metals, with zero backlash rotary tables and gear-driven headstock.
Fives Giddings & Lewis features a new line of U.S.-built T-bed boring mills with high accuracy and cutting capacity that are sized to fit the smaller physical plant of most job shops and tool rooms.