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How to Win at Titanium Machining

Machine builder Fives Cincinnati discovers how an innovative spindle connection key can achieve new levels of metal removal on industry-leading “super-profiler” operations.
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Boring Mill Fuels Energy Sector Expansion for Machine Shop

The dual-pallet, rotary table Giddings & Lewis MC 1600 horizontal boring mill (HBM) from Fives is designed for multi-axis contour milling, precision boring, drilling and tapping. It will produce a variety of large parts for Milwaukee Machine Works, including wind turbine gearbox housings and fluid end manifolds for the oil/gas industry.
Milwaukee Machine Works expands its energy sector business into wind turbine gearbox housings, fluid end manifolds for the oil/gas industry, and other oversized components up to 10 ft long and weighing up to 7,000 lb with a new large capacity dual-pallet Giddings & Lewis MC 1600 from Fives.

Panel Builder Achieves 50 Percent Savings in Time-To-First-Hole Machining

The Steinhauer eCAB WorkCenter machine tool uses a Siemens 802D solution line CNC and Sinamics S120 drives package to produce enclosures and cabinets fabricated from steel, aluminum, stainless, galvanized and fiberglass.
Haewa's use of the Steinhauer eCAB WorkCenter has resulted in more than a 50 percent savings in that critical “time to first hole in the workpiece” scenario, allowing a substantial increase in the production at the company.

An Insatiable Appetite for Mega Machining

The insatiable global demand for infrastructure is driving the increased size of mining, mineral and aggregates processing equipment.


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GMTA Selected for Automotive Gear Projects

They will partner with GM on the CVT 250 project for gear hones and supply Ford with Scudding sun gears on new transmission lines.

TCI Precision Metals Installs Duplex Milling System

The blanks are milled in width and length using the THV430’s specially designed twin spindle in one setup, instead of two, as close as ±.0005 in dimensionally and as close as .0002 in flatness, squareness and parallelism. Each Machine-Ready Blank is deburred, cleaned and vacuum packaged – ready to go directly from receiving into CNC machining centers to eliminate material prep, reduce set up time, part movement, scrap and wear and tear on machine tool inserts and cutters used to square material in process.  
They use a new Amada THV430 to produce precision Machine-Ready Blanks from aluminum, stainless steel and other alloys.

Henton Engineering Installs 5-Axis Milling Machine

This machine shop specializes in the production of large, complex, sectioned ring and prismatic components, typically in the 200 mm to 2 m range, used in the aerospace, space, oil and gas and other precision engineering sectors. The shop has the expertise and capability to produce parts in aluminium, titanium, nimonic and stellite as well as other exotic and high temperature alloys.
This investment will be used to produce aerospace components, gas turbines and other energy applications.


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High-End Machining at an Affordable Price

The new compact Tongtai CT-350 five-axis vertical machining center from Absolute Machine Tools boasts high-end machine construction and performance at an affordable price. Rigidity is ensured by its C-frame structure, 45 mm roller type guideways and pre-tensioned, large diameter ballscrews. The column has a wide span, making it torsion-resistant while cutting 5-axis parts.
The Tongtai CT-350 five-axis VMC, the Tongtai SH-4000 HMC and the Johnford DMC Series double-column moving table bridge mill from Absolute Machine Tools handle any variety of aerospace part applications.

Extrusion Mill for Aerospace Parts

The innovative two-chuck HHV Professional extrusion mill from Modig produces the vast majority of extrusion mill aluminum and carbon fiber parts demanded by aerospace companies in a surprisingly small footprint. It excels at all shaped extrusions up to 6 in x 10 in cross section, stowage bin structures, floor beams, stringer clips and brackets, seat tracks and fuselage floor grid components.
The two-chuck HHV Professional extrusion mill from Modig accommodates aluminum and carbon fiber parts with high productivity, extraordinary precision and repeatability in a small footprint.

5-Axis Machining Center for Complex Parts

The X, Y and Z axes on the 200/5AX Linear are driven by high-precision linear motors for high accel/decel feed rates with little to no backlash. The platten size is 7.9 in diameter with a capacity load of 33.1 lb. Travels are X-axis, 7.9 in, Y-axis, 13.4 in and Z-axis, 11.8 in. Rapid traverse rates on all axes are 1,968.5 ipm, with a cutting feedrate of 787 ipm.
The FM 200/5AX Linear from Doosan performs simultaneous 5-axis contouring on medical devices, automotive turbo chargers and other precision parts.