Multitasking Machines

Going Deep: Oil and Gas

As the oil and gas industry explores new technology to innovate, minimize costs, and help contribute to achieving a lower-emissions environment, equipment and parts suppliers must dig deep to find ways to reduce their costs, improve their delivery times and increase component quality. Here are some of the latest machine tools and other equipment that can help them get the job done.
Multitasking Machines: Articles

Making Step Changes in Productivity

Take a closer look at how these two British suppliers to the oil and gas industry are investing in advanced machining technologies to speed up production, reduce operating costs, ensure higher part quality, and future-proof their manufacturing capabilities to further increase the confidence of their customers.

Under the Hood: Automotive Machining

New powertrain components. More sensors and electronics parts. Increasing part complexity. Difficult to cut materials. Faster delivery. How do automotive suppliers navigate to profitability through this stormy sea of lightweighting and driverless cars? 

Flying High: Aerospace Machine Tools

Competition can be brutal in the aerospace supply chain. To help your shop stay competitive on job bidding, these new machines can hit your bottom line by saving more time and labor, processing ever more complex parts quicker and more accurately – and doing it all with less of that extremely expensive material.

Shoot from the Hip

This orthopedics manufacturer achieves one hit machining in an automated lights-out environment using advanced turn-mill machines that take their custom implants for coated hip replacement to a whole new efficiency.

A New Look at Pipeline Intervention

The DMG Mori machine tools used by Hunting Energy Services play a crucial role in manufacturing well intervention equipment and threaded tubulars for the oil and gas industry.


Multitasking Machines: Industry News

Mazak Collaborates with Muratec on Smart Automation

They automate machining, high-density storage and retrieval with smart technologies to increase competitiveness in a connected environment.

Absolute Machine Tools Acquires Advanced Machinery Solutions

With this deal, Absolute Machine Tools becomes the exclusive importer/distributor of LICO Machinery Company.

Mazak Adds New Technical Center in Texas

The Dallas facility will serve the defense, aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and construction industries.


Multitasking Machines: Products

Universal Machining of Medical, Aerospace, Tool & Mold Applications

Featuring a unique mill-turn table with 225 deg of A-axis rotation and continuous 360 deg B-axis that can completely invert for upside-down machining so chips free-fall away from the part, the G-550T universal machining center from GROB is designed for shops doing medical, aerospace, tool and mold, and other complex work.

Full 5-Axis Milling, Turning and Integrated Cryogenics for Machining Tough Materials

The VARIAXIS i-800T Multi-Tasking Machine from Mazak performs full 5-axis milling and turning and uses integrated liquid nitrogen cryogenics technology for high processing efficiency on complex aerospace parts.

How Additive Multi-Tasking Resets the Bar in Advanced Machining

The new compact VC-500 AM HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine from Mazak combines full 5-axis capability and additive technology to revolutionize product design, reduce time to market and cut research and development costs.