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Under the Hood: Automotive Machining

New powertrain components. More sensors and electronics parts. Increasing part complexity. Difficult to cut materials. Faster delivery. How do automotive suppliers navigate to profitability through this stormy sea of lightweighting and driverless cars? 
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Flying High: Aerospace Machine Tools

Supplemented by optional rotary axes with direct drive technology, the MFZ 4-2W horizontal machining center from SAMAG is equipped with two independent Z-axis spindle units with a clearance of 450 mm for five-sided or five-axis simultaneous machining of aerospace parts. This is the fastest two-spindle horizontal machining center in its class for highly productive horizontal complete machining of cube-shaped parts made of steel, cast iron or aluminum.
Competition can be brutal in the aerospace supply chain. To help your shop stay competitive on job bidding, these new machines can hit your bottom line by saving more time and labor, processing ever more complex parts quicker and more accurately – and doing it all with less of that extremely expensive material.

Shoot from the Hip

Custom shoulder implant parts on the NTX 2000 turn-mill center, which has opened up new possibilities for parts that previously required at least two operations. Rasp handles that were previously contracted outside will become some of the first components loaded on the new machine.
This orthopedics manufacturer achieves one hit machining in an automated lights-out environment using advanced turn-mill machines that take their custom implants for coated hip replacement to a whole new efficiency.

A New Look at Pipeline Intervention

Machined pipes in the Badentoy plant. In the pipeline section, the tubes are 2.375 in to 14 in diameter and 40 ft long. They can also be slightly bent, which puts tremendous force on the machine tool bearings and toolpost.
The DMG Mori machine tools used by Hunting Energy Services play a crucial role in manufacturing well intervention equipment and threaded tubulars for the oil and gas industry.

Cutting Organ Pipes Is a Different Matter

With the Sinumerik-controlled Spinner U5-620, Laukhuff uses new options for the more productive manufacture of organ components, such as chimes.
The art of classic organ building has merged with the highest level with modern CNC techniques as German manufacturer August Laukhuff relies on a five-axis milling center from Spinner equipped with a Sinumerik 840D sl control from Siemens for small-series production.

Multi-Tasking Sharpens Turbine Blade Machining Output

5-axis multi-tasking machines can use bull nose endmills for blade machining. Bull nose cutters feature flat ends with a generous corner radius that allow for a greater step over (than ball nose endmills) while still maintaining cusp height. The greater the step over, the shorter the part machining cycle time.
Take It To The Next Level: Combining machining processes and operations inside a single work envelope to improve part quality and reduce labor content in that part is making multi-tasking automation more popular with shops in the turbine blade machining arena.


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Multitasking Takes Center Stage

During the event, Methods Machine Tools displayed the latest Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers and strategies for machining precision parts, including the NTMX ATC machine, the world's first Twin ATC Multitasking B-Axis lathe. It offers easy access and set up approach via two front ATC locations and can change inserts without stopping the machine.
A wide range of Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers and strategies for machining precision parts was recently displayed by Methods Machine Tools.

Mazak Distributor Northwest Machine Opens New Building

Mazak's area manufacturers gain applications support, training and comprehensive production solutions.

Hyundai WIA Names New National Sales Manager

Hyundai WIA announces the appointment of John Crean to national sales manager. 


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Complex Complete Machining with Compact Turn-Mill Spindle

With a diameter of 8 in, the length of the compactMASTER spindle has been reduced by 2.8 in so that it now measures only 17.7 in with a 120 percent higher torque. The interplay of the 5.9 in larger X-axis (-1 / +30.5 in) and the 0.8 in longer Y-travel of ± 8.3 in brings an enormous gain in freedom for users.
The CTX gamma 2000 TC second generation turn-mill machining center from DMG MORI is ideal for profitable machining of extremely complex parts.

Milling and Turning Automotive Parts on One Machine

The Mikron MILL P 800 U ST (Simultaneous Turning) from GF Machining Solutions combines milling and turning in a single machine, which is ideal for automotive, aerospace, energy and general machining applications.
The Mikron MILL P 800 U ST from GF Machining Solutions machines parts complete to eliminate transfer-related part run out and errors and increase finished part quality.

Economical Multi-Tasking Turning Center

The Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMY-S is a high performance multi-tasking turning center from Methods Machine Tools featuring a long bed with sub spindle that increases machining options to ensure accurate, finished parts and eliminate deburring, milling, drilling and re-positioning of fixtures.
The Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMY-S sub spindle machine from Methods Machine Tools combines a powerful milling drive with a high speed, high accuracy C-Axis and 82 mm stroke Y-Axis to finish parts and eliminate deburring, milling, drilling and repositioning of fixtures.