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A Hole New Game: Precision EDM Holemaking Goes Smaller, Deeper and Faster

While hole-popper systems are quite capable of generating very small accurate holes with good surface quality, advanced EDM drilling systems dramatically increase a shop’s capability to consistently produce tiny holes that are even more accurate and with higher quality.
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Liquid-Cooled Generator Technology Reduces EDM Electrode Wear

Exeron GmbH developed the exopuls+ liquid cooled generator technology, a breakthrough in the spark eroding process that has produced results that have exceeded initial expectations.
A breakthrough liquid-cooled generator technology marks the next generation of CNC Die Sinking that has revolutionized the way machine tool builders look at their power supplies.

Corporate Profile: Makino

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


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Absolute Machine Tools Adds EDM Consumables Division

The products Absolute will offer in the catalog include various finishes of wire, filters, diamond guides, power feed contacts, flush nozzles, resin, and spare parts.
AccuteX EDM carries consumables for its own machines along with Mitsubishi, Sodick, FANUC, and other OEMs.

Adams Machinery Now Reps for GF Machining Solutions

The company now sells their EDM consumables throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Nevada.

Major Tool & Machine Adds Large Part Production Capacity

The 500,000 sq ft climate-controlled campus is scheduled to be completed in 2015.


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What’s New in EDM

The EDBV3 Fast Hole Drill EDM from Makino provides aerospace manufacturers with the speed, flexibility and reliability to effectively produce a wide range of hole shapes and sizes within a single setup, significantly reducing required tool variety and overall cycle times.
A review of some of the latest EDM systems now on the market.

Innovative EDM Technologies

With a 17.2 in Z-axis cutting capacity that is ideal for machining mold and die, aerospace and energy parts such as turbine hubs, aerofoil vanes, instrument panels and mold cores, the VZ500LH wire EDM from Sodick incorporates collision protection to prevent against operator error and features a Super-Jet AWT (High Speed Automatic Wire Threader), wire-tip disposal unit, anti-electrolysis circuit and dielectric cooling unit.
The VZ500LH Wire EDM is ideal for extreme height applications in mold and die, aerospace and energy jobs -- one of several of the latest advanced EDM solutions from Sodick.

Medical Machining Applications and More

Ideal for medical applications such as cannula tube machining, the AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P wire EDM from GF Machining Solutions delivers speed and increased performance on submerged workpieces weighing up to 960 lb by using wire diameters from 0.006 in to 0.12 in to make taper cuts of ±25 deg over 3.15 in tall.
GF Machining Solutions offers the AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P wire and FORM 20iRTC sinker EDMs for precision, performance and efficiency in medical machining.