How to Simplify Complex Geometry Tool Repair

A new release of NUMROTO tool grinding software meets the growing challenges of grinding and servicing new generations of complex geometry drills and end mills.
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Cut Curved Surfaces with Higher Accuracy, More Quickly

Super-NURBS controls high speed and high-quality CNC machining for faster roughing speeds and better surface finishes that eliminate hand finishing by completing parts on the machine tool.
Super-NURBS advanced programming functionality for CNC machining from Okuma is excellent for machining parts with high-accuracy requirements such as those for mold & die and aerospace/defense.

What’s in a Name?

Advanced technology training on CNC, PLC, motor, drive and other machine components results in a more vibrant and more competitive industry.
The bard thought not much, but “CNC Machinist” has never meant more than it does today. Once relegated to an overhead expense, Randy Pearson of Siemens Industry explains why training is now absolutely vital to your success, both in the classroom and in the shop.

3D Printing Combines with Medical Implant Design Software

Finger implants can be made out of cobalt chrome or titanium using DMLS. These can be designed to allow varying levels of porosity to encourage bone in-growth into the implant structure.
Targeting medical, surgical, and orthopedic designers and manufacturers, C&A Tool and WITHIN have launched a patient-specific, metal-implant design and manufacturing program using EOS Direct Metal Laser-Sintering software to facilitate the creation of highly customized products that improve osseointegration or bone growth.

Cost Estimating System Boosts Quoting Efficiencies

Sun Country, a division of McNally Industries, manufactures precision finished components and assemblies for spacecraft, aviation controls, jet engines, and medical and scientific markets.
Defense contractor McNally Industries uses cost-estimating software from MTI Systems to better streamline their cost-estimating process, increase estimating speed, and enhance the accuracy of their quotations.

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Makino Partners with Harbour

The machine tool OEM contributes to a service that could be integral to the competitiveness of the mold, tool and die industries.

Makino Becomes Siemens PLM Software Partner

The machine tool OEM is using NX technology to enhance their process and turnkey engineering services to the aircraft engine market.

MTConnect Student Challenge

In addition to cash prizes, the competition offers many benefits for participating students that are studying IT, software, mechanical or electrical engineering.


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Adaptive Machining, Real Time Vibration Monitoring

ACM Adaptive Feed Rate Control reduces cycle time and protects the cutting process by monitoring the load and making real time adjustments to the programmed feed rate. ACM runs a test on the first work piece and "learns" the maximum spindle load for each operation. The user then sets an allowable override of the programmed feed rate, and from there ACM adjusts the feed rate for maximum efficiency based on the learned load value. When cutting conditions are lighter, feed rate is increased and cycle time reduced.
Software-based systems for adaptive machining, real time vibration monitoring and shop floor production management from Omative is now available to both shops and machine tool builders.

Bridge the Gap: Plan to Manufacturing Execution

Factory Track helps to simplify inventory management, automate data collection, eliminate errors and inventory write-offs, collect labor time and attendance, provide payroll applications, automate production schedule execution, dispatch operations and automate work center operations.
Built for the Cloud, Factory Track from Infor provides manufacturers with a comprehensive, easy to customize way to increase their operational efficiency and improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor.

Fine Tune Machine Tool Servo Drives

The Main Tuning Screen displays a single page simple layout that allows quick and easy access to any data.
The Auto-Tuning program from Fagor Automation fine tunes machine tool servo drives one axis at a time, all axes automatically, or even multi-machine tuning.