How to Simplify Complex Geometry Tool Repair

A new release of NUMROTO tool grinding software meets the growing challenges of grinding and servicing new generations of complex geometry drills and end mills.
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Global Shop Solutions Opens New Singapore Office

In tandem with their Jakarta, Indonesia location, this new office will primarily serve as a sales and consulting hub for the growing customer base throughout Southeast Asia.

Three Machine Shops Select Costimator from MTI

Positrol, Wisconsin Metal Tech, and Allor Manufacturing will all utilize Costimator® software from MTI Systems to increase their speed, accuracy and consistency in cost estimating and quoting. 

MTI Systems Expands Costimator Support

While the intuitive nature of Costimator® makes the software wholly effective right out of the box, the periodic training sessions help estimators learn new software features and get up-to-speed quickly.
The expansion includes ongoing cost estimating software training at no cost to enable customers to quickly gain knowledge of new functionality in MTI cost estimating software.

Cut Curved Surfaces with Higher Accuracy, More Quickly

Super-NURBS controls high speed and high-quality CNC machining for faster roughing speeds and better surface finishes that eliminate hand finishing by completing parts on the machine tool.
Super-NURBS advanced programming functionality for CNC machining from Okuma is excellent for machining parts with high-accuracy requirements such as those for mold & die and aerospace/defense.

What’s in a Name?

Advanced technology training on CNC, PLC, motor, drive and other machine components results in a more vibrant and more competitive industry.
The bard thought not much, but “CNC Machinist” has never meant more than it does today. Once relegated to an overhead expense, Randy Pearson of Siemens Industry explains why training is now absolutely vital to your success, both in the classroom and in the shop.

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Intuitive, Integrated and Mobile NC Simulation Software

A screen shot of NCSIMUL Machine 9 NC simulation software from SPRING Technologies.
NCSIMUL Machine 9 NC simulation software from SPRING Technologies is more realistic, intuitive, integrated, and mobile with extended features dedicated to multi-axis and multitasking machining centers that interconnect with other company-wide software systems, such as MRP, ERP, and MES.

Cloud ERP for Business Management

Screen shot of Manufacturing Cloud ERP software from Plex Systems.
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud from Plex Systems is a complete ERP system built from the plant floor up that helps executives monitor complex processes with a single, real-time version of industry compliance requirements, inventory tracking and collaboration across the supply chain.

Machine Simulation, Optimization Software

VERICUT 7.3 machine simulation and optimization software from CGTech.
VERICUT® CNC machine simulation and optimization software from CGTech significantly improves performance by simplifying manufacturing engineers’ ability to simulate the CNC programming and machining process.