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Getting Better All the Time

The eye-opening story of how one vertical machining center renovated a small machine shop that makes prototypes and runs small batches for electronics, aerospace, glass and industrial printing applications.
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Before You Buy That VMC

A vertical machining center should have a robust spindle design with exceptional horsepower, superior torque and wide-ranging spindle speed that cuts a wide variety of materials in reduced cycle times.
When investing in a new production vertical machining center, take time to evaluate these seven critical features that have the greatest impact on the productivity and profitability of that machine tool.

All-Vertical Shaft Machining

All soft machining – from cutting to size and centering through to deep drilling and multi-axis turning (up to 4 axes possible) – is performed on VTC 250 DUO machines.
Chang'an Automobile decided to handle the comprehensive turning, drilling and grinding work required for this critical engine part with a multi-stage production line from EMAG that performs all of the machining processes vertically, a process that offers many benefits.

Corporate Profile: Makino

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.

Factors You Must Consider When Purchasing a New VMC

In a typical production machine shop, the processing capabilities required can vary greatly between applications: some value power and torque over rpm, others value spindle speed more than torque or power. To ensure the highest level of productivity in all cases, all of these factors must be evaluated when considering a new investment in a vertical machining center.


Vertical Machining Centers: Industry News

Karlstadt Machining Doubles in Size

Owner Dave Karlstadt (left) has doubled his machining business in six years, moving into a new 12,000 sq ft facility that now has 17 employees. His shop now has 19 Okuma machine tools that are primarily used for cutting large parts for the oil and steel industries.
The shop invests in a new Okuma vertical machining center to meet current demand, with plans to add three more machines over the next five years.

Cal Poly Receives Machine Tool from SMTCL

With the new SMTCL VMC850E, students will have a better chance at spending more time working on the machines, while also cutting costs and saving time before competitions for Formula SAE begin.
Engineering students receive a VMC850E vertical machining center. 

GF Machining Solutions Helps Lotus F1 Team

Each of the six identical 5-axis Mikron HPM 450U machine tools has a compact footprint, integrated automation features, performance value and reliability to effectively cut through a wide range of materials, from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel to extremely difficult-to-machine materials.
The Lotus F1 Team invested in six high-performance, cost-effective Mikron HPM 450U 5-axis machine tools with integrated automation to produce its precision, complex F1 car parts in low quantities. These replaced 3-axis milling machines that were not performing at the desired productivity levels.


Vertical Machining Centers: Products

Vertical Machining Centers

The affordable DNM 200/5AX five-axis vertical machining center from Doosan is ideal for machining complex prismatic parts with superior precision and repeatability through its reduction in stacked tolerances. It reduces set-up time and ensures consistent accuracy without taking up too much valuable space on the shop floor.
Take a look at the advantages of affordable flexibility now being offered in the newest vertical machining centers.

VMCs Use Fast Interpolation for High Speed Machining

The new EM Series of vertical machining centers is economically affordable, reliable and is backed by Chevalier's 30 years of top industry R&D.
EM1620L, EM2033L and the EM2040L vertical machining centers from Chevalier are engineered to achieve cost savings in large quantity machining with limited floor space.

High Speed Ultra Precision Machining

The concrete mono-block frame on the Ultra Precision EVO CNC Machining Center absorbs forces and vibrations that occur during fast acceleration, high feed rates and spindle speeds up to 50,000 rpm. 
The Ultra Precision EVO CNC Machining center from KERN Precision is equipped for 3-5 axis nano-precision machining of medium to large production lot sizes.