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Improving Profitability with User-Friendly EDM

The complicated nature of the work and the current labor issues facing the industry mean that more user-friendly EDM is critical for your shop operation.
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Wire Changing EDM Proves Big in Micro Tooling Production

Mike (right) and Eric Blackwell of Scenic Tool and Stamping rely on a CUT 2000 wire EDM from GF AgieCharmilles that uses new third-generation twin-head automatic wire changing to easily achieve surface finishes of .2 Ra. (Click on photo to enlarge it)
As consumer products continue to shrink in size, die shops such as Scenic Tool and Stamping face the challenge of developing highly intricate tooling for stamping the tiny components that make up miniature merchandise. As a result, an increasing number of these shops are incorporating high-precision wire EDMs like the Cut 2000 from GF AgieCharmilles that provide automatic wire-changing capability. uses the to easily switch wires of different sizes and materials.

Corporate Profile: Makino

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An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Wire EDM Machines: Industry News

GF Machining Solutions Receives Award

The award-winning Integrated Vision Unit (IVU) from GF Machining Solutions is a non-contact, vision-based measurement system that improves productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency in micron-scale wire EDM operations.  
Its Integrated Vision Unit received the Golden Micron Award for micro technology innovation.

Adams Machinery Now Reps for GF Machining Solutions

The company now sells their EDM consumables throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Nevada.

Mold Craft Adds to Sinker Department

The AG40L features linear motor technology which provides high feed rates and acceleration resulting in naturally even flushing.
Mold Craft added the Sodick AG40L to their shop and has found that the accuracy and precision is unbeatable.


Wire EDM Machines: Products

IMTS 2014: EDM

Booth E-5102: Sodick will display a complete line of wire EDMs, including the top selling cost efficient VZ Series, the new advanced SL series (including the SL400G shown here) which incorporates the latest industry leading SPW control, the extreme capacity AQ Series and the ’ultra’ precision AP Series with micro wire and oil dielectric technology. 
Here is proven, reliable, high-accuracy technology for those in the tool and die industry, especially shops that specialize in one-off or specialty components and need everything from CNC wire EDM equipment to die sinking machines.

High-End Wire EDM for Faster Speed, Improved Accuracy, Maintenance Savings

The AL56SA wire EDM features AccuteX’s award-winning AWT automatic wire threader that provides effective threading at the break point.
The linear shaft technology used by the AccuteX AL56SA Wire EDM from Absolute Machine Tools offers no backlash or lost motion, no guideway friction, no heat transfer, and fast servo and spark control when matched with the AccuteX 64-bit Windows CE control.

HMI Provides Common Language for Wire EDMs

The backward compatibility function of the AC CUT HMI allows shops to work backwards and run older part programs generated for existing GF Machining Solutions EDMs on newer and even future machine models. Instead of older programs having to be rewritten for use on today’s machines, the new HMI includes a converter that automatically updates these programs to increase workflow-scheduling versatility.
The AC CUT HMI (human machine interface) from GF Machining Solutions gives enables shops to freely run any job on any one of their EDM machines – no matter when the part programs were first produced.