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Soft Wired: Cutting High Taper Angles with Wire EDM

The ability to accurately and efficiently machine taper cuts using soft wire has opened up new areas of opportunity for moldmakers in aerospace, medical, electronics and other applications. Here are some ways to overcome the challenges faced when cutting high taper angles. 
Wire EDM Machines: Articles

Wire EDM Maintenance

General cleaning and simple washing of the work tank area, work table and seal plate is probably the most overlooked item of wire EDM maintenance. Specially designed EDM acid cleaners are used for general cleaning of the very fine, abrasive particles in EDM debris that build up and create a hard scale over time. Use these approved chemical cleaners, but don’t spray them directly into the machine.
Many items must be properly addressed to keep a wire EDM machine in top operating order for the best productivity and reliability. Reviewing these on a regular basis ensures that the machine it being properly maintained as a proactive preventive measure.

Improving Profitability with User-Friendly EDM

Providing unrestricted access to the work zone and workpiece – including the bottom side of the workpiece and the machine’s lower head – bring efficiency to part production by reducing operator fatigue and errors, accelerating part changes and eliminating potential interference problems.
The complicated nature of the work and the current labor issues facing the industry mean that more user-friendly EDM is critical for your shop operation.

Wire Changing EDM Proves Big in Micro Tooling Production

As consumer products continue to shrink in size, die shops such as Scenic Tool and Stamping face the challenge of developing highly intricate tooling for stamping the tiny components that make up miniature merchandise. As a result, an increasing number of these shops are incorporating high-precision wire EDMs like the Cut 2000 from GF AgieCharmilles that provide automatic wire-changing capability. uses the to easily switch wires of different sizes and materials.

Corporate Profile: Makino

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Wire EDM Machines: Industry News

Sodick Dealers to Host Open Houses Across Northeastern U.S.

Brooks Associates, Welsh Machinery Sales and Syracuse Supply will be showcasing advanced Wire and Sinker EDM equipment.

Single Source Technologies Acquires Automation Solutions

This deal expands their distribution and service network in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

Evansville Tool & Die Installs New EDMs

The Mitsubishi MV-2400 wire EDM that Evansville installed features a new M700 series control with 15 in touch screen that provides an easy user interface. The machine also includes a new non-contact Cylindrical Drive System.
The two Mitsubishi wire EDMs increase their capabilities in manufacturing dies, thermoform molds, trim tools and production machining.


Wire EDM Machines: Products

Reduce Processing Time of Large Mold Tooling, Die Cast Parts

The EDNC21 sinker electrical discharge machine from Makino uses dual heads and Hyper-i control, HyperCut technology, and a new HS-Rib high speed Z-Axis to provide an industry-changing advantage in improved productivity that lowers the tool build time for extra-large workpieces, such as automotive bumper and fascia molds.
The dual-head configuration of the EDNC21 from Makino enables shops to process multiple fine details in a part at the same time, reducing total processing time at the same level of accuracy and surface finish as sinker EDMs one-tenth its size.

Smart EDM Technology

The VL600Q from Sodick is a cost-friendly Wire EDM machine that features a larger XY-travel than other entry models at 23.62 in x 15.75 in (600 mm x 400 mm),  all-axis rigid linear motors, absolute glass scale feedback, and ceramic components. 
The VL600Q Wire EDM from Sodick utilizes the first SuperJet Automatic Wire Threader with an integrated “Pop-Up” search function that is not only ideal for unattended machining, but also improves the success of multi-hole threading and the threading of curved surfaces.

What’s New in EDM

The EDBV3 Fast Hole Drill EDM from Makino provides aerospace manufacturers with the speed, flexibility and reliability to effectively produce a wide range of hole shapes and sizes within a single setup, significantly reducing required tool variety and overall cycle times.
A review of some of the latest EDM systems now on the market.