Metal Forming & Fabricating

Material forming through stamping, notching, punching, bending, shearing, drawing and more using machinery such as mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, punch presses, turret punch presses, press brakes, shears, hydroforming machines, cold forming machines, hot forming machines and other equipment assisted by Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Numerical Control (CNC), automation and robotics.

Seeing the Way to the Factory of the Future

Why machine vision is a crucial technology for Industry 4.0.
Additive Manufacturing Systems

Metal 3D Printing for Land, Sea, Air and Space

When a submarine manufacturer saved significant time and cost by using Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing to 3D print a titanium Variable Ballast tank, the technology became the only industrial-scale metal 3D printing process with approved parts for land, sea, air, and space applications.
Angle Rolls

Hot Rolling Zirconium Pushes Possibilities

British engineering company Charles Thompson Ltd breaks ground with a scarce source possibly never seen before – a heat exchanger component rolled from an unusually thick (40 mm) flat plate.

Augmented Reality Technology: The Future is Here!

Smart technologies and augmented reality are a growing part of the future of manufacturing. Shops must embrace this growing interaction between humans and computer systems in order to remain competitive in the future. Are you ready?
CAD/CAM Software

Rebuilding American Manufacturing, One Veteran at a Time

A perfect storm: One million veterans leave the service every five years as a projected two million manufacturing jobs go unfilled in the U.S. over the next decade due to lack of skilled labor. Take a closer look at how veterans are forging new careers in metalworking through Workshops for Warriors – and how manufacturers can put skin in the game with support.
Coil Handling Equipment

Precision Cutting of Very Thin Metal Without Burrs

Take a closer look at how extremely thin strips of anodized aluminum are slit and processed for electronics applications.
Cut-To-Length Lines

The Art of Slitting

To fully grasp the cutting edge technology used in the slitting/shearing process is to understand the fracture mechanics of material.
Heat Treating

Heat Treating Surgical Components

A TITAN H2 vacuum heat treating system with two-bar gas quenching from Ipsen satisfies the strict legal requirements of the medical industry.

Sheariously Awesome Ironworker Automation

Automating the shear section of an ironworker with a simple stop and some software is a relatively easy way to reduce cycle times on both shearing and setup and improve part accuracy, eliminate rework, and improve material yield.
Laser Cutting Systems

Cold Machining with Ultrafast Lasers

Femtosecond and picosecond laser systems produce high quality small features with high dimensional accuracy, with minimal burring and debris that reduces or eliminates post processing. However, these systems are expensive, so choose the laser and system wisely. Here are some things to consider.
Machine Controls

Industry 4.0 for Sheet Metal Manufacturers

Factories in the future will be able to run automatically, for the most part. We are only at the start of this revolution, with a lot more development and integration to come, covering every aspect of a business and the performance of its machinery and resources.
Oxyfuel Cutting Systems

Limited Space, Unlimited Returns

The SGX automated plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine is ideal for the small fabricator needing to cut high volumes of mild steel parts with a minimal investment in capital and floor space. 
Part Marking Equipment

Deep Etching with a 2D Fiber Laser

Laser etching is a useful tool, but its limits as a light surface effect are apparent when a part number needs to be visible through paint or a powder coat. In these cases, deep etching can provide a simple solution – the trick is finding the right combination of hertz, laser wattage, focal diameter, and gas for your specific material.
Plasma Cutting Systems

Approaching Removal Jobs from a New Angle

Efficient attachment removal has always been tricky. Without the ability to mechanically position the tool so that a closer cut can be achieved with less residual metal, workers were forced to deal with the drawbacks of traditional removal processes. But not anymore: A small alteration has made a huge impact on the attachment removal process.
Polishing Machines

Stainless Steel Finishing: What You Need to Know

Understanding the specific alloy and how it will interact with different finishing processes can help guide you to choose the best finishing method for your application. Here are four key factors to keep in mind when finishing stainless steel.
Press Brakes, Panel Benders

A Warm Welcome for New Equipment

How to prepare your shop for a smooth installation that gets your new machinery up and running efficiently and as quickly as possible so it can begin generating money for your company.
Punch Presses

Understanding Sheet Distortion During Punching

Sheet bowing is a common problem, but also predictable and therefore able to be addressed.
Roll Forming

How to Choose for Your Roll Former: Pre-Cut Vs. Post-Cut

Sometimes it’s equally as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do. When it comes to investing in roll forming equipment and accessories, quality roll tooling designers must consider the possibilities for each customer.
Sawing Systems

Sorting Out Aluminum Sawing

When choosing the best saw for cutting aluminum it’s important to consider your application. While both circular and band saw methods can effectively cut aluminum, it pays to weigh all of these factors before deciding which saw is best for your operation.

Welcome to the Internet of Things

On this playing field, anything that can be connected, will be connected. Those who can adapt to connecting will thrive. Those who can’t, well . . .
Stamping Presses

Stamping Out a New Generation of Automobile Parts

The question Ford and General Motors asked was how to produce hoods and doors with improved productivity, design flexibility and reduced costs. The answer from Schuler, Bosch Rexroth and Morrell was a compact crossbar transfer press that does all that and more.
Tube & Pipe Fabrication

The Future of Oil: The View from Right Now

Because the world as we know it is still mostly built on the trapped sunshine that is oil, the oil industry was the most consequential market of the 20th century. Guest columnist Chet Biliyok of Energy and System Technical analyzes how the industry must now step up to the challenges of this century.
Turret Presses

Shaping Tomorrow’s Production

A new IT services platform supports the entire production value chain – regardless of the manufacturer – with modular solutions that allow shops to transition into Industry 4.0 at their own speed, step by step. 

Going for the Right Formula to Compete

Gopher Motorsports has enlisted Jet Edge to cut carbon composite, steel and aluminum parts for their Formula SAE race car using waterjet technology.
Metal Forming & Fabricating: Products

High Temperature Walk-In Oven Heat Treats and Bakes Varnish

The No. 852 oven from Grieve is ideal for handling flammable solvents.

How to Simplify and Optimize Manufacturing with Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP from Global Shop Solutions eliminates on-premise servers and the costly IT support they demand so that shops can spend more time on the job at hand and pushing their business forward, knowing their data is safe and secure.

Fast Plasma Cutting for the Small Shop

Torchmate 4400|4800 CNC plasma cutting systems from Lincoln Electric deliver faster cut speeds, consumable cost savings and exceptional repeatability, with less dross and better edge quality that reduces post-process operations.