Additive Manufacturing Systems

How Additive Manufacturing Enables Fast Modification of Molds

Direct metal deposition (DMD) with a coaxial powder nozzle can feed metal powder into a laser beam onto an existing three-dimensional surface to enhance surfaces, modify shapes, and restore damaged forming, punching, and injection molding tools and dies to like-new condition.
Additive Manufacturing Systems: Articles

Raising the Bar in Yacht Racing

Metal 3D printing technology increases yacht racing performance through advanced rapid prototyping capabilities that allow this British yacht racing team to refine custom parts on demand and reduce their costs.

Back to the Future

Take a trip into process innovation with guest columnist Wes Hart of Imperial Machine & Tool, who shares some real-world insight about the journey of this 73-year-old machine shop as they incorporated metal additive manufacturing into a traditional machine shop environment.

Direct Metal Deposition Gets Drive Shafts up to Speed on Container Ships

The labor intensive, time consuming conventional casting of alloys is becoming a thing of the past as new robot-assisted laser systems take the fabrication and repair of sliding bearings to an innovative new level in the gigantic container ships that travel across the world’s seas.

3D Printing a Spacecraft Valve Body in Titanium

Printing a part of this size in titanium in such a short time was something that could not have been achieved had the part been machined out of a billet.

Wind of Change May Reroute the Future of Electric Cars

Reduced gas spending and environmental impact are big with electric cars. But instead of refilling, the need to pull over for recharging has still limited them. What if that changed? Take a closer look at a new concept that is pushing the limits of what is known today.


Additive Manufacturing Systems: Industry News

ASTM Proposes New Standards for Additive Manufacturing

These 15 standards will help companies comply with a new checklist for NADCAP accreditation related to 3D printing with metal powder bed fusion.

Divergent 3D Partners with SLM Solutions

The two companies will develop 3D metal printing machines that will be incorporated into Divergent’s advanced manufacturing platform for vehicles.

Sigma Labs Partners with Jaguar Precision Machine

The two companies will work together to manufacture 3D-printed parts for aerospace and defense applications, with contracts expected this year.


Additive Manufacturing Systems: Products

Add Copper to Metal Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

As aerospace and automotive applications break new ground with printing copper components, Linear AMS has added it to their growing list of chemistries that are available to users.

Affordable 3D Metal Printing for Small Shops

The ORLAS CREATOR metal additive manufacturing machine from O.R. Lasertechnology is ideal for small and medium shops competing in the jewelry, dentistry and medical sectors, as well as for smaller engineering firms and laboratories.

Metal 3D Printing

This innovative process technology continues to disrupt the business of metalworking and advance metal fabrication to the new levels of competitive advantage in design freedom and manufacturing complexity. Here is some of the latest 3D printing equipment, automation, software and other advances in metal additive manufacturing.