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Human Powered Submarine Team Produces 3D-Printed Propeller

Take a look at how metrology and 3D printing distributor Burton Precision applies 3D printing technology to solve a variety of CAD issues and challenges for producing a unique plastic propeller design for a human powered submarine.
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Concept Laser Partners with RSC Engineering

Tim Richter, chief executive officer of RSC Engineering (right) and Frank Herzog, president and chief executive officer of Concept Laser (left). RSC Engineering will provide a strong foundation for maximizing the potential of laser fusing in the design process. 
Designers and engineers are recognizing how additive manufacturing can open entirely new approaches to design.

Joint Industry Project in Additive Manufacturing

Lloyd’s Register Energy wants to establish that 3D printed components are safe to use in the energy industry.

3D Printed Presidential Portrait on View

A system called the “mobile light stage” was used to record a digital model of the president and then create the 3D portrait.

Additive Manufacturing Materials to Reach $8 Billion by 2025

The massive increase in additive manufacturing is driving huge market growth for 3D printing materials.

UCT Opens Additive Manufacturing Center

The 3D Printing Center in Singapore provides opportunities to expand into new industrial markets.


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Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing: Bigger Is Better

The Oak Ridge Manufacturing Demonstration Facility and Cincinnati Incorporated are jointly developing the BAAM system. Cincinnati expects to have BAAM for sale before the end of the year to build thermoplastic parts many times faster than conventional additive manufacturing systems. (Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Incorporated)
The sky is the limit as partnerships between private manufacturers and scientific research laboratories expand the boundaries of size and accelerate the development of new industrial 3D printing systems that can create polymer parts up to 10 times larger than those currently producible.

Application-Oriented Laser Melting

Injection-molded-part-enabled design of the parallel and surface cooling in a mould insert, manufactured using the LaserCUSING process.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The automatic sieving station continuously safeguards the powder quality and thus the component quality too.