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Hot Rolling Zirconium Pushes Possibilities

British engineering company Charles Thompson Ltd breaks ground with a scarce source possibly never seen before – a heat exchanger component rolled from an unusually thick (40 mm) flat plate.
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Angle Rolls: Industry News

D&S Manufacturing Installs New Angle Roll

The 308HV4 Carell double initial pinch universal roll bending machine is equipped with three driven rolls. The three shafts are each driven with a direct coupled hydraulic motor and planetary speed reducer offering 100 per cent efficient torque delivery. Powered movements on lateral material guides have been added for increased accuracy and efficiency. The double pinch unit allows for reduced operator handling by pre-bending both plate ends without removing the part.
The Carell double pinch angle roll increases their in-house fabrication capabilities and increases roll bending range.

Trilogy Machinery Named Distributor for SweBend

The innovative CNC control called “Seven” from SweBend has gained widespread acceptance and has even been retrofit on older bending rolls manufactured by their competitors so those shops can enjoy the latest technology on their older machines.  
They are now the exclusive North American distributor for SweBend angle and section bending rolls, plate rolls, and specialty machinery. 


Angle Rolls: Products

Quick, Accurate Rolling of Medium to Heavy Flat, Angle, Pipe, Tube and Channel Sections

Booth C-44075: Using a variable speed hydraulic drive that dials in the appropriate speed for various materials, the RRM2 Radius Roller from Edwards Manufacturing rolls medium to heavy flat, angle, pipe, tube and channel sections quickly and accurately.
Connected to an ironworker using a Hydraulic Accessory Pack or Porta Power, the RRM2 Radius Roller from Edwards Manufacturing quickly changes from vertical orientation for smaller projects to horizontal for larger, heavier jobs.

All Bent Into Shape

The Haeusler ROLLmeister Plate Roll TETRA series from Sterling Fabrication Technology is ideal for medium and large batch production of shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels with a small-to-midsize range of wall thicknesses, as well as economical single shell production. 
Here is some of the newest equipment and tooling used to bend sheet metal and plate steel.

High Bending Force for Thick Plates

Using the CNC control “Seven,” the PB4 machines with four rollers are ideal for high volume series production.
PB plate bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec are ideal for precision bending of up to 200 mm thick plates for energy or offshore applications.