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Hot Rolling Zirconium Pushes Possibilities

British engineering company Charles Thompson Ltd breaks ground with a scarce source possibly never seen before – a heat exchanger component rolled from an unusually thick (40 mm) flat plate.
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Unique 4-Roll Plate Bending Machine for Producing Cylindrical and Conical Shells

The supporting yoke clamps the top and bottom rolls and compensates for deflection by applying counter pressure to the rolls. This enables the ability to install a top roll with a smaller diameter, which can then allow bending of smaller inner pipe diameters.  Camber adjustments at the rolls are no longer necessary as bending capacity turns into pre-bending capacity, eliminating the need for predefined production programs. This increases the machine’s flexibility and reduces change-over times for exchange rolls. Companies can now form plates without limitation, from smaller thicknesses to thicknesses of up to 150 mm.
The supporting yoke design on this 4-roll plate bending machine from Graebener-Reika can be hydraulically adjusted to counteract the respective bending forces, enabling processing of a wider variety of material thicknesses for multiple competitive advantages.