Seeing the Way to the Factory of the Future

Why machine vision is a crucial technology for Industry 4.0.
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Augmented Reality Technology: The Future is Here!

Smart technologies and augmented reality are a growing part of the future of manufacturing. Shops must embrace this growing interaction between humans and computer systems in order to remain competitive in the future. Are you ready?

Shaping the Made in America Movement

A looming skills gap that must be filled. Robots taking away jobs. Shops fighting to keep jobs in our country. How about some promising news regarding our manufacturing sector?

Sheariously Awesome Ironworker Automation

Automating the shear section of an ironworker with a simple stop and some software is a relatively easy way to reduce cycle times on both shearing and setup and improve part accuracy, eliminate rework, and improve material yield.

Industry 4.0 for Sheet Metal Manufacturers

Factories in the future will be able to run automatically, for the most part. We are only at the start of this revolution, with a lot more development and integration to come, covering every aspect of a business and the performance of its machinery and resources.

Automated Deburring of Mission-Critical Parts

Burrs cannot be part of the equation in mission-critical part applications. Here are some ways to switch from manual to automated deburring to improve part-to-part consistency and quality, produce more parts per shifts and increase uptime, and reduce labor costs and time lost to operator injuries. 


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TRUMPF Recognized as 2017 Young Adult Employer Champion

They receive the Pathways to Apprenticeship award from the National Fund for Workforce Solutions for their leadership in connecting youth to apprenticeship opportunities.

Acieta Names New CEO

Robert "Robby" Komljenovic is their new chairman and chief executive officer.

ABB and IBM Partner in Industrial Artificial Intelligence

The shop floor says hello to IBM Watson Internet of Things.


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Connecting Machines, Connecting People: Re-Connecting Meaning with Work

FreePoint tools connect any machine to the cloud simply and cost effectively, regardless of machine type, brand or age, and without any modification to the machine, the control, the processes or IT system – often for less than $1,000 and one hour installation time.

Low Cost, Easy to Use MES Software for Small Shops

BellHawk uses barcode tracking and mobile computer technology to track the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their conversion into finished products through a sequence of operations and the packing and shipping of finished products to customers.

Flexible Automation for Punch Presses

FA-P advanced automation on the Strippit-PX punch press from LVD provides dynamic load/unload capacity, smart part picking and a large area for stacking punched parts directly onto designated pallets from sheets up to 120 in x 60 in by 4 mm thick from two shuttle tables with a maximum capacity of 6,600 lb.