The Ins and Outs of Laser Cutting Automation

Advancements in laser cutting productivity are shifting the bottleneck away from cutting the material to handling it. This means automation should match specific needs for different production setups. 
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Practical Success: Measurable Energy Savings in Die Casting Automation

More than 40 percent of the energy consumption takes place in standby operations outside the production process itself. In many cases, systems are not switched off in standby operations between production cycles and so they continue to consume energy.  
The integrated control system inside this standard casting cell with trim press from Reis Robotics saves the Pierburg foundry up to 30 percent on energy consumption.

The Shop Floor Goes Mobile

In manufacturing cells at CMP Corporation, tablets essentially replaced all forms of paper. Before this, a machinist had to walk to a filing cabinet to find his change-over form, set-up sheet, prints and anything else he or she might need. 
Integrating mobile device technology into your manufacturing operations can boost your company’s productivity — but only if you create the right strategy.

Touchless Fabrication

Metal fabricators have discovered how the benefits of automation exceed its increasing range of capabilities. As they retrain their machine technicians to become robot operators, shops are learning how to use automation to create safer, more rewarding work environments in all sorts of metal fabricating processes.
The improved affordability of automation and its impressive returns on investment are sweeping through the shop floors of metal fabrication as robots and advanced motion control systems replace the human hands once needed to handle and process material.


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Comau Reaches Robot Milestone

As more shops look to robotics to optimize manufacturing operations in response to complexity of their plants and the ever increasing need for flexibility, Comau and B&R celebrate a partnership with a promising future through the installment of 10,000 robots worldwide.
They have installed 10,000 robots around the globe that are controlled by B&R mapp technology.

Güdel Expands Operations

The office space of its engineering operations in Troy, MI, have doubled.

KUKA Aerospace Wins Siemens Excellence Award

KUKA Aerospace wins the Siemens Excellence Award. (l-r): Todd Gardner, Vice President of Process Automation for the Process Industry and Drives Division; Axel Lorenz, Vice President of Automation and Engineering for Siemens Process Automation and Drives; Scott MacKay, Controls PE Supervisor KUKA Aerospace Group; Ralf-Michel Franke, CEO of Siemens Digital Factory and Factory Automation Systems; Raj Batra, President of the Digital Factory (DF) Division for Siemens USA.
The award recognizes their innovative controls used to operate robotic riveting systems for Boeing 777 and 777X widebody aircraft.


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Humanoid Robots for Machine-Machine Cooperation

The arms of AMICO feature two SCHUNK SDH2 grippers, a multi-articulated gripping system with 3 fingers and the ability to grab a wide range of objects, which makes it perfect for robotic industrial applications. Two of the SCHUNK gripper fingers can, in fact, change their orientation to adapt to a wide variety of applications. The gripper is also able to recognize each surface and release the necessary strength through a specific sensor. In addition to extreme precision, this allows the robot to immediately understand whether the gripping is optimal or should be adjusted.
The AMICO robot from Comau is the next step toward an increasingly precise and effective future of machine-machine cooperation and, progressively, man-machine cooperation.

Fast, Flexible Parts Transfer for High Speed Press Automation

The Twin Robot Xbar (TRX) parts transfer system has an output rate of up to 16 parts per minute for big panels in tandem press lines and can be retrofitted to existing press lines, setting it apart from similar systems which require additional space between the upright and bolster.
With a flexible robot-based solution, trouble-free change over and user-friendly programming interface, the Twin Robot Xbar from ABB Robotics is a cost efficient and reliable system for transferring big panels in tandem press lines.

Monitor CNCs Remotely with Tablet-Type Devices

The Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNC, is now capable of acting as a web server.  It allows you to display CNC screens on any device on your network; for example, over wireless Ethernet to communicate with a tablet-type device.  This ability allows maintenance or production personnel on the shop floor to monitor all the CNC equipment from across the shop in one location and on one device.  
For advanced smooth and accurate simultaneous 5-axis high-speed machining, remote operated 30i-B/31i-B5 CNCs from FANUC FA America boast the new High-Speed Smooth TCP with new fairing technology.