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Using Software To Better Run Your Shop

In today’s manufacturing environment, software has evolved. No longer designed for simple NC code and nesting parts for the best material utilization, it has become an increasingly useful and necessary tool for any production facility. Look for software modules which can be tailored to your needs and can create an ideal interaction between machine, control system, and production software. 
CAD/CAM Software: Articles

When Old Becomes New

The new high definition plasma cutting system uses a HyPerformance® Plasma HPR130XD® that delivers near laser cut quality with minimized operating and maintenance costs.(click on photo to enlarge it)
Continual upgrades of its cutting operations with JETCAM software and Hypertherm high-definition plasma technology enabled Canadian job shop GT Metal Products to grow its business, shrink its operating costs and become an aggressive competitor in diverse metal fabrication markets.


CAD/CAM Software: Industry News

SigmaTEK Appoints New VP of Sales

Dan Jacobs brings more than 37 years of fabrication industry experience to his role as the new vice president of sales.
Dan Jacobs assumes responsibility for growing the sales organization and community of users throughout North America and Latin America.

MultiCam Appoints New Vice President of Sales

David Scheffrahn is responsible for growing sales of their CNC cutting solutions.

SigmaTEK Opens Latin America Office

Javier Ramirez brings nearly twenty years of experience to his new role as the sales manager for the new office in Mexico. 
Javier Ramirez will manage the new office from Monterrey, Mexico.


CAD/CAM Software: Products

CAD/CAM Software Creates More Compact Nests

Radan 2015 automatically calculates the thicknesses of imported redesigned parts to unfold them faster and more accurately. Users can manually specify the top face much earlier in the programming process to ensure that the visible face of a part remains scratch-free.
Radan 2015 from Vero Software spreads parts more evenly throughout the sheet, better utilizes the middle of the sheet, and automatically applies rectangular nesting for nearly-rectangular parts to maximize the sheet.

CAD/CAM Software Further Reduces Human Intervention

The software includes a new interface that quickly modifies tool path parameters assigned to individual parts or across nested layouts.
The 2015 release from Striker Systems recognizes part features requiring special tool operations, optimizes tool paths better when nesting, and uses automatic tool loading and re-punching of parts to handle moves between tool setups.

Quicker Nesting of Parts on Multiple Sheets

SigmaNEST Version 10.2 offers a Split Window allowing different areas of the work-space to be viewed simultaneously. Users may also manually nest parts across the split windows and onto other sheets.  This provides quick nesting of parts onto multiple sheets without having to select the layout from the list.
SigmaNEST version 10.2 from SigmaTEK provides quick nesting of parts onto multiple sheets without having to select the layout from the list.