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Plasma Cutting Keeps Milk and Cheese on the Table

Tetra Pak uses Lantek Expert CADCAM software to laser cut large stainless steel sheet metal parts for diary and cheese processing vats. Here's how they do it.
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CAD/CAM and the Smart Factory

When creating the part nest, CAD/CAM software calculates cutting times, material requirements, scrap and overhead costs and exports this data back into an ERP system to monitor the production planning. Programs and working papers are generated semi-automatically and delivered to the work floor, where the machine controller automatically sends all the data generated during cutting to a data warehouse that traces 100 percent of the production process. A webserver-based service accesses all the data so the shop can monitor up to the second, constantly improve and post calculate the production process with extensive reporting. (First view)
Integrated sheet metal fabrication software is moving far beyond nesting and production functions to step into Industry 4.0 management of end-to-end data flow and business administration tasks.

When Less Is More

One nesting approach that reduces scrap material is to leverage the optimal strategy for various combinations of parts and quantities to deliver highly efficient nests, continuously seeking the best strategy for the available parts as the nest is built. Nesting operations can be performed rapidly by using multi-threading technology that draws on the numerous processors in the personal computer to work on different tasks simultaneously. (First view)
The automation behind CAM nesting software helps shops become more competitive by reducing non-cutting time and doing more with less. Here are some of the latest nesting software advances and proven ways to use them to help your shop operate more efficiently and further reduce costs.

M is for Impact

In one shop, advanced nesting software reduced scrap by three percent, material drops from 130 to 10 (in some cases down to zero), and bridges with ERP/MRP systems through an on-line data transaction management system to automatically track work orders and inventory, saving over two hours of manpower per shift with a 30-40 percent increase in production without adding personnel or machinery.
Advanced CAD/CAM nesting software enables fabricators to become more competitive by making the greatest impact in these five process areas of profitability.

Little Options, Big Difference

Because Advanced Metal Components performs both static and dynamic nesting, Radan nesting customization features allow the programmer to designate the amount of time spent creating dynamic nests. Options within the software signal alerts not to spend any more than two, four, ten, or however many minutes to maximize a sheet. (First view)
The inherit flexibility of this CAM nesting software allows a job shop to not only program all of the different machine tools on their shop floor, but manually manipulate the options as needed to meet a wide variety of changing demands.

Using Software To Better Run Your Shop

2D blanks for cutting and bending are produced from 3D designs by using the bending factors and punching tool data gathered from the punching and bending programming software. Numerous 3D interfaces also make it possible to unfold different 3D designs, including those received from customers or an engineering department. 
In today’s manufacturing environment, software has evolved. No longer designed for simple NC code and nesting parts for the best material utilization, it has become an increasingly useful and necessary tool for any production facility. Look for software modules which can be tailored to your needs and can create an ideal interaction between machine, control system, and production software. 


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Lantek Appoints Chief Commercial Officer

Juan Jose Colas, Lantek "As a market leader we must exploit the opportunities that we have in each market to increase our market share by promoting our concept in each and every customer that pursues competitiveness in the sheet metal industry. We are setting the pace, both technologically and commercially, as one of the drivers of Industry 4.0,”
Juan Jose Colas is now responsible for global commercial strategy and business development.


The core elements of Expert nesting software will now be used in PDQ nesting tip geometry for new and remnant PCD material.

Lantek Forecasts Increase in Sales

Lantek's 2016 international meeting was attended by more than 90 people, including technicians and salespeople from their offices in over 15 countries worldwide.
They project a 16 percent sales increase in CAD/CAM/MES/ERP sheet metal solutions for 2016.


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CAD/CAM Nesting Software Improves Automated Cutting Efficiency and Profitability

ProNest 2017 CAD/CAM nesting software is ideal for advanced mechanized cutting of all profile cutting needs, including plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel. It helps fabricators increase their material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality.
ProNest 2017 from Hypertherm contains more embedded cut process expertise in the NC code than any other software, allowing shops to leverage other cutting technologies.

CAD/CAM Integrated Press Brake Software

Integrated with the CAD/CAM function inside the Radan 2016 suite of sheet metal software, Radbend 2016 press brake software from Radan can unfold a model to show how the bend process will be affected further down the production line. Collision checking is more accurate because it simulates using a more accurate modified part to flag issues much earlier in the process, rather than using the original part design. Radbend automatically calculates and identifies the tool set for accurately bending the part. 
Radbend 2016 press brake software closely links CAD/CAM, Radbend, Radm-ax and Radtube functions with a new style of program and file-type icons for a more unified feel.

Fast Multi-Process Plasma Cutting Operations

Booth S-3913: With traverse speeds of 3,000 ipm and high acceleration drives, the MetalMaster Xcel plasma cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems will demonstrate HPR400XD plasma bevel cutting and marking. This machine can be equipped with one plasma head and one fiber laser head, two plasma heads (one a bevel head), or two fiber laser heads.
Messer Cutting Systems offers their MetalMaster Xcel plasma cutting machine with HPR400XD plasma bevel cutting and marking.