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Precision Cutting of Very Thin Metal Without Burrs

Take a closer look at how extremely thin strips of anodized aluminum are slit and processed for electronics applications.
Coil Handling Equipment: Articles

Flat Metal Doesn’t Always Mean Stress Relieved Metal

Parts leveling can't free a shop from the stress caused by a missed shipping date, but it CAN relieve those production frustrations caused by metal components loaded with internal stresses that are released during welding, laser cutting, punching or bending. 

The Art of Slitting

To fully grasp the cutting edge technology used in the slitting/shearing process is to understand the fracture mechanics of material.


Coil Handling Equipment: Industry News

New VP of Sales and Marketing at Chemcoaters

Mike Tieri now leads coil coating sales, brand building and development to mills, metal service centers and OEMs.

Kloeckner Metals Builds New Flat Rolled Facility

This plant serves the largest metals market in North America and targets aluminum, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metal products used heavily in the architectural, food equipment and appliance industries.

UPM Opens New Plant in Hungary

This new site brings their full line of materials and processing services to markets throughout Europe.


Coil Handling Equipment: Products

Innovative Press Feed Equipment for Stamping Operations

Dallas Industries has a new brochure detailing their core competencies and deliverables in coil handling, press feed equipment and controls for stamping operations.

Manage the Whole Coil Feed Line from One Location

The SyncMaster system from COE Press Equipment enables operators of integrated coil feed lines to increase efficiency and decrease the chance of error by controlling many of their servo feed, straightener, and coil reel setups and functions from a single touchscreen.

FABTECH 2016: Metalform

Take a closer look at some of the metal forming and fabrication technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.