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Precision Cutting of Very Thin Metal Without Burrs

Take a closer look at how extremely thin strips of anodized aluminum are slit and processed for electronics applications.
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Flat Metal Doesn’t Always Mean Stress Relieved Metal

Whether it's coming from a service center or an upstream process, most sheet or plate will contain residual stress, as shown in left sample, compared to same material (on right) after processing in a parts leveler.
Parts leveling can't free a shop from the stress caused by a missed shipping date, but it CAN relieve those production frustrations caused by metal components loaded with internal stresses that are released during welding, laser cutting, punching or bending. 


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NASG Mexico Installs New Press Feeding Line

The new line from COE feeds presses making stamped parts used in welded assemblies for automotive applications and other industries.

COE Press Equipment Appoints Chief Operating Officer

Linda Rosati, COE Press Equipment In her new role as chief operating officer she will  overseeing day-to-day operations in strategy development, implementation and measurement; employee alignment with company goals; overseeing human resource management and talent development; and developing customer relations.
Linda Rosati is now responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations.

Dallas Industries Redesigns Website

The new site highlights a variety of air feeds and servo feeds, pull-thru and powered straighteners, single and double end coil reels, load cars, coil cradles, threading tables, coil threading/restricting devices, plus a host of other options, along with a lineup of controls that includes ProfileSelect, SyncLoop, AutoSet and System Upgrades.
A cleaner layout with easy-to-use navigation from any mobile, tablet or desktop device.


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Press Compensation Servo Feed Control Technology

Booth S-4208: Ideal for running cosmetic and/or delicate materials, ProfileSelect with press compensation servo feed control technology from Dallas Industries provides time-based servo feed synchronization, auto compensates for on-the-fly increases in press speed, and minimizes electrical and mechanical stress on stamping equipment and materials with a sinusoidal profile that enables smooth motion and material feed.
Dallas Industries will exhibit a Zig-Zag servo feed featuring its ProfileSelect with press compensation servo feed technology.

Reduce Costs by Blanking In-House

COE Press Equipment will calculate cost savings that can be achieved by blanking in-house with a Cut-to-Length line that provides flexibility to run blanks in the sizes needed as needed, reducing inventory, scrap and overall processing costs while improving quality. (first view)
Blanking in-house with a “Value-Added Series” Cut-to-Length (CTL) line from COE Press Equipment provides flexibility to run blanks in the sizes needed as needed, reducing inventory, scrap and overall processing costs while improving quality.