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Deburring Machines: Industry News

Abtex Hires New Operations Manager

Christian Donovan, Abtex He has assumed his new role as operations manager in the company.
Christian Donovan now leads their operations.

Rapid Growth at Abtex

Deburring technology firm expands production facility by more than 60 percent. 

Abtex Names New Systems Group Manager

Damian Clemens now oversees design and development of traditional brush/machine deburring solutions and robotic systems.


Deburring Machines: Products

Small Diameter Tube and Pipe Interior Deburring

POLISTAR flexible abrasive stars from PFERD can be stacked in several layers and aligned at an offset from one another so that the abrasive has optimal effect. Setup times are significantly reduced since pads can be changed without removing the arbor from the collet.

Small Parts Deburring

Booth W-1075: The sPINner deburring machine from Techniks excels at deburring quick batches of dozens of small, precision parts for the medical, electronics, and other industries. Its pin media deburrs where other media cannot reach, removing light burrs and whiskers from holes, slots, threads, cross-holes, and internal cavities.
The sPINner deburring machine from Techniks excels at quickly deburring dozens of small precision parts for medical, electronics and other applications.

Deburring and Edge Rounding Heavy Plate

The EdgeBreaker deburring and edge rounding machine from ARKU can remove thick slag and heavy burrs up to 3 mm on parts up to 80 mm thick and 1,300 mm wide that have been punched or cut by laser, plasma or flame.
The EdgeBreaker from ARKU can remove thick slag and heavy burrs on steel, copper, various alloys, aluminum and titanium parts.