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Heat Treating: Industry News

ANH Refractories is Now Harbison-Walker

After extensive market research and branding initiative, ANH Refractories Company has rebranded itself under the new name of HarbisonWalker International.

New VP of Sales at Ipsen

As the new vice president of sales, Patrick McKenna reports to chief executive officer Geoffrey Somary and serves on the Ipsen USA executive team and the global Ipsen Group management committee.
Patrick McKenna is responsible for sales and distribution of new equipment and aftermarket sales in the North and South American markets.

Precision Solutions Brings Their Heat Treating In-House

The upper hardening chamber of the furnace reaches 2,200 deg F while the lower tempering oven heats to 1,200 deg F. Both chambers are lined with a multilayered 4.5 in com-bination of lightweight firebrick hotface insulation. 
An oven from Lucifer Furnaces has been installed to heat a variety of tool steels used during production.


Heat Treating: Products

Ovens for Paint Baking, Heat Treating and Removing Deposits

Designed for paint baking, the No. 806 walk-in oven is electrically heated, with dimensions of 72 in W by 96 in D by 78 in H.
Advanced industrial ovens and furnaces from Grieve are used for powder coating, curing, baking, drying, and other applications requiring the circulation of heated air. 

Two Compartment Universal Oven

Inside each of the two heating zones of the Model No. 978, 6.6 kW per zone are installed in Nichrome wire elements to heat the oven chamber while a 600 cfm, 1/2 hp recirculating blower provides front-to-rear universal airflow to the workload.
Featuring four insulated walls and an aluminized steel exterior with a 2B finish stainless steel interior, the No. 978 universal oven from Grieve is perfect for any machine shop operation.

Gas-Fired, High-Temperature Walk-In Oven

The No. 910 measure 60 in W x 120 in D x 78 in H, with 880,000 btu installed in a modulating natural gas burner to heat the oven chamber, while a 12,500 cfm, 10 hp recirculating blower provides combination airflow to the workload.
The No. 910 walk-in oven from Grieve has a 6 in insulated oven floor with truck wheel guide tracks and an 8,000 lb capacity flatbed loading truck that can be furnished with the oven.