Heat Treating

Choosing the Best Hot Zone

This look inside the heat treating furnace examines the reasons behind the shift to graphite hot zones and identifies how shops can choose the best hot zone for their heat treating application.
Heat Treating: Articles

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Heat Treating: Industry News

CTI Adds New Heat Treating Capabilities

The HS8-181224  furnace is powered with with 42 kW to heat treat high speed steel. It reaches 2,450 deg F in the upper chamber and 1,200 deg F in the lower, tempering oven.  A combined 6.5 in of ceramic fiber modules with mineral wood backup insulation allows for faster heating/cooling cycles.  Silicon carbide heating elements operate off-the-line through an SCR power supply with a current limiting circuit that auto adjusts the voltage to elements as their resistance increases for longer element life.
The new equipment from Lucifer Furnaces can heat treat Crucible Particle Metallurgy high speed steel.

Century Die Adds Heat Treating Capacity

The RD7-H21 Red Devil box furnace has a working chamber size of 9 in H x 12 in L by 21 in D and heats to 2,200 deg F. Energy efficient lightweight firebrick lines the chamber with mineral wool backup insulation, and easy-to-replace heating elements for uniform radiation are situated along both side walls. It comes standard with a horizontal swing door and safety microswitch, as well as a ceramic hearth plate to support the workload and protect the floor brick insulation.
Their new Red Devil single chamber furnace will help address higher customer demands and increasingly shorter lead times.

Finkl Steel Installs New Production Line

By linking process steps in the manufacturing of forged die steels, plastic mold steels and open-die forgings, the new line will improve cycle times and eventually offer fine machining of tool and die steel, as well as secondary heat treatment, to customers so that they can reduce their own time-to-market for delivery of products.
The line includes an 30 metric ton overhead crane, a state-of-the-art CNC horizontal boring mill, and a new furnace for heat treatment.


Heat Treating: Products

Heat Treating Small Loads of Low Carbon Steel

The Red Devil RD7-KHE24 box furnace with 7 kW power heats to 2200 deg F with easy-to-replace wire wound heating elements in removable holders.  A horizontal swing door seals the 12 in H x 14 in W x 24 in L chamber.  A ceramic hearth plate supports the work load and protects the floor brick. The Honeywell digital temperature controller with safety microswitch and on/off main control switch are housed in a NEMA 1 side mounted panel, and a rear mounted Type K thermocouple senses chamber heat.
The bench-style Red Devil RD7-KHE24 box furnace from Lucifer Furnaces is ideal for batch heat treating small loads of low carbon steel.

Advanced Heat Treating of Aerospace Parts

The TITAN H8 system is integrated with Ipsen's PdMetrics software platform for predictive maintenance. Offering sophisticated monitoring of critical systems and key parameters, the software platform gathers data, analyzes it and provides real-time diagnostics that help improve the health and integrity of the equipment.
A key feature of the TITAN H8 vacuum furnace system from Ipsen is its center elements option, which helps optimize the brazing process and ensures high-quality parts emerge bright and clean.

Ovens for Paint Baking, Heat Treating and Removing Deposits

Designed for paint baking, the No. 806 walk-in oven is electrically heated, with dimensions of 72 in W by 96 in D by 78 in H.
Advanced industrial ovens and furnaces from Grieve are used for powder coating, curing, baking, drying, and other applications requiring the circulation of heated air.