Heat Treating

Heat Treating Surgical Components

A TITAN H2 vacuum heat treating system with two-bar gas quenching from Ipsen satisfies the strict legal requirements of the medical industry.
Heat Treating: Articles

Machine Shop Uses Benchtop Oven for Heat Treating with Nitrogen

Hueter runs small lots of Becu pins under a nitrogen atmosphere inside a 42GT-H12 oven from Lucifer Furnaces to achieve a specific Rockwell hardness and reduce surface oxidation for a scale free, bright finish.

Going Deep: Oil and Gas

As the oil and gas industry explores new technology to innovate, minimize costs, and help contribute to achieving a lower-emissions environment, equipment and parts suppliers must dig deep to find ways to reduce their costs, improve their delivery times and increase component quality. Here are some of the latest machine tools and other equipment that can help them get the job done.

Choosing the Best Hot Zone

This look inside the heat treating furnace examines the reasons behind the shift to graphite hot zones and identifies how shops can choose the best hot zone for their heat treating application.


Heat Treating: Industry News

New ASTM Standard Supports Induction Heat Treated Steel

The A1100 Guide for Qualification and Control of Induction Heat Treating helps both providers and users of induction heat treatment to strengthen metals.

Ipsen Concludes Record Year

They shipped 25 furnaces during the last three months of 2016.

CTI Adds New Heat Treating Capabilities

The new equipment from Lucifer Furnaces can heat treat Crucible Particle Metallurgy high speed steel.


Heat Treating: Products

Vacuum Furnace Control Retrofits Reduce Errors and Maximize Uptime

The CompuCore controls software package from Ipsen helps users gain comprehensive control of all furnace functions on most brands, while also achieving repeatable throughput and results.

Heat Treating High Speed Steels

The HS82-M24 dual chamber furnace from Lucifer Furnace has a stainless steel liner that isolates the coiled heating elements from the workload.

Advanced High Precision Heat Treating Furnaces

Grieve offers their 1,400 deg F (760 deg C) and 2,200 deg F (1,204 deg C) inert atmosphere tempering furnaces along with a 600 deg F (316 deg C) truck oven.