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Hydroforming: Industry News

Hydroforming Reinvented

The fluid forming process enables Innovative product design through the use of organic and geometric shapes that may incorporate the use of textured and pre-finished materials, all of which can be cost effectively integrated into each part/product. Trademarks, brands, and logos can all be easily incorporated into each part design.
A new metal forming process has been introduced to economically produce metal parts that previously could not be formed.

Vari-Form Launches New Website

The Solutions/Products department of the new Vari-Form website makes it easy for visitors to focus on their specific needs – passenger car or truck, as well as Hydroform-Intensive Body Structures (HIBS) technology, which has multiple applications.
The interactive site promises can be a valuable vehicle light-weighting tool for passenger car and truck engineers.

Vari-Form Acquired by Crowne Group

Crowne expands its reach into OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and a growing number of European and Asian car makers.


Hydroforming: Products

Metal Forming & Fabricating Showcase

The compact TruMark Station 3000 from TRUMPF offers users a high degree of flexibility in marking that is ideal for shops with small or medium batch sizes that are looking to integrate the marking process into their production lines with a simple, safe and industrially robust workstation.
Here is some of the latest metal forming and fabrication equipment to help your shop become more competitive.

Advanced Sheet Hydroforming

Triform 20-10-10BD, 25-10-12BD and 32-10-12BD Deep Draw sheet hydroforming presses from Beckwood Press increase productivity and maximize efficiency through an efficient quick tool change system, fast cycle times under precision pressure, and position control using built-in recipe handling capabilities.
Triform 20-10-10BD, 25-10-12BD and 32-10-12BD Deep Draw hydroforming presses from Beckwood Press are ideal for shops looking to increase productivity and maximize efficiency.

High-Production Hydroforming Press

A new hydroforming press available from Graebener-Reika can double part output and cut stroke cycle time.
Graebener-Reika offers a 4-column hydroforming press that doubles part output per stroke and reduces cycle time in half.