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Hydroforming: Industry News

Vari-Form Acquired by Crowne Group

Crowne expands its reach into OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and a growing number of European and Asian car makers.

Vari-Form Honored by FCA US

Participating in the awards ceremony were Scott Garberding (far right), the head of group purchasing for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA), and Tom Finelli (second from right), the head of North America group purchasing for FCA US, who presented the award to Vari-Form executives Doug Viohl and Randy Nicholls (center). Also present were Christopher Barrette, the head of Supplier Delivery Risk Management for FCA US, and Steven Beahm, the senior vice president of supply chain management for FCA, North America (left).
The award recognizes their manufacturing of upper cross members for the 2015 Jeep Cherokee using proprietary Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming technology.

Vari-Form Receives GM Quality Award

At a ceremony in Cobo Center, Vari-Form received the 2014 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The award was presented by GM representatives Randall L Pappal, executive director (left) and Sheri Hickok, executive director (right). Accepting the award for Vari-Form were (l to r) Stephen Dow, president and Randy Nicholls, operations director.
The automotive hydroformer is recognized for supplier excellence for the second time in three years.


Hydroforming: Products

High-Production Hydroforming Press

A new hydroforming press available from Graebener-Reika can double part output and cut stroke cycle time.
Graebener-Reika offers a 4-column hydroforming press that doubles part output per stroke and reduces cycle time in half.

Frictionless Metalforming with Water

FormBalancer FluidForming machines now have bed sizes from 800 mm x 800 mm (32 in x 32 in) up to 1200 mm x 1200 mm (47 in x 47 in) with a next generation size of 1500 mm x 1800 mm (59 in x 71 in). 
FormBalancer FluidForming machines from FluidForming Americas can precisely shape metals into a predefined geometries by using fluid under pressures of up 60,000 psi resulting in heretofore unprecedented capabilities.

High-Volume Production Hydroforming Press Increases Throughput And Reduces Cycle Time

The multi-channel closed loop control system on the Hydroforming Press from Interlaken is easily programmed to handle various sizes and materials. It also offers dynamic mode switching which enables the user to switch between a variety of feedbacks such as force, position, internal pressure and other system variables.
This four-column hydroforming press system from Interlaken runs high-volume production in clamp forces from 250 tons to 5000 tons.