Factors to Consider When Selecting an Ironworker

As versatile as the ironworker is, it is still possible to purchase the wrong machine – or at least not the best one – for your application. Here are some reasons why careful examination of these factors will prevent that from happening.
Ironworkers: Articles

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Ironworkers: Industry News

Edwards Manufacturing Acquired by JPW Industries

This deal should help Edwards strengthen and expand their position in existing and new markets.

Trilogy Machinery Appointed U.S. Distributor for Sunrise Ironworkers

The company has exclusive rights to U.S. sales of ironworkers, single end punching machines, horizontal benders and CNC machine tools.


Ironworkers: Products

IMTS 2016: Fabricating & Lasers

Booth N-6366: The Ercolina Super Bender Plus rotary draw tube and pipe bender from CML USA is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles.
Take a journey through fabricating, metal forming, laser and waterjet-based machining, including displays of welding, metal treating and marking equipment that highlight in-process monitoring and multi-functional beam capabilities.

Affordable Ironworker Versatility and Precision

Booth N-6471: The new 5014-ET 50 ton ironworker from Scotchman has an improved electric stroke control that increases precision and reduces the mechanical linkage to extend the life of the machine. Bending parts on this 50 ton is now as accurate as any other ironworker in the industry.
The 5014-ET 50 ton ironworker from Scotchman has a new, improved electric stroke control that makes this machine more precise than ever.

Compact Powerhouse Forms and Straightens Mild Steel

Booth N-6009: The powerful and compact 20 Ton Horizontal Press from Edwards Manufacturing accepts a great variety of tooling to form, brake and straighten mild steel, and quickly connects to an Edwards Ironworker with a Hydraulic Accessory Pack or an Edwards Porta-Power to greatly expand its fabrication capabilities.
The 20 Ton Horizontal Press from Edwards Manufacturing accepts a great range of tooling to form, brake, and straighten mild steel with a variable speed hydraulic drive that dials in the appropriate speed for various materials.