Sheariously Awesome Ironworker Automation

Automating the shear section of an ironworker with a simple stop and some software is a relatively easy way to reduce cycle times on both shearing and setup and improve part accuracy, eliminate rework, and improve material yield.
Ironworkers: Articles

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Ironworker

As versatile as the ironworker is, it is still possible to purchase the wrong machine – or at least not the best one – for your application. Here are some reasons why careful examination of these factors will prevent that from happening.


Ironworkers: Industry News

KBC Tools Granted National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

They are granted certification by the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council.

Scotchman Announces Golden Anniversary Giveaway

To help celebrate their 50th anniversary, they are holding a sweepstakes drawing to give away a new 50 ton ironworker to a school shop class.

Edwards Manufacturing Acquired by JPW Industries

This deal should help Edwards strengthen and expand their position in existing and new markets.


Ironworkers: Products

FABTECH 2016: Forming & Fabricating

Take a closer look at some of the metal forming and fabrication technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.

Innovative Caliper Set, Automating Ironworker Operations

The TigerSPC caliper set from TigerStop easily measures parts up to 16 ft.

Versatile Ironworkers, Saws

New ironworkers, a new vertical tilt-frame and a horizontal mitering saw from Marvel Manufacturing improve operating productivity and part quality.

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