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Micromachining of Metals Cheaper, Faster with New Laser Technology

Advances in single mode fiber laser marking technology with superior beam quality can now replace traditional EDM or other micromachining equipment.
Laser Cutting Systems: Articles

Advanced Software Drives Laser Cutting of Electrical Laminations

All three of the Trumpf laser machine tools are fitted with an automated pallet changing system that allows parts to be unloaded by the operator while the next sheet is being cut. Quantities of laminations from just 200 to around 6,000 can be cut with this process, which gives European Electrical Laminations a big competitive advantage over hard tooling to do the same job.
European Electrical Laminations uses Lantek Expert CAD/CAM software on its Trumpf laser cutting machines to produce electrical laminations for stators and rotors, armatures, stator segments, and pole laminations for motors and generators used in wind turbines, high speed rail and power generation.

Keeping Pace With Production: Automating Your Solid-State Laser

Programmable suction cups enable finished parts to be picked up and removed from the sheet skeleton. 
When a laser system is waiting for material handling, it is not making money. Automated systems must be able to cope with the common differences between laser types. The process of selecting the best choice becomes increasingly involved when the system uses solid state laser cutting machines. Here are some important points to consider.

Breakthroughs in Laser Cutting

In water-assisted laser cutting, a water mist is directed at the laser beam as it reaches the work piece to reduce the heat transfer in the cutting zone, enabling the laser to cut contours that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to process, including small sidewalls and difficult geometries in thick material. It also increases reliability when processing low-grade material or material of varying composition.
Suddenly, the range of applications where CO2 lasers had an advantage is significantly smaller. For the first time, an all-purpose solid-state 2D laser cutting machine can cut all the standard types and thicknesses of materials at excellent quality without downtime – one of several groundbreaking technologies that will change the way shops choose to invest.

Reaping the Benefits of Laser Tube Cutting

The bevel cut option opens new possibilities for designers. Perform quality bevel cuts up to 45 deg and expand your range of parts – and not only in mild steel but also for many applications in stainless steel and aluminum.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Business opportunities are not solely based on the flexibility of this technology, but on its potential for differentiation from competitors. The new design possibilities that laser tube cutting machines afford can give fabricators a competitive advantage.

Disk Lasers: Calculating Their Application in Modern 2D Laser Cutting

Disk lasers use efficient diodes to pump the laser light. Together with an optimized resonator design that results in optical-optical efficiencies of up to 70 percent, the system is capable of achieving overall beam source efficiencies of well over 30 percent. From the resonator, the beam makes its way to the workpiece through components such as the fiber-optic cable, the control system and the focusing optics. (Click on top two photos to enlarge them)
Stefan Fickenscher of TRUMPF explains how this efficient technology uses comprehensive, compelling and unique energy management to save on resources and make money for fabricators on a full range of laser cutting applications.


Laser Cutting Systems: Industry News

D&S Manufacturing Adds Fiber Optic Cutting System

The BySprint Pro 4020 6 kW Fiber Laser cutting system is equipped with two 80 ft by 160 ft tables. While the fiber optic cutter requires a full enclosure, it also offers the potential to add load and unload automation to provide for lights out operation. As D&S continues to analyze cutting requirements it will be able to take advantage of this feature.
This is one of the first U.S. installations of a new 6 kW fiber laser cutting system from Bystronic.

Murata Machinery Launches Fiber Laser Website

The new website features the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser’s specifications and capabilities, answers to frequently asked questions, and gives customers the ability to request a demo of the system. 
Murata Machinery USA is proud to present their new website providing customers a first glimpse at how the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser takes laser processing to the cutting edge of technology.

Electrox Expands Sales Coverage

A western regional sales manager is appointed and two distributors will expand coverage in the southern U.S.


Laser Cutting Systems: Products

Laser, Waterjet, Plasma Cutting Systems

An Eagle fiber laser cutting head with laser beam from MSS Lasers is one of the most advanced systems in the market, with linear drives on all three axes and a low inertia carbon fiber transverse bridge construction that can accelerate up to 6G with achieve cutting speeds in excess of 100 m/min.
A yearend review of some of the current advances and application capabilities in each of these metal cutting technologies.

Unmatched Laser Tube Cutter

The new Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system provides unrivaled edge quality for both metals and plastics, making it ideal for medical device applications, including a wide range of diameter tubes and stents. 
Ideal for manufacturing medical devices and a wide range of diameter tubes and stents, the Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system from Miyachi America provides exceptional edge quality when processing both metals and plastics.

MSS Lasers Demonstrates First 6 kW Fiber Laser in the UK

With 70 percent less power consumption and no laser gases, the 6 kW of power the revolutionary iNspire 1530 fiber laser offers a real alternative to CO2 laser technology.
The iNspire1530 fiber laser system can cut carbon steel up to 25 mm thick, as well as reflective materials such as copper and brass, with 6 g acceleration and table change times of only 10 seconds.