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Tower of Strength

Automated handling dilutes sheet metal fabrication costs in this shop with lights-out running and quick changes between jobs.
Laser Cutting Systems: Articles

5-Axis Laser Cuts Costs at Kryton

The horizontal rotary table on the Rofin UW505 2,000 Watt 5-Axis Fiber Laser Work Station at Kryton facilitates easy mounting and centering of part fixtures in the workstation. Rotating the part to locate hole cutting positions or to perform flange cuts greatly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the system. The vertical rotary drive of the laser cutting head represents the 5th axis and allows the cutting head to maintain perpendicularity of the laser beam to the material’s surface.
This technical review examines how 5-axis laser processing dramatically improved the secondary processing of 3D parts at this high tech job shop.

Etching Out New Advantages with Existing Laser Cutting Systems

Deep etching is very common with parts that are powder coated or tumbled. A deeper etch ensures the part number or other identifying information remains readable downstream. This can be achieved by moving the nozzle standoff closer to the part. The lower the focus of the beam, the deeper the etch into the material. (first view)
Here are some ways to take full advantage of your laser cutting machines etching ability, from decorative purposes to part numbers.

Micromachining of Metals Cheaper, Faster with New Laser Technology

Figure 4. The precision and control possible using the fiber laser marker.
Advances in single mode fiber laser marking technology with superior beam quality can now replace traditional EDM or other micromachining equipment.

Advanced Software Drives Laser Cutting of Electrical Laminations

All three of the Trumpf laser machine tools are fitted with an automated pallet changing system that allows parts to be unloaded by the operator while the next sheet is being cut. Quantities of laminations from just 200 to around 6,000 can be cut with this process, which gives European Electrical Laminations a big competitive advantage over hard tooling to do the same job.
European Electrical Laminations uses Lantek Expert CAD/CAM software on its Trumpf laser cutting machines to produce electrical laminations for stators and rotors, armatures, stator segments, and pole laminations for motors and generators used in wind turbines, high speed rail and power generation.

Keeping Pace With Production: Automating Your Solid-State Laser

Programmable suction cups enable finished parts to be picked up and removed from the sheet skeleton. 
When a laser system is waiting for material handling, it is not making money. Automated systems must be able to cope with the common differences between laser types. The process of selecting the best choice becomes increasingly involved when the system uses solid state laser cutting machines. Here are some important points to consider.


Laser Cutting Systems: Industry News

Cincinnati Incorporated Names New Sales Engineer

Alex Gorosito “This company has a history of innovation in laser cutting, a reputation for building rugged machines and is a U.S.-based manufacturer. Those aspects are important to shops in this region and I am eager to share the capabilities of their equipment with them.”
Alex Gorosito is now responsible for managing equipment sales in Texas. 

Messer Cutting Systems Celebrates 60 Years

The Profimill shown here was the first machine built by the original CRO Engineering.
A pioneer in manufacturing oxyfuel, plasma, and laser plate machinery celebrates the evolution of precision cutting technology in North America.

LaserCoil Releases Blanking Details

Their new website outlines details of their patented approach to laser blanking from coil stock.


Laser Cutting Systems: Products

Dual Head Laser Blanking System

Dual head, coil-fed laser cutting systems from LaserCoil can improve production rates on shapes from complex body side outers to simple chevron and scroll cuts by an average of 85 percent as compared to a single head system. Laser cutting blanks in aluminum, mild steel, new high-strength steels, materials for surface sensitive panels and structural components from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm thick and up to 2 m wide coil at any length eliminates the need for dies and achieves greater flexibility and quicker changeover than mechanical stamping.
Dual head, coil-fed laser cutting systems from LaserCoil improve production rates by an average of 85 percent when cutting shapes ranging from complex body side outers to simple chevron and scroll cuts in aluminum, mild steel, new high-strength steels, materials for surface sensitive panels and structural components.

Fiber Laser Cutting Technology

The rugged Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber 2D laser cutting system from Mazak Optonics integrates Intelligent Setup and Monitoring Functions that simplify operation and reduce operator dependency in job shops and production environments. The system comes in 2.0 kW, 3.0 kW and 4.0 kW configurations.
The innovative Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber from Mazak Optonics combines cutting-edge laser technology with an economical investment in a 2D system that utilizes rugged construction to deliver high performance for fabrication job shops and production environments. 

Next Steps in Intelligent Fiber Laser Cutting

The OPTIPLEX Fiber laser cutting system with intelligent Zeta 9 torch technology from Mazak Optonics. Zeta 9 set up functions include auto nozzle changing, auto focus positioning, focus detection, auto profiler calibration, and beam diameter control. Intelligent monitoring functions include pierce detection, plasma detection and burn detection.
This exclusive fiber laser cutting system uses a series of six intelligent setup functions and three intelligent monitoring functions to significantly reduce operator dependency and improve throughput and cut quality.