Laser Cutting Systems

A Warm Welcome for New Equipment

How to prepare your shop for a smooth installation that gets your new machinery up and running efficiently and as quickly as possible so it can begin generating money for your company.
Laser Cutting Systems: Articles

Programming Must-Haves for Successful Laser Tube Cutting

Quality software is the first step to precision tube component manufacturing. Knowing what to look for based on your programming needs will help determine the best solution for your shop.

Create a Clean Pierce Point That is the Same Diameter as the Cut Width

This feature is important in cutting medical devices, electronics and fine mechanics components from thin materials with features that are too small to allow for piercing the drop-out scrap portion of the material.

Cutting Corners: The Idea Behind Power Ramping

Although power ramping has proven to be highly beneficial, it is often underutilized on the shop floor because fabricators either do not understand its benefits or they just don’t know how to use it. By simply applying the given values and principles presented here, they will see a visible improvement in corner and radii cut quality.

Lasers Handle Cutting and Welding of Complex Parts

This shop welded the seam and cut 100 million holes in 12,100 torches – in six months. That's not all. Check out the automotive parts they're making.

Laser Marking 101

How do you choose the appropriate laser for your marking applications? Here are several factors that must be considered and how they impact the end results.


Laser Cutting Systems: Industry News

LVD Strippit Opens New Subsidiary in Mexico

This sales and support office will strengthen their operations in Mexico with a more active presence in this growing market.

New Representation for Bystronic in AL, TN, MS

Their distributor On Point Solutions now represents them across this region.

LVD Strippit Opens Two New Regional Customer Support Centers

Their Southeast facility opens in Charlotte, NC, and their Southwest center opens in Dallas, TX.


Laser Cutting Systems: Products

High Speed Combination Fiber Laser Punch Processing for Superior Quality

The TruMatic 6000 fiber punch laser machine from TRUMPF rapidly laser cuts, punches, forms and engraves sheet metal up to 0.25 in thick for scratch-free processing and superior quality when cutting delicate curves and tight radii.

Affordable Laser Tube Cutting

Starting at an affordable price of $59,900, FabLight laser cutters from 3D Fab Light maximize performance and flexibility in a compact footprint.

Versatile, Compact Laser Tube Cutting

The VCL-T100 tube production system from Mazak Optonics utilizes Direct Diode Laser technology to deliver higher efficiency and reliability than traditional fiber or other solid state laser generation systems.