Oxyfuel Cutting Systems

Limited Space, Unlimited Returns

The SGX automated plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine is ideal for the small fabricator needing to cut high volumes of mild steel parts with a minimal investment in capital and floor space. 
Oxyfuel Cutting Systems: Articles

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Oxyfuel Cutting Systems: Industry News

German Delegates Tour Messer Cutting Systems

The dignitaries from Hessen were given short presentations, walking tours through Messer and Castolin Eutectics, and live plasma cutting machine demonstrations.

Samuel Expands New Tennessee Facility

Their total investment of $62 million will complete a 200,000 sq ft facility with two blanking lines and a slitting line.

Messer Cutting Systems Celebrates 60 Years

A pioneer in manufacturing oxyfuel, plasma, and laser plate machinery celebrates the evolution of precision cutting technology in North America.


Oxyfuel Cutting Systems: Products

Metal Forming & Fabricating Showcase

Here is some of the latest metal forming and fabrication equipment to help your shop become more competitive.

Automated Precision Beveled Holes in Vessels

The Vessel Cutting Machine from HGG cuts precision beveled holes in pressure vessel tank heads, shells, nozzles and reinforcing pads, and hillside holes.

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