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Deep Etching with a 2D Fiber Laser

Laser etching is a useful tool, but its limits as a light surface effect are apparent when a part number needs to be visible through paint or a powder coat. In these cases, deep etching can provide a simple solution – the trick is finding the right combination of hertz, laser wattage, focal diameter, and gas for your specific material.
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Part Marking Equipment: Industry News

Amada Miyachi America Expands Applications Laboratory

Their new 85,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is equipped with 11 application-specific labs that support each of their product lines, processing nearly 100 samples per month.

Amada Miyachi America Receives ISO 9001 Certification

Their quality management system is certified for manufacturing products in a manner that is consistent, repeatable, and well-suited to aerospace, medical and other customer requirements.


Part Marking Equipment: Products

Incorrect Traceability Can Cost Millions

Ideal for harsh environments, Technifor All-in-One lasers from Gravotech offer complete marking accuracy and dependability when traceability matters.

Lean Pulsed Fiber System Welds, Marks and Cuts Metals, Plastics and Dissimilar Metals

The versatile, high power, high speed laser LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System from Amada Miyachi America can weld copper to aluminum, aluminum to stainless and steel, and copper to stainless steel.

Fiber Laser Marking for a Wide Range of Requirements

The TruMark 5020 fiber laser marker with VisionLine Mark image processing software from TRUMPF uses high pulse frequencies and superior pulse-to-pulse stability that is ideal for metal applications where high speed and superior edge quality are required.

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