Plasma Cutting Systems

Plasma Cutting Comes of Age

Evolving from a rough and cranky process to a reliable and productive technology, high-density plasma cutting has become a metal fabricating success story.
Plasma Cutting Systems: Articles

Roberts Oxygen Becomes Distributor for LubeCorp

The welding distributor joins a growing list of companies that are reselling treatment for CNC plasma arc cutting systems.

ESAB Cutting Systems Redesigns Website for North America

The site features a simple hierarchical structure, new drop down menus, and more robust search functionality to quickly find in-depth content and resources in the fewest clicks possible.

Heavy Fabrication Shapes Up to Meet Demand for Natural Gas

Chart uses its new heavy-duty plasma shape cutting machine to process a wide range of material thicknesses and sheet sizes ranging from 6 in x 6 in up to 10 ft wide x 40 ft long, cutting carbon steel up to 4 in thick, and processing aluminum and stainless steel in thicknesses up to 3 in.
Chart Energy & Chemicals installed an Avenger 3 plasma precision shape cutting machine from ESAB that added new beveling and marking capabilities and enabled the shop to slash its processing times, increase its capacity, and eliminate a second shift.

ESAB Sets the Standard for Cutting Systems Safety

Going forward, all cutting systems manufactured at ESAB’s Karben, Germany facility will meet the new EN ISO safety requirements, which are scheduled to go into effect industry-wide in late 2014. 
ESAB has spearheaded and implemented a new ISO standard.

MultiCam Appoints New Manufacturing Manager

Mike is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and will continue to lead MultiCam’s efforts in lean manufacturing which were implemented in 2012. 
MultiCam has appointed Mike Boyte as their new manufacturing manager.


Plasma Cutting Systems: Products

Laser, Waterjet, Plasma Cutting Systems

An Eagle fiber laser cutting head with laser beam from MSS Lasers is one of the most advanced systems in the market, with linear drives on all three axes and a low inertia carbon fiber transverse bridge construction that can accelerate up to 6G with achieve cutting speeds in excess of 100 m/min.
A yearend review of some of the current advances and application capabilities in each of these metal cutting technologies.

Combination Plasma Head is Ideal for Job Shops

Each plasma head is independently programmable, allowing the plasma system to economically cut gauge steel using low amperage consumables, while still able to tackle heavy plate steel with high-definition plasma precision. 
The combination plasma head for MultiCam 3000 and 6000 series CNC plasma machines uses a Hypertherm Powermax mechanized plasma head mounted beside a high-definition Hypertherm torch that is ideal for production cutting of diverse materials.

Portable, Economical Oxyfuel/Plasma Cutting System

Crossbow features a motorized lifter to support either oxyfuel or plasma torches. The Arc Voltage Height Control ensures the plasma torch will automatically maintain a consistent cutting height. Ohmic touch initial height sensing finds the plate surface, sets the piercing height during automated plasma cutting, detects torch crashes by sensing the plate during cutting and shuts down the plasma system accordingly. 
The compact Crossbow oxyfuel/plasma CNC cutting system from ESAB is ideal for trade schools, small fab shops, maintenance and repair shops, or for portable use within large facilities or at construction sites.