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Precision Plasma Cutting: Make a List, Check It Twice

The list of items needing regular maintenance in your shop is likely long. It probably seems there is always something to be done. Unfortunately, while most shops are great at inspecting equipment like cranes, forklifts, and air compressors, one machine …
Plasma Cutting Systems: Articles

Optimize the Use of Your Plasma Cutting Consumables

CNC plasma cutting using a Hypertherm HPR260XD system. How the torch and consumable parts are used to generate the high temperature plasma cutting arc represents an opportunity to improve shop floor efficiency. 
Often neglected in the push to get more parts of higher quality off the cutting table per shift are the very components that generate the high temperature plasma cutting arc. Up to 40 percent of the torch consumable parts that are typically scrapped can often be re-used with excellent cut quality.

Limited Space, Unlimited Returns

The SGX can accept up to two oxy-fuel torches for oxy-fuel cutting of materials up to 4 in thick. Piercing of thicker materials is optimized using ease-on cutting oxygen.  
The SGX automated plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine is ideal for the small fabricator needing to cut high volumes of mild steel parts with a minimal investment in capital and floor space. 

How to Make the Most of Your Plasma Cutting System

A System 55 robot cell from Lincoln Electric at Cotterman Company. To achieve the best results when plasma cutting, be sure to verify proper piercing height, verify proper travel speeds during the cutting process, and don’t allow the consumables to touch the workpiece when cutting. 
By following these simple guidelines, using the right machine for your application and mastering some tricks of the trade, you should see increased precision and quality in your plasma cutting process.

Harnessing the Power of CNC Software for Plasma Cutting

The intelligence built inside today’s CNC controls enables it to provide real-time instruction to all elements of an automated plasma cutting system. Here, the CNC has optimized parameters for cutting bolt-ready holes.
What if you could get real time orchestration between the power source, the accessories connected to it and all of the other key elements of your cutting system? 

Plasma Cutting Comes of Age

Plasma cutting is a viable solution for many more applications since the switch from the tungsten electrode to the Hafnium electrode that can operate with nitrogen, oxygen, air, or blends of these gases.
Evolving from a rough and cranky process to a reliable and productive technology, high-density plasma cutting has become a metal fabricating success story.


Plasma Cutting Systems: Industry News

Department of Labor Recognizes Hypertherm

Hypertherm safety champions pose with Jeff Erskine, the OSHA region l deputy regional administrator. (pictured l-r) Tracy Hannett, Jeff Erksine, David Cushman II, and Andy Barraby.
All seven of their New Hampshire manufacturing locations are now designated Voluntary Protection Program Star worksites by OSHA.

Social Responsibility Grows at Hypertherm

They report progress on their social and environmental goals.

Heavy Equipment Investment at AT&F Wisconsin

This new 5-axis plasma cutting machine is scheduled to be online in the AT&F Wisconsin facility by August 2016. Its large working envelope allows plates as large as 10 ft  x 40 ft to be cut, using the latest in CNC controls and supporting software for superior small diameter hole cutting accuracy.
Their new 5-axis high definition plasma cutting system will produce smooth edges and cleaner finished parts.


Plasma Cutting Systems: Products

Air Curtain for Underwater Cutting with Plasma Systems

A simplified design makes this air curtain from Hypertherm smaller and lighter than its OEM counterpart and, because it is mounted to a quick-change torch, it is easier to install and remove from the table.
This Centricut brand air curtain from Hypertherm mounts directly onto ESAB PT-36, PT-600, and PT-19XLS quick-change torches to produce a curtain of air that surrounds the plasma arc and keep the arc free from the effects of water.

Stand Alone Plasma Torch Height Controller

The Kyndill Breakaway Lifter Station is a motor driven plasma torch mount that is designed to keep a perfect cut throughout the process. (first view)
The Kyndill Controller Kit from ONExia is a stand-alone, plug-and-play system that includes the automatic height controller, breakaway lifter station, cables, and universal mounting kit for both new and retrofitting applications.

Metal Forming & Fabricating Showcase

The compact TruMark Station 3000 from TRUMPF offers users a high degree of flexibility in marking that is ideal for shops with small or medium batch sizes that are looking to integrate the marking process into their production lines with a simple, safe and industrially robust workstation.
Here is some of the latest metal forming and fabrication equipment to help your shop become more competitive.