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A Practical Approach to Bending Length Precision

To hit those very small flange length tolerances on our prints, we need to master that material stretch. This means we need to understand not just the material, but also how the press brake tooling being used to perform the bend will change the amount of stretch and impact the size of the blank.
Press Brakes: Articles

Breaking Down Automated Bending

This system shows a press brake and robot that are specially designed to work together in a fully integrated system. The benefit of this investment is that all components are designed to work together in a system that is more flexible and requires less manpower and intervention than a semi-integrated option. 
Here are five basic areas to evaluate when considering whether it is right to invest in an automated bending solution, and if so, which type of system to choose.

A Focused Look at Specialized Tooling

With off-line programming, a programmer can verify can prove out complex parts before they run on the machine.
How do you find out if a specialized tooling solution is right for you?

Technology Traits for Bending Efficiency

The “leaner” you manufacture a part, the greater the justification to purchase a machine with features that encompass this level of performance. (Click on photo to enlarge it)
The “leaner” a part is manufactured, the greater the justification to purchase a machine tool, tooling and programming with features that encompass this level of performance and provide the greatest advantages in productivity.

Spot On Welding Control Helps Produce New Line of Grills

The CNC spot welding system built by Contour Arc consists of several major components that are built around the Siemens SINUMERIK 802D CNC control. The system uses three axes (X/Y/C) of coordinated motion and a Miyachi Unitek IS-120B inverter spot welding power supply.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
In an industry that faces considerable foreign and domestic competition, changing demands in public taste and the constant challenge of product innovations, this new automated spot welding system from Contour-Arc uses Siemens controls to provide R.H. Peterson with complete flexibility to produce all of the models, sizes, and quantities they need at any time to stay ahead of the competition.


Press Brakes: Industry News

Ursviken Appoints National Sales Manager

Michael Rose, Ursviken “We will continue to grow our sales force to give our customers worldwide the best sales experience and the best overall technical solutions.” 
Michael Rose will help grow sales of their sheet metal and plate forming solutions.

Press Brake Safety Launches Service Division

The new division will provide maintenance, service and training for AKAS safety systems users.

COE Press Equipment Appoints John Kwiatkowski as Manager

Kwiatkowski has numerous technical certifications, especially in the area of digital drives training. 
COE Press Equipment has named John Kwiatkowski as manager of the COE-Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program.


Press Brakes: Products

Heavy Duty Retrofittable 6-Axis CNC Backgauge for Press Brakes

Th backgauges handle bed lengths from 10 ft to 20 ft, from 200 ton to 1,000 tons, with X1, X2 travel of 24 in to 72 in; R1, R2 travel of 6 in to 15 in; and Z1, Z2
travel from 8 ft to 18 ft.
By breathing new life into large tonnage older machines, this advanced backgauge technology from Zakron offers substantial savings vs. buying a new press brake.

Affordable Press Brake Offers More Speed, Open Height, and Versatility

The Diamond Ultra CNC press brake features a large, open height and stroke, and range from 150 ton by 10 ft to 363 ton by 13 ft in size. The up to 200 mm (7.87 in)/s approach speed and up to 15 mm (5.9 in)/s bending speed translate into quick operations, and the 650 mm (25.6 in) back gauge stroke with maximum with second and third programmable stops to 1082 mm (42.6 in).
Featuring a large, open height and stroke, the Dener Diamond Ultra CNC press brake from MC Machinery Systems promises shops top quality bending operations at an affordable price.

The Ultimate Bending Experience

The powerful yet easy to operate ByVision Bending control uses a full 22 in HD touch screen to display realistic 3D part animations and software driven menu selections. Bending profiles can be either imported or drawn directly on the touch screen and then automatically converted to a bending program with proper bending sequences and tool selections.
Xpert and Xcite press brakes from Bystronic use ByVision Bending control to offer shops a quick and easy way to radically improve their efficiency and productivity.