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Four Things You Must Know About Forming Sheet Metal

Are you still trying to manage frame deformation on a press brake that doesn’t use real-time monitoring and adjustment capabilities? If so, here are four characteristics of sheet metal that you and your press brake must know.
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Panel Benders vs. Press Brakes

A panel bender traditionally features a pair of blades which form flanges in the horizontal direction while a set of blank holders holds the material steady. This design enables panel benders to produce some parts much more efficiently, and even create bends that would require special tooling on a press brake.
Bending vs. Folding: Does your shop have the right machine for the job?

Tooling Up for Large Radii: Four Methods for Forming Radius Parts

Bump forming large radius parts can be the most cost-effective way for a shop to fabricate parts with large radii because no tooling investment is necessary and it is easier to form nearly any radius with a six-axis backgauge. Bump forming can also be used when square-to-round transitions in conical shaped parts are needed, such as the part shown here. (First view)
Is your shop having problems forming parts that require a large radius with a press brake? These four proven techniques can increase your part quality and eliminate scrap with minimal investment.

How Your Selection of Press Brake Tooling Affects Manufacturing

The upper tool (punch) is selected based on its height, tool rating and shape. It is easiest to use the machine’s software to select a tool based on the part’s geometry, although it is also possible to make the selection with a side profile template or the tool itself, especially if a cardboard mock up exists. In some cases, it might be best to work with the tooling manufacture to create a custom tool.
Have you ever considered how standard tooling impacts the design of a part?

A Practical Approach to Bending Length Precision

Figure 1. Measure the total width of the tool front-to-back with your micrometer. Make sure to use a lower tool that is symmetrical. If your die has different width shoulders to either side of the V-opening, it is not a good tool for the test.
To hit those very small flange length tolerances on our prints, we need to master that material stretch. This means we need to understand not just the material, but also how the press brake tooling being used to perform the bend will change the amount of stretch and impact the size of the blank.

Breaking Down Automated Bending

This system shows a press brake and robot that are specially designed to work together in a fully integrated system. The benefit of this investment is that all components are designed to work together in a system that is more flexible and requires less manpower and intervention than a semi-integrated option. 
Here are five basic areas to evaluate when considering whether it is right to invest in an automated bending solution, and if so, which type of system to choose.


Press Brakes: Industry News

Ursviken Appoints National Sales Manager

Michael Rose will help grow sales of their sheet metal and plate forming solutions.

Press Brake Safety Launches Service Division

The new division will provide maintenance, service and training for AKAS safety systems users.

COE Press Equipment Appoints John Kwiatkowski as Manager

COE Press Equipment has named John Kwiatkowski as manager of the COE-Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program.


Press Brakes: Products

Custom Hydraulic Shears, Press Brakes, Presses

Booth S-502: Custom machinery, such as this 12 ft x 300 ton press brake, will be on display from Betenbender.
Betenbender will display their standard and customized hydraulic shears, hydraulic press brakes and C-frame presses at FABTECH 2015.

Increase Laser Cutting Parts Output Up to 400 Percent

Booth S-919: The BySprint 3015 6 kW Fiber laser cutting system from Bystronic cuts 1/8 in stainless steel up to 70 percent faster than a 4 kW Fiber laser and three times faster than a 6 kW CO2 laser. Depending on the type of material and the sheet thickness, parts output can be increased by up to 400 percent.
Bystronic extends their BySprint Fiber laser cutting system portfolio by adding a 6 kW Fiber laser source for its 3015 and 4020 machine formats.

All Bent Into Shape

The Haeusler ROLLmeister Plate Roll TETRA series from Sterling Fabrication Technology is ideal for medium and large batch production of shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels with a small-to-midsize range of wall thicknesses, as well as economical single shell production. 
Here is some of the newest equipment and tooling used to bend sheet metal and plate steel.