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Understanding Sheet Distortion During Punching

Sheet bowing is a common problem, but also predictable and therefore able to be addressed.
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More Productivity, Less Power

Punching on the E6x punch press. The type of work which Dale Sheetmetal does lends itself to punching. It has made bespoke panels with 130,000 holes, while white laminated steel and coated aluminium are not suitable for laser cutting as it can damage the surface or make the coating difficult to remove. The shop does mix processes where appropriate, with both punching and laser cutting being performed on one part where this is faster.
For this family-run sheet metal fabricator, moving to Ex-Series servo-electric punch presses solved its power consumption problems and improved productivity at a stroke. 

Why Shops Lean on Turret Punch Presses

The Q-5 punching machine can reach a bending height of 3.0 in on a variety of angles and even on parts which are nested in other locations than 0 deg to 45 deg and 90 deg, where its forming and bending capabilities turn the turret punch into a multifunctional part processing machine that can possibly eliminate a bending operation downstream.
Before investing in that next machine, take a moment to review some of these lean manufacturing aspects of the latest turret press technology to make sure you are getting the best value and strongest competitive advantage for your money.

The Ins and Outs of Punching Technology

The latest punching technology gives fabricators the opportunity to process up to 1 inch high flanges, tap holes, form, extrude, rib, offset, and remove the burrs from parts.
Punch machines now do much more than simply punch holes. Today it’s all about completing multiple processes on the same machine, such as making up to one inch high flanges, tapping holes, forming, extruding, ribbing, offsetting, removing burrs from parts and more.

VFDs and the Top Ten Reasons to Go Hydraulic

A VFD used with a hydraulic press saves energy costs by not running the motor when it is not needed. More energy is saved by programming the VFD to ramp the motor up to speed, eliminating the large electrical in-rush of current. The VFD also allows speed control of the motor so it can run at slower speeds while idle to filter the oil, cool the oil, change accumulators, or other small hp demand requirements.
Do you need to become more competitive? Here's how to carefully assess the jobs you are quoting with your current press processes and discover how hydraulic press technology will improve your productivity and your bottom line as you compete for smaller lots and varied applications.


Punch Presses: Industry News

Greenerd Announces New Chief Executive Officer

The company has announced Jerry Letendre as the new chief executive officer.
Jerry Letendre takes on the chief executive officer role, with plans to execute a growth strategy, fully supported by capital investment, the addition of key engineering staff and increased production capacity.

Samco Machinery forms business alliance with VAPTECH

A global leader in the roll forming industry has aligned itself with an innovative European firm to bring enhanced efficiencies, creativity and service.

American Punch Company Launches Updated Mobile App

American Punch Company announced that their newly updated mobile application is available for a free download.


Punch Presses: Products

Pneumatic Press Line for Higher Strength Steels and Aluminum

If the material moving through the B-Series pneumatic press line can’t be stopped in the die, the flying die configuration will travel with the material, moving in and out in milliseconds. Punch life is extended and press wear minimized.
The B-Series pneumatic press line from Airam Press provides a higher punch velocity through steel than other methods, with a stroke velocity of 2 m to 3 m per second and a flying die able to move in and out of the material is less than 0.10 of a second. 

Powerful Turret Punch Presses

Both the Motorum M3048TG (shown here) and M3058TG are available in either Wiedemann or Spring Style tooling. The powerful ram drive delivers 33 tons of heavy-duty punching force at 510 hits per minute with servomotor drive mechanisms that only use energy while punching.
M3048TG and M3058TG turret presses from Murata Machinery incorporate servo-driven ram drives that deliver 33 tons of heavy-duty punching force at 510 hits per minute.

New Lightweight Hole Punchers with Power Reverse Punch Increase Productivity

The 75002.5PR (left) and the 75004PR Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punchers from Hougen Manufacturing can punch holes in flat bar, H-steel, angle iron and channel. 
The Hougen®-Ogura® models 75002.5PR and 75004PR hole punching machines feature a lightweight single body construction that allows punching of holes in steel in as little as 2.3 seconds.