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From product design and prototyping to metal fabrication and assembly, companies need an expert, all-in-one supply chain partner to help them take their business strategy to the next level.
Roll Forming: Articles

Roll Forming Opens Door to New Business

The Samco roll forming machine is custom designed to fit the parts being produced by Premier and maintain the tolerances required for the door framing headers and jambs in varying widths and heights.
Samco roll former allows Premier Products to offer improved door framing system, maintaining the tolerances required for door framing headers and jambs in varying widths and heights.


Roll Forming: Industry News

Roll-Kraft Installs New Milling Machine

The machine is now capable of rolls up to 39 in in diameter, with up-to-date technology and a digital touch display.
The company has installed a upgraded machine to improve roll tooling production.

Roll-Kraft Adds Fastenal Vending Machines

These new vending machines provide instant access to needed supplies 
and maintain precise inventory control.
To support lean manufacturing, these vending units provide point-of-access to supplies to reduce shop waste increase productivity. 

Roll-Kraft Adds New Management

James Racco is the general manager of operations excellence that heads the Roll-Kraft Northern facility.
James Racco now heads Roll-Kraft Northern and Kevin McCartney is the new IT manager. 


Roll Forming: Products

Roll Form Tooling Design Using FEA Simulation

PROFIL creates graphs of the stress, strain, and thickness reduction as a function of the sheet position in the machine. Sectional views of the sheet can be seen within the rolls, at any machine position, or after leaving the machine.
PROFIL roll form software from UBECO simulates the designed rolls before manufacturing to ensure they can produce the desired results.

Servo Roll Former Can Cut Large Tube OD

The Servo Roll Former can be tooled for either rolling or cutting 3/4 in OD tubing. It uses a servo-driven ball screw roll forming unit for quick and easy machine setup. 
Manchester Tool & Die offers a Servo Roll Former for tube OD capacity of 3/4 in that can be tooled for either rolling or cutting operations.