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From product design and prototyping to metal fabrication and assembly, companies need an expert, all-in-one supply chain partner to help them take their business strategy to the next level.
Roll Forming: Articles

Roll Forming Opens Door to New Business

The Samco roll forming machine is custom designed to fit the parts being produced by Premier and maintain the tolerances required for the door framing headers and jambs in varying widths and heights.
Samco roll former allows Premier Products to offer improved door framing system, maintaining the tolerances required for door framing headers and jambs in varying widths and heights.


Roll Forming: Industry News

New VP of Engineering at Roll-Kraft

Yervand Poghosyan, Roll-Kraft His expertise will add to their technical engineering capabilities and allow them to provide a higher level of engineering services to the roll tooling industry.
Yervand Poghosyan heads their technical engineering services.

Roll-Kraft Completes ISO Audit

Roll-Kraft ISO 2016 re-certification. Originally certified by ISO in 1997, the company earned the “ISO 9001:2000 With Design” certification in 2011, and has continued that designation through the current audit.
They are re-certified after passing a three-day surveillance audit without any major or minor non-conformances.

Roll-Kraft President Receives Smart 50 Award

Sanjay Singh (left), the president of Roll-Kraft, receives the 2016 Smart 50 Award from Corporate College, a division of Cuyahoga Community College. (photo courtesy of McKinley Wiley, The Dark Room Co.)
Sanjay Singh is recognized for his leadership and innovation.


Roll Forming: Products

FABTECH 2016: Metalform

Booth C-17088: Ideal for repetitive work because the chain does not have to be dismounted, the new Chain Clamp from Lenzkes provides an easy, fast and safe way to hold round or cylindrical work pieces such as valve bodies, flanges, pump housings and pistons.
Take a closer look at some of the metal forming and fabrication technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.

Roll Formed Products for Furniture, Bedding

Booth C-11125: To support the trending online mattress industry, the new roll formed product line for furniture/bedding from IV-S Metal Stamping includes an easy-to-assemble platform bed base that is packaged to ship by either UPS or FedEx.
IV-S Metal Stamping has developed a new roll formed product line for the furniture and bedding industry.

Hands-Free Multi-Profile Roll Forming Line

Very much a hands-free machine that uses an Auto Pre-Punch/Notch Press Selection System with guiding system and AMS controller as required by Just-in-Time production, the entire process is automated from the moment coil leaves the 10K double-ended uncoiler with hydraulic mandrel expansion until finished parts exit the cut-off stage. 
This latest innovative roll forming system from Samco produces parts Just-in-Time at variable speeds up to 60 fpm, depending on the punching pattern and part lengths.