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Sorting Out Aluminum Sawing

When choosing the best saw for cutting aluminum it’s important to consider your application. While both circular and band saw methods can effectively cut aluminum, it pays to weigh all of these factors before deciding which saw is best for your operation.
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Sawing by the Numbers

An AMSAW S100SI carbide sawing machine with automated bar measuring systems is shown here cutting cylinder liners for automotive applications. The stumbling block for many buyers is the upfront cost for a carbide saw, which is two to three times more than for a band saw. But this study shows that just three carbide saws can handle the same volume of work that requires 18 band sawing machines.
On a cost per square foot of cutting basis, circular carbide saws come out on top.

Sawing Systems

The RingSaw™ from Graebener-Reika is capable of cutting tubes, bars, and profiles with diameters ranging from 10 mm to 610 mm, and wall thickness from 1 mm to 150 mm. The machine is operated electro-mechanically without hydraulics, and is therefore oil free.  The cutting process is either dry, with a mini-coolant, or with flood emulsion.
A review of some of the latest technologies in sawing systems that can reduce your operating costs, improve your part quality, and increase your shop profitability.

Seeing Saw Advantages

On the AMSAW S300, a PLC maintains the precise feed settings and monitors the loading system. This particular style of carbide billet-cutting saw outperforms a typical band saw by a factor of eight at less cost per square inch of material cut.
By utilizing an advanced design of billet-cutting saw from Advanced Machine & Engineering, Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company realized faster throughput on its billet blank preparation, with a high degree of accuracy and an anticipated 20-year service life – all without major rebuilding.

How to Increase Bandsaw Productivity

Don Armstrong of Marvel Manufacturing explains how new advances in programmable bandsaw controls are so easy to use that even a novice operator can be confident the saw is performing at maximum efficiency.

Bandsaw Blunders: How They Cut Blade Life

Cutting fluid is a critical part of the operation because it cools the blade, lubricates the teeth and washes away chips. Cutting fluid needs to be mixed with water, and it has its own special formula when used for sawing versus grinding and general machining. A richer cutting fluid mix should be used on bandsaws to better coat and lubricate the blade throughout the entire cut.(click on photo to enlarge)
Ron Saxon and David Rosing of Simonds International reveal the top five sawing mistakes . . . and how to prevent them.


Sawing Systems: Industry News

New VP of Engineering at HE&M Saw

Joe Purtle, HE&M Saw As the new vice president of engineering,  Joe Purtle will assist company management in moving HE&M Saw forward, designing new models and using new processes that will enable the company to meet the evolving needs of the metalworking industry.   
Joe Purtle has been promoted to vice president of engineering for the saw manufacturer.

LVD Strippit Opens Midwest Support Center

The new Midwest Support Center in the Twin Cities metro area offers comprehensive service support, spare parts, upgrades and retrofits. It houses a range of sheet metal fabrication equipment for training and demonstration. This facility is also the site of design and engineering functions for the company’s tube laser cutting business.
The Minnesota facility is the first of three U.S. regional support centers that will open in 2016.

TigerStop Names New Managers

Mike Anderson, TigerStop In his new position as product manager of saw systems, he is charged with increasing growth in that product segment globally.
Mike Anderson is their new product manager of saw systems, and Kevin Trowell is their Southeastern regional sales manager.


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Metal Forming & Fabricating Showcase

The compact TruMark Station 3000 from TRUMPF offers users a high degree of flexibility in marking that is ideal for shops with small or medium batch sizes that are looking to integrate the marking process into their production lines with a simple, safe and industrially robust workstation.
Here is some of the latest metal forming and fabrication equipment to help your shop become more competitive.

Advanced Feed System Automates Fabrication

The Advanced Feed System from Scotchman turns a semi-automatic machine into a fully automatic production machine to increase productivity, decrease set-up time, reduce operator error and eliminate waste.
The Advanced Feed System from Scotchman increases productivity, decreases set-up time, reduces operator error and eliminates waste by turning a semi-automatic machine into a fully automatic production machine. 

Semi-Automatic Band Saws For High Production

With a round capacity of 31.4 in (800 mm), the Continental DC-560SA Band Saw from DoALL is one of the Continental Series of high production, semi-automatic horizontal band saws that are perfect for shops that need a high production band saw, but have operations that do not require indexing or automatic cutting cycles.
Continental Series DC-280SA, DC-330SA, DC-500SA, DC-560SA and DC-800SA high production, semi-automatic horizontal band saws by DoALL are perfect for shops that need a high production band saw, but have operations that do not require indexing or automatic cutting cycles.