Sawing Systems

Sawing Systems

A review of some of the latest technologies in sawing systems that can reduce your operating costs, improve your part quality, and increase your shop profitability.
Sawing Systems: Articles

Behringer Appoints New Southern Sales Manager

Matt Medeiros is the new southern regional sales manager for Behringer bandsaw equipment.
Matt Medeiros is now responsible for sales of bandsaw systems in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. 

Plus Ten Stainless Launches Redesigned Website

Plus Ten Stainless is a supplier of stainless steel, Prodec® Plate and aluminum plate.
Plus Ten Steel's new website also highlights the company’s precision cold saw cutting process.

Seeing Saw Advantages

On the AMSAW S300, a PLC maintains the precise feed settings and monitors the loading system. This particular style of carbide billet-cutting saw outperforms a typical band saw by a factor of eight at less cost per square inch of material cut.
By utilizing an advanced design of billet-cutting saw from Advanced Machine & Engineering, Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company realized faster throughput on its billet blank preparation, with a high degree of accuracy and an anticipated 20-year service life – all without major rebuilding.

AME Announces New Sawing System

The AMSAW® S300 is fast, economical and reliable. It’s innovative, compact design incorporates hardened spindle gears with minimum backlash.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
With the AMSAW® S300, unattended sawing is possible with the automatic bar loading table.

How to Increase Bandsaw Productivity

New advances in bandsaw technology have resulted in a control that is so easy to use even a novice operator can be confident that the saw is performing at maximum efficiency.(Click on screen shot to enlarge it)
Don Armstrong of Marvel Manufacturing explains how new advances in programmable bandsaw controls are so easy to use that even a novice operator can be confident the saw is performing at maximum efficiency.


Sawing Systems: Products

Carbide Circular Cold Saw with Fully Automated Inclined Magazine

A fully automatic high-performance circular cold saw, the HCS-90E is designed for cutting ferrous material at 90 deg in maximum yield applications.
For shops that need bulk cutting capabilities with minimal labor, the HCS-90E carbide circular cold saw from Behringer Saws meets high volume production demands with unattended operations.

Circular Cold Saw with Laser Saw Guide

The CPO 350 Circular Cold Saw has 135 deg mitering ability and a miter-locking device that automatically stops at 45 deg left, 90 deg straight, and 45 deg right, giving it the ability to slot and notch.
The American-made CPO 350 Circular Cold Saw from Scotchman features a double clamping and self-centering vise that provides burr-free, high quality, volume parts.

PC-Based Remote Control for Automatic Mitering Bandsaw

The HBP-310/523G/A miter saw frame is inclined 3 deg to optimize the number of blade teeth which contact the material being cut and save time by minimizing the cutting cycle time for all types of stock, including profiles and bundles. The dual column frame enhances torsion resistance during cutting and controls the application of downfeed power for precise, flat cuts and tight tolerances.
The HBP-310/523G/A mitering bandsaw from Behringer now features CNC-dialogue control via PC along with a stand alone 3 m (118 in) feeding gripper.