Sawing Systems

Sorting Out Aluminum Sawing

When choosing the best saw for cutting aluminum it’s important to consider your application. While both circular and band saw methods can effectively cut aluminum, it pays to weigh all of these factors before deciding which saw is best for your operation.
Sawing Systems: Articles

Sawing by the Numbers

On a cost per square foot of cutting basis, circular carbide saws come out on top.

Sawing Systems

A review of some of the latest technologies in sawing systems that can reduce your operating costs, improve your part quality, and increase your shop profitability.

Seeing Saw Advantages

By utilizing an advanced design of billet-cutting saw from Advanced Machine & Engineering, Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company realized faster throughput on its billet blank preparation, with a high degree of accuracy and an anticipated 20-year service life – all without major rebuilding.

How to Increase Bandsaw Productivity

Don Armstrong of Marvel Manufacturing explains how new advances in programmable bandsaw controls are so easy to use that even a novice operator can be confident the saw is performing at maximum efficiency.

Bandsaw Blunders: How They Cut Blade Life

Ron Saxon and David Rosing of Simonds International reveal the top five sawing mistakes . . . and how to prevent them.


Sawing Systems: Industry News

DGI Supply Opens New Regional Office

The offices, warehouse and training classroom in this new facility are now their hub for regional sales and operations from Charlotte, NC.

Tube Fabrication Industries Upgrades Their Capabilities

They invest in a BC80 CNC end-machining center and a CM602 automatic CNC sawing machine from BLM Group.

Dake Redesigns Website

Customers can now view the specifications, features and videos of each type of machine tool.


Sawing Systems: Products

Advanced Dual-Column Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

The G320 dual-column automatic horizontal band saw from Cosen Saws has pre-installed proprietary cloud-based technology that provides sawing performance data in real time.

Versatile Vertical Bandsaw Cuts Structural Steel, Solid Bars, Pipe, Tubing, Tool Steel

The MV2018 bandsaw from MetalMizer has a cutting head that features a 3 deg forward tilt to optimize feed rate on entry when cutting structural steel, solid bars, pipe, tubing, and tool steel.

High Precision Deep Hope Drilling Machines for Highly Specific Applications

Tibo Deep Hole Drilling Systems from Advanced Machine & Engineering provide limitless configuration possibilities, from universal standard machines for single-spindle gundrilling or BTA deep hole drilling to highly complex special machines with up to 12 spindles.