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Stamping Out a New Generation of Automobile Parts

The question Ford and General Motors asked was how to produce hoods and doors with improved productivity, design flexibility and reduced costs. The answer from Schuler, Bosch Rexroth and Morrell was a compact crossbar transfer press that does all that and more.
Stamping Presses: Articles

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Stamping Presses: Industry News

Talan Products Receives Award

The Evolution Manufacturing Award recognizes their commitment to safety and efficiency in metal stamping.

Mercury Products Acquires New Stamping Press

The freshly painted 1,000 ton stamping press is in place in the Saltillo, Mexico, facility to fulfill customer demands for larger stampings. Mercury Products acquired the press not only to meet growing demand from customers in the automotive, heavy truck, off-highway and other industrial equipment industries, but to give customers improved order efficiency and increased overall cost-savings. 
The 1,000 ton press provides large-scale metal stamping for automotive, heavy truck, off-highway, and other industrial equipment needs.

Overview of Connecticut Spring & Stamping Asian Operations

Ideal for shops who have a physical presence in Asia or whose parts can be produced more economically there and imported to the U.S., the CSS overseas program enjoys lower Asian manufacturing labor costs without all the obstacles associated with language barriers, time differences, and long lead times, as well as shipping charges and customs and currency issues.


Stamping Presses: Products

Hydraulic Roller Bars for Quick Die Change

For use in standard 1-1/16 inch or ASA T-slots, each bar's hydraulically operated supporting rollers allow easy movement in line with the bar. Rollers can be positioned for front to back or left to right movement. 
Hydraulic roller bars from Hilma provide a roller surface to easily roll dies in and out during the die change process.

4000 Ton Mechanical Forging Press

Mechanical forging presses from ERIE use an exclusive Scotch Yoke drive mechanism that delivers superior precision in all forging processes.
A new 4,000 ton Mechanical Forging Press from ERIE Press Systems is used for manufacturing gear blanks, bearing races, wheel hubs and other critical forgings for automotive market. The closed die press will feature the patented Scotch Yoke ram producing less stretch and improving off center load capability.

Fin Press Stamps Wider Variety of Complex Heat Exchanger Materials

A 45 ton, straight side style press, the FP-400 is a reliable, cost effective production line that consistently produces quality fins with design elements that lead to longer tool life. The increased tonnage over the OAK FP-1 press allows for a wider variety of fin materials and more intricate die tooling patterns.
With a new extended bolster to increase flexibility, the interior of the die on the FP-400 45 ton, straight side style press from Burr Oak Tool is easily reached for tooling inspection and maintenance.