Stamping Presses

Stamping Out a New Generation of Automobile Parts

The question Ford and General Motors asked was how to produce hoods and doors with improved productivity, design flexibility and reduced costs. The answer from Schuler, Bosch Rexroth and Morrell was a compact crossbar transfer press that does all that and more.
Stamping Presses: Articles

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Stamping Presses: Industry News

Talan Installs Minster Press

The new press line will enable the company to return a lot of their outsourced work in-house.

Talan Adds Deburring Capabilities

The automated vibratory system allows the metal stamper to bring more value-added services in house.

Talan Products Receives Award

The Evolution Manufacturing Award recognizes their commitment to safety and efficiency in metal stamping.


Stamping Presses: Products

Fineblanking Breaks the 200 SPM Barrier

These parts would normally need to be stamped and then drilled. Using the XFT 1500speed, they were produced in one step at high stroke rates. Aerospace, medical and turbine engine parts are made on these machines because of high volume and extremely high tolerances. Top row left to right: Arm vane for a turbocharger, 3.25 mm thick, 16 mm length, material X8CrNi25-21 / 700 N/mm2; Brown gun tube for electronics, 1.35 mm thick with scrap bridge of 0.6 mm, 22 mm length, material SUS 304L; Locking plate for lock technology, 1.5 mm thick, 15 mm length, material Ck45; lower right, Plunger for electronics, 3.0 mm thick, Hole ø1.8 mm, 10 mm length, material RFe80.
Never before has a fineblanking press been so fast, so versatile and, above all, so productive at up to 200 strokes per minute.

Hydraulic Roller Bars for Quick Die Change

For use in standard 1-1/16 inch or ASA T-slots, each bar's hydraulically operated supporting rollers allow easy movement in line with the bar. Rollers can be positioned for front to back or left to right movement. 
Hydraulic roller bars from Hilma provide a roller surface to easily roll dies in and out during the die change process.

4000 Ton Mechanical Forging Press

Mechanical forging presses from ERIE use an exclusive Scotch Yoke drive mechanism that delivers superior precision in all forging processes.
A new 4,000 ton Mechanical Forging Press from ERIE Press Systems is used for manufacturing gear blanks, bearing races, wheel hubs and other critical forgings for automotive market. The closed die press will feature the patented Scotch Yoke ram producing less stretch and improving off center load capability.