Stamping Presses

Stamping Out a New Generation of Automobile Parts

The question Ford and General Motors asked was how to produce hoods and doors with improved productivity, design flexibility and reduced costs. The answer from Schuler, Bosch Rexroth and Morrell was a compact crossbar transfer press that does all that and more.
Stamping Presses: Articles

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Stamping Presses: Industry News

MFG Day 2016 at AIDA-America

An AIDA-America  project manager describes the stamping process to a group of pre-engineering student visitors during MFG Day 2016.
Visitors toured the facility and watched live demonstrations of advanced stamping press technology.

EMI Installs Deep-Draw Press for Jet Engine Components

The new 11,600 psi Quintus deep-draw press enables them to effectively produce more intricate shaped, lightweight sheet metal parts for turbine engines.

AIDA-America Expands Facility and Machining Capabilities

AIDA-America’s new large capacity Toshiba BSF-180B CNC milling and boring machine, shown here with a 9.9 m long, 4.8 m wide, 2.9 m tall, 2,000 ton DSF servo press bed that weighs 318,000 lb. The massive machine tool is capable of machining parts up to 12 m long x 4.5 m high, and includes a rotary table with 130 metric ton capacity.
They have invested $11.5 million in a large building addition and installation of several pieces of capital equipment.


Stamping Presses: Products

Custom Hydraulic Press and Hydroforming Systems

Booth S-4112: Beckwood Press will show how to solve the most difficult manufacturing challenges by utilizing the newest custom hydraulic presses, automation systems and Triform sheet hydroforming press technologies.
Beckwood Press will be showcasing the newest technology in custom hydraulic presses, automation systems and the Triform line of sheet hydroforming presses.

Advanced Servo Press Stamping Operations

Booth S-4524: The Next Generation DSF Series Servo Press Control System from AIDA-America features Allen Bradley Control Logix that significantly improves the performance of the DSF Series servo press as the most flexible and productive stamping equipment in metal forming operations.
AIDA-America showcases the Next Generation DSF Series Servo Press Control System that features Allen Bradley Control Logix in an advanced servo press control platform.

Fineblanking Breaks the 200 SPM Barrier

These parts would normally need to be stamped and then drilled. Using the XFT 1500speed, they were produced in one step at high stroke rates. Aerospace, medical and turbine engine parts are made on these machines because of high volume and extremely high tolerances. Top row left to right: Arm vane for a turbocharger, 3.25 mm thick, 16 mm length, material X8CrNi25-21 / 700 N/mm2; Brown gun tube for electronics, 1.35 mm thick with scrap bridge of 0.6 mm, 22 mm length, material SUS 304L; Locking plate for lock technology, 1.5 mm thick, 15 mm length, material Ck45; lower right, Plunger for electronics, 3.0 mm thick, Hole ø1.8 mm, 10 mm length, material RFe80.
Never before has a fineblanking press been so fast, so versatile and, above all, so productive at up to 200 strokes per minute.