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Top Considerations for Bending When Working with a Contract Metal Manufacturer

You want and need a versatile, value-focused supplier that functions as a partner and not just a vendor, serves you as an effective extension of your team, and is a critical component to your success. These insights will help you start to safeguard against potential issues that lead to unwanted costs down the road.
Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Articles

Robots as Tube Bending Machines?

Instead of installing a tube bending machine and then automating it via a robot, simply use the robot itself for bending by putting a bending machine into the robot's hand. This improved automation opens up a whole new world of process benefits.

You Get What You Expect

To meet higher customer expectations for faster, more flexible deliveries of vehicle frames and structures, engine cradles and other components, Deco Automotive expected their new automated pipe bending cells from Schwarze-Robitec to optimize cycle times, increase production output and reduce costs. Here’s how they got what they expected.

The Sheet Metal MES

An integrated manufacturing execution system controls and records the transformation of raw materials into finished products. In the new world of connectivity and digitization, guest columnist Juan José Colás of Lantek explains how the MES has made production management the key factor in productivity and competitiveness for sheet metal fabricators, far beyond other traditional factors, such as the use of material, calculation of times and costs, elimination of paper, and faster transfer of information.

The Future of Oil: The View from Right Now

Because the world as we know it is still mostly built on the trapped sunshine that is oil, the oil industry was the most consequential market of the 20th century. Guest columnist Chet Biliyok of Energy and System Technical analyzes how the industry must now step up to the challenges of this century.

Intelligent Bending

This plant heralded a complete shift to all-electric tube bending technology to meet huge demand for their new product with an integrated tube processing system that merges robotic handling of the material to bend extremely long tubing in very short cycle times and almost double their manufacturing output from 1,800 units to 3,500 units a day.


Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Industry News

JPW Industries Acquired by Gamut Capital Management

As part of this deal, the JPW name, management and all warehouse, parts support, customer service and technical service operations will stay in place.

Transfluid Provides Technical Training to U.S. Partners

Advanced Fabricating Machinery and Modern Machinery attend workshops on advanced tube and pipe fabrication for equipment service and support.

BLM Group USA Opens New Headquarters and Tech Center

In response to continued growth, this new 75,000 sq ft facility provides greater access for customers to explore more products, services and technologies.


Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Products

How to Eliminate Difficult Tube Bender Programming

By storing bend information and producing the desired bend in seconds, the new Ercolina Super Bender Plus rotary draw tube and pipe bender from CML USA eliminates the intense labor and difficult programming associated with many entry-level benders.

Pipe Beveling Machine for Repairing Biomass Boiler Tubes

Capable of beveling, facing, and boring simultaneously, the Wart MILLHOG boiler tube beveling machine from ESCO Tool is sealed to prevent debris from entering the tool and uses highly reliable dual opposed taper roller bearings.

Plasma Beam Profiler Cuts Both Bolted and Welded Connections

From 3D profiling to beam coping, the new Robotic Profile Cutting Line RPC 2.0 from HGG is ideal for cutting I/H beams and square/rectangular tubing profiles used in offshore or steel construction applications.

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