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From Days to Minutes

To dramatically shorten design-to-manufacture time, this advanced 3D simulator unveils powerful real-time visualization with collision detection that speeds tube bending program development so that shops can optimize their computer-controlled bending machines.
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The Secrets to a Long-Lasting ERP Implementation

The Tube Specialties shop in Tempe employs 97 employees in tube fabrication and assembly, including bending, end forming, machining, welding, brazing, swaging and non-destructive testing for tube assemblies. 
Infor VISUAL enables Tube Specialties, a fabricator of complex tube assemblies, to improve their overall productivity and shop efficiency, and support customer requests without spending excessive time and absorbing additional costs. 


Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Industry News

Superior Tube and Fine Tubes Appoint New Director

Shion Hung now directs their global strategy of building customer insights, analytics and program functions.

Superior Tube Extends DDTC Registration

The defense-related registration enables applications for required export licenses or approvals under international arms traffic terms.

Associated Tube Group Awarded by GM

(l-r) Lee Cotterill (ATG Quality Manager),
Christopher Naegeli (GM Executive Director), Paul Turpin (ATG Sales Manager, Automotive) at the
special award ceremony held at Cobo Hall in Detroit in October 2014.
The tubing supplier has been awarded a GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award three years in a row.


Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Products

Wet Grinding and Polishing of Tube and Pipe

The abrasive belts on the Scantool Centerless 75CGC belt grinder with coolant are quickly changed to accommodate the necessary tube finish without removing machinery guards. The machine converts quickly to a stand-alone industrial belt grinder with heavy duty rubber contact wheel or convenient top mounted grinding surface providing a consistent vibration free grinding surface for heavy material removal or simple part cleanup. 
The Scantool Centerless 75CGC belt grinder with coolant from CML USA is ideal for removing rust and creating a highly polished or brushed surface finish on diameters ranging from .75 in up to 3 in.

Tube and Pipe End Deburring in Three Seconds

Instead of filing by hand or using wire brushes on a buffing stand, the Turnamat is excellent for deburring aluminum, steel, stainless steel tube or pipe. Parts that could only be processed in several minutes can now be deburred in a matter of seconds with consistent results. 
Burrs can now be quickly and easily cleaned from the ends of unconventional configurations of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal pipes and tubes used for automotive parts. 

Small Diameter Tubing for HVAC

The coil designs of the heating and air conditioning industry have evolved with the conversion to smaller diameter tubing; moving from 3/8 in and 5/16 in to 7 mm and now 5 mm as manufacturers continue to experiment in order to reduce manufacturing and raw material costs, as well as improve performance and efficiency.  
Evolving with the conversion to smaller diameter tubing, Burr Oak Tools has worked with the HVAC industry to create a press design with tube processing and fin handling capabilities needed to achieve a more-cost efficient air conditioner.