Tube & Pipe Fabrication

Intelligent Bending

This plant heralded a complete shift to all-electric tube bending technology to meet huge demand for their new product with an integrated tube processing system that merges robotic handling of the material to bend extremely long tubing in very short cycle times and almost double their manufacturing output from 1,800 units to 3,500 units a day.
Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Articles

Speed and Precision in Chemical Plant Engineering

Tubes used to carry chemical substances require special high-strength double-walled materials that must be flanged and beaded. CNC tube bending machines with multi-stack bending tools can process different nominal diameters of these tubes on a single system without retrofitting efforts. With a multi-stack bending tool, up to 70 percent of the set-up time of market-based systems can be saved. (first view)
With investments in chemical plants expected to double over the next few years, here are some insights into selecting the right machines to efficiently manufacture enormous quantities of quality double-walled tubes from high-strength special materials that are often flanged and beaded.

Automatic Bending Cells for Automotive Parts

These freely programmable, CNC-controlled mandrel bending machines are ideal for rational mass production of hollow profiles with radii of more than 6 x D that are fitted in automobiles and commercial vehicles to permit the efficient machining of large radii and complex geometries with different bending radii as well as high-strength materials. 
Automatic bending cells simplify the manufacturing process, offer a high degree of occupational safety, withstand nonstop operation effortlessly, and increase productivity of hollow profiles for body and chassis construction, exhaust gas technology and other applications demanded by the automotive industry.

The Largest All-Electric Tube Bending Machine Ever

The ultra-powerful all-electric pipe bending machine from Unison is shown being unloaded at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia. This new machine brings the flexibility of all-electric pipe bending technology to the fabrication of long and complex pipe shapes in single pieces used in ship pipework up 8 in NPS, with an outside diameter of 8.625 in, with Schedule 80 wall thicknesses of 0.5 in. (Photo by Ricky Thompson, Huntington Ingalls Industries) (first view)
An ultra-powerful all-electric pipe bender starts operations at a U.S. shipbuilder that supplies nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines to the U.S. Navy.

Tube Machining

An OD and ID turning station with BEX15 machining unit using Weldon tool holder and 1.5 kW motor drive and high precision angular contact spindle bearings. (second view)
This transfer machine uses a CNC servo driven spindle and slide components to cut extremely difficult and challenging large and long OD threads on steel tubing parts used in the HVAC component industry.

From Days to Minutes

The advanced 3D simulator provides realistic real-time visualization of the tube bending process to help designers create production-ready control programs. (first view)
To dramatically shorten design-to-manufacture time, this advanced 3D simulator unveils powerful real-time visualization with collision detection that speeds tube bending program development so that shops can optimize their computer-controlled bending machines.


Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Industry News

BLM Group USA Announces New Facility

A rendering of the new 75,000 sq ft facility that is slated for opening in the spring of 2017. The new location will more than double the space of their current facility and feature an impressive showroom to display their product line. There will also be an expanded training area and a separate demo area for hands-on display of technologies.
The new headquarters will boast 75,000 sq ft with room to grow up to 50 percent for future expansion.

BLM Group USA Plans To Build New Headquarters

BLM Group USA hosted “Tube Innovation Week” at their Wixom headquarters that was attended by customers and prospects. Highlighting the event were live demonstrations and technical presentations on several of the company’s products.
The larger 75,000 sq ft headquarters and Tech Center will more than double the space of their current facility and provide greater access for customers to explore their tube processing technologies.

JMC Steel Group Changes Name to Zekelman Industries

Zekelman is the parent company of Atlas Tube, Wheatland Tube, Sharon Tube, Picoma and Energex Tube.


Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Products

Turbo Powered Tools Grind, Mill and Polish the Deepest Recesses of Narrow Pipes

The LRC 20 hand tool from Suhner can be bent through 45 deg to grind, mill and polish the leading edges and corners of impellers or the insides of narrow pipes that previously could be accessed only with great difficulty. (view one)
The LRC 20 hand tool from Suhner grinds, mills and polishs the leading edges and corners of impellers or the insides of narrow pipes that previously could be accessed only with great difficulty.

Next Generation Technology for Drilling Pipe

For pipe drilling and hole cutting, the MagDrill Disrupter 30 from Magswitch/Euroboor uses a uniquely flexible drill base for a superior grip on flat and round pipe outer and pipe inner surfaces a little over two inches in diameter,

Advanced Tube Bending Technologies

This intelligent robot-assisted tube bending system from Transfluid is ideal for producing lines for braking systems, air conditioning units and similar devices with a length of 1,500 mm and tiny diameters of as little as 18 mm. The tube processing system uses 7-axis robot handling and can perform 47 bends on tube lengths up to 4,500 mm in a time of around 140 seconds. (view one)
The fully automatic DB 622-CNC ‘t bend’ mandrel bending machine from Transfluid performs exact bending of 22 x 2.0 mm round steel tubes, 22 x 1.5 mm stainless steel tubes, and 16 x 1.5 mm square tubes.