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The Hidden Champions: Punch-Laser Combination Machines

Once seen as a machine that can do anything but nothing to completion, there are now countless applications where the versatile punch-laser combination machine easily outperforms a laser cutting machine when a second application is included.
Turret Presses: Articles

A Warm Welcome for New Equipment

How to prepare your shop for a smooth installation that gets your new machinery up and running efficiently and as quickly as possible so it can begin generating money for your company.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Production

A new IT services platform supports the entire production value chain – regardless of the manufacturer – with modular solutions that allow shops to transition into Industry 4.0 at their own speed, step by step. 

Three Tricks to Keep Punching Performance at Its Best

There is still a place for punching in fabrication, and here are some practices and applications to get the best performance out of your punching equipment.

Rethinking Your Parts: Combining for a Competitive Advantage

You may discover a whole new profit method in a combination processing machine that can produce all of the geometries you need at the same cost, regardless of the number of parts required. 

How Well Do You Know the Capabilities of Your Punch Machine?

Are you missing opportunities to produce parts profitably? Which of your parts currently require two or three machines to produce a completed piece? Let’s consider how you might put more profit in your pocket by producing those same parts with just your punching machine.


Turret Presses: Industry News

TRUMPF Recognized as 2017 Young Adult Employer Champion

They receive the Pathways to Apprenticeship award from the National Fund for Workforce Solutions for their leadership in connecting youth to apprenticeship opportunities.

LVD Strippit Mexico Names New Sales Engineers

Belisario Antillón and Sandra Torres now provide sales and technical support to their growing base of customers throughout Mexico.

General Stamping & Metalworks Names New VP

Jeff Zelley is their new vice president of manufacturing.


Turret Presses: Products

Automated Turret Punch Press Loading

Ideal for handling full-size blank sheets and finished parts, FS Tower Series cell stocker systems from Murata Machinery can double the production of a stand-alone machine and provide lights out, unattended operation during breaks, shift changes, lunch and after hours, as well as more consistent production to improve job estimates and costs.

A Machine that Grows to Meet New Challenges

To economically increase the variety of parts they manufacture, sheet metal fabricators can covert and upgrade the modular TruPunch 1000 from TRUMPF into the new TruMatic 1000 combination punch laser machine.

Flexible Automation for Punch Presses

FA-P advanced automation on the Strippit-PX punch press from LVD provides dynamic load/unload capacity, smart part picking and a large area for stacking punched parts directly onto designated pallets from sheets up to 120 in x 60 in by 4 mm thick from two shuttle tables with a maximum capacity of 6,600 lb.

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