Going for the Right Formula to Compete

Gopher Motorsports has enlisted Jet Edge to cut carbon composite, steel and aluminum parts for their Formula SAE race car using waterjet technology.
Waterjets: Articles

X(-5) Marks the Spot

From metal service centers in the U.S to industrial plant contractors in Turkey, fabricators everywhere are discovering how 5-axis waterjet cutting capabilities can be used to grow their business in heavy industrial applications. 

Understanding the Impact of Pressure and Velocity in Waterjet Cutting

The move to higher pressure has improved the productivity of waterjet cutting systems, but the increase in jet velocity is actually the driving force behind these dramatic gains in efficiency.

Call to Arms

Abrasive waterjet micro machining technology created 23 of the parts used in the fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder of the first Modular Prosthetic Limbs worn and controlled by a bilateral shoulder-level amputee.

Specialty Precision Fabrication Shop Grows with Waterjets

Precision Waterjet Concepts uses waterjet cutting systems from Jet Edge to cut virtually any material, especially AR Plating and titanium.

Waterjet Manufacturer Meets Growing Demand With Company-Wide Automation System

The in-house system developed by OMAX helps eliminate bottlenecks, provides active real-time measurable data, makes it possible to quickly adjust to fluctuating production schedules, streamlines processes and shortens manufacturing lead times to get machines on customers’ shop floors faster.


Waterjets: Industry News

Hypertherm Releases New CSR Report

They achieve record results in all areas of community engagement, environmental impact, and associate well-being.

WARDJet Partners with Google to Increase Economic Impact in Ohio

The waterjet manufacturer employs over 90 local residents and provides repeat business for many local businesses and hardworking business owners.

Hypertherm Continues Support for Schools in North America

Their 2017 Spark Something Great Educational Grant gets the latest plasma technology into schools to train the next generation of metalworkers.


Waterjets: Products

Water-Guided Laser Cutting with Virtually No Heat Impact

Ideal for hole-drillers and shops that micro-machine metals, ceramics and composite materials with high precision in aerospace, industrial gas turbines, defense, medical, automotive, hard material tool making and general metal micro-machining, the Synova MCS 500 5-axis water-guided laser cutting system from Single Source Technologies greatly improves production yields by cutting and drilling perfectly parallel and clean kerfs or holes with virtually no heat impact.

Ultra-High Precision Waterjet Cutting

The MicroMAX Gen 2 abrasive waterjet system from OMAX has a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head to achieve virtually zero taper and is capable of a positioning accuracy of less than five microns.

High Pressure Pumps Double Waterjet Productivity, Reduce Abrasive Costs

Available with dual heads to double productivity, the 90,000 psi PRO-III 125 hp pump from KMT Waterjet runs a .016 orifice that can reduce cutting time in half.