Going for the Right Formula to Compete

Gopher Motorsports has enlisted Jet Edge to cut carbon composite, steel and aluminum parts for their Formula SAE race car using waterjet technology.
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X(-5) Marks the Spot

Jacquet Midwest uses a dual head 5-axis EDGE X-5 waterjet cutting system from Jet Edge to process full 10 ft x 20 ft plates of stainless steel (up to 12 in thick) and nickel alloy (up to 2 in thick). The rare capability of dual 5-axis cutting services on the system distinguishes the company from their competitors. (second view)
From metal service centers in the U.S to industrial plant contractors in Turkey, fabricators everywhere are discovering how 5-axis waterjet cutting capabilities can be used to grow their business in heavy industrial applications. 

Understanding the Impact of Pressure and Velocity in Waterjet Cutting

Extremely easy to set up and operate, waterjet cutting technology is a cold-cutting process that can cut virtually any material without adding heat or stress and quickly produce small or large batches of parts, even for difficult projects.
The move to higher pressure has improved the productivity of waterjet cutting systems, but the increase in jet velocity is actually the driving force behind these dramatic gains in efficiency.

Call to Arms

Les Baugh, who lost both arms in an electrical accident 40 years ago, was fitted for a custom socket for his torso and shoulders that supports the prosthetic limbs and also makes the neurological connections with the reinnervated nerves. 
Abrasive waterjet micro machining technology created 23 of the parts used in the fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder of the first Modular Prosthetic Limbs worn and controlled by a bilateral shoulder-level amputee.

Specialty Precision Fabrication Shop Grows with Waterjets

Precision Waterjet Concepts uses a Jet Edge 4 ft x 4 ft High Rail Gantry system equipped with four abrasive jet cutting heads that is powered by a 150 hp waterjet intensifier pump.
Precision Waterjet Concepts uses waterjet cutting systems from Jet Edge to cut virtually any material, especially AR Plating and titanium.

Waterjet Manufacturer Meets Growing Demand With Company-Wide Automation System

The recently integrated company-wide custom-designed automated management system includes more than 100 tablets for streamlining manufacturing plant operations.
The in-house system developed by OMAX helps eliminate bottlenecks, provides active real-time measurable data, makes it possible to quickly adjust to fluctuating production schedules, streamlines processes and shortens manufacturing lead times to get machines on customers’ shop floors faster.


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Jet Edge Named Finalist for Award

This aluminum part shows the bevel cutting capabilities of an EDGE 5-axis waterjet system from Jet Edge, which is one of three manufacturers contending for the Image Award that recognizes a Minnesota business for their efforts to enhance the manufacturing industry’s image and show the appeal of careers in manufacturing.
They are in the running for the Image Award that recognizes Minnesota businesses for showing the appeal of careers in manufacturing.

Social Responsibility Grows at Hypertherm

They report progress on their social and environmental goals.

TECHNI Waterjet Announces New Business Development Group

Kevin McManus is the new global director of business development of TECHNI Waterjet, responsible for helping companies around the world significantly improve their operating performance through the utilization of TECHNI’s industry-leading products and technology. 
Kevin McManus and Jenifer Bingham-McManus now lead global business development for the company.


Waterjets: Products

Shuttle Allows Waterjet to Keep Cutting While Operators Unload Parts

Manufactured for industrial use, Jet Edge waterjet shuttles are available in a High Rail Gantry format supporting up to 12 cutting heads or a Mid Rail Gantry format supporting up to four cutting heads. (High Rail Gantry format pictured)
To operate the Waterjet Shuttle Systems from Jet Edge the operator simply rolls out the top cutting table like a drawer and continues cutting on the bottom table as parts are unloaded.

Abrasive Waterjet Produces High Precision Parts from Any Material

Booth N-6228: Visitors can learn how abrasive waterjet technology is engineered to provide successful cutting solutions by watching live demonstrations of JetMachining Centers from OMAX quickly cutting high precision 3D and taper-free parts from various material types and thicknesses without the need for any tool changes.
OMAX will demonstrate how their JetMachining Centers can cut high precision 3D and taper-free parts from virtually any material and thickness without the need for tool changes.

Ultra-High Precision Cutting Micro Waterjet

The new micro waterjet C4 from Micro Waterjet uses the Quantum NXT Electric Servo Pump from TECHNI to achieve a cutting accuracy of ±0.01 mm and a positioning accuracy of ±0.003 mm.
TECHNI Waterjet and Micro Waterjet have teamed up to combine high precision cutting capabilities with the latest in high pressure pump technology.