Understanding the Impact of Pressure and Velocity in Waterjet Cutting

The move to higher pressure has improved the productivity of waterjet cutting systems, but the increase in jet velocity is actually the driving force behind these dramatic gains in efficiency.
Waterjets: Articles

Call to Arms

Les Baugh, who lost both arms in an electrical accident 40 years ago, was fitted for a custom socket for his torso and shoulders that supports the prosthetic limbs and also makes the neurological connections with the reinnervated nerves. 
Abrasive waterjet micro machining technology created 23 of the parts used in the fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder of the first Modular Prosthetic Limbs worn and controlled by a bilateral shoulder-level amputee.

Specialty Precision Fabrication Shop Grows with Waterjets

Precision Waterjet Concepts uses a Jet Edge 4 ft x 4 ft High Rail Gantry system equipped with four abrasive jet cutting heads that is powered by a 150 hp waterjet intensifier pump.
Precision Waterjet Concepts uses waterjet cutting systems from Jet Edge to cut virtually any material, especially AR Plating and titanium.

Waterjet Manufacturer Meets Growing Demand With Company-Wide Automation System

The recently integrated company-wide custom-designed automated management system includes more than 100 tablets for streamlining manufacturing plant operations.
The in-house system developed by OMAX helps eliminate bottlenecks, provides active real-time measurable data, makes it possible to quickly adjust to fluctuating production schedules, streamlines processes and shortens manufacturing lead times to get machines on customers’ shop floors faster.

Waterjet Cutting: Diamond vs. Ruby Orifices

In a job shop or short-run environment, rubies may be a better choice because every time you take the cutting head off the machine to change the orifice/nozzle combination, you increase the risk of debris getting to the orifice that could cause damage.
When should you use a ruby orifice or diamond orifice with your waterjet? Though either can be used, the answer depends upon the environment the machine is working in, along with a number of other considerations.

A Closer Look at Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Pumps

Ultra-high pressure waterjet systems turn tap water and sand into a powerful abrasivejet that cuts through steel like butter and machines parts from super alloys like Inconel® with no hesitation. 
Which pump is right for your shop? Here is a look at how a water intensifier system operates, different system configurations, and the specific things to look for in the pump system regarding the waterjet application required.


Waterjets: Industry News

OMAX Expands Waterjet Training Capacity

The new training classroom takes customers step-by-step through the process of making parts, including all the ways in which the intuitive Intelli-MAX Software Suite speeds up and simplifies complex part production.
A new technology-training classroom supplements an existing equipment-training lab.

Hypertherm Opens New Waterjet Facility

The 28,000 sq ft facility in New Brighton, MN, will manufacture the HyPrecision and AccuStream lines. 

WARDJet Announces UK Representative

DSG Waterjet is their authorized representative in the United Kingdom.


Waterjets: Products

New Plasma, Laser, Waterjet Cutting Systems

Booth S-3340: Ideal for cutting and gouging in out-of-the-way locations, the new Freedom 38 PPA from Hypertherm is a completely autonomous, all-in-one unit that combines a powerful 125 amp plasma system with a generator and air compressor for cutting in areas without access to electricity.
Hypertherm unveils a system that significantly reduce waterjet operating costs and simplified CNC and robotic cutting processes.

Advanced Waterjet Technologies

Booth S-3901: Designed specifically for waterjet cutting, programmers and operators, FlowXpert 2015 waterjet software from Flow International is a robust 3D CAD/CAM platform that includes Design powered by SpaceClaim, an integrated 3D modeling tool that improves pathing workflows for faster waterjet programming.
Flow will demonstrate FlowXpert 2015 waterjet software during live cutting demonstrations on the Mach 4 and Mach 2 line of waterjets.

Advanced Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Operations

The workhorse EDGE X-5® 5-axis waterjet from Jet Edge cuts precise taper-free parts from virtually any material, including sophisticated 3D parts such as impellers and bevels up to 50 deg with the best repeatability in the industry at ±.001 in. The system is available in sizes from 5 ft x 5 ft to 24 ft x 13 ft.
Jet Edge offers the X-Stream-powered EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet with Aquavision Di control and Closed Loop Filtration System, a new low-cost BOSS-CUTTER 3-axis waterjet system, a new 55,000 psi, 30 hp iP60-30 waterjet intensifier pump, and the premiere X-Stream pressure intensifier pumps.