Specialty Precision Fabrication Shop Grows with Waterjets

Precision Waterjet Concepts uses waterjet cutting systems from Jet Edge to cut virtually any material, especially AR Plating and titanium.
Waterjets: Articles

Jet Edge Named Finalist for Award

The waterjet manufacturer is a finalist for the 2014 Minnesota Manufacturing Award that recognizes a small company for overall excellence in the state's manufacturing industry.

Jet Edge Selects Jetstream as Distributor for South Africa

Because this distributor already supplies approximately 25 percent of the market in their territory, this represents a tremendous growth potential for Jet Edge waterjet equipment on the Sub-Saharan African Continent.

Micro Waterjet Announces New Distributor for Canada

Samzach is now the sole distributor of Micro Waterjet advanced abrasive waterjet technologies in all Canadian provinces.

Semyx on West Coast Customs

Semyx has made a strategic partnership with West Coast Customs to offer the ultimate in metal, wood, plastic, foam, fabric, and carpet fabrication technology for their custom vehicle builds.

IMG Expands Capabilities with MC Machinery Systems

By adding a new waterjet and laser the company can now manufacture parts to completion without the need for an outside source. It also allows IMG to create custom-sized gaskets with essentially no lead time, a huge benefit to clients that require a lot of specialty fabrication.


Waterjets: Products

Waterjet Cutting at a Fraction of the Cost

The Emerald Series allows operators to load material into the cutting area from all four sides. The system is also capable of indexing sheets of unlimited length in all directions – a feature no other low cost waterjet offers.
Featuring greater accessibility, the Emerald Series waterjet from WARDJet is a high quality, low cost waterjet system that is capable of indexing sheets of unlimited length in all directions.

Revolutionary Downhole Casing and Pipe Cutting System

Three layers of casing, cut at 300 ft deep, recovered after overcoring. (Photo courtesy Centura Oil Inc.)
Designed especially for oil, gas and mining applications, the CenJet 90® cutting system developed by Centura Oil uses Jet Edge equipment to cut up to 300 ft under the surface at any angle: horizontal, vertical and even overhead. 

5-Axis Waterjet Cuts Sophisticated 3D Parts from Virtually Any Material

The EDGE X-5’s sturdy design separates the motion system from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration and ensuring maximum part quality.  
The EDGE X-5 waterjet machine from Jet Edge cuts impellers and bevels up to 50 deg as a workhorse system that can provide years of dependable service in harsh industrial environments.