Tooling & Workholding

Mills, drills, taps, reamers, boring bars, cutters, inserts, dies, punches, abrasive wheels and other devices used to cut, mill, drill, grind, tap, notch, punch and form material. Chucks, fixtures, clamps, blocks, angle plates, tooling columns, dies and other mechanisms used to position, locate and hold material as it is being cut, milled, drilled, ground, tapped, notched, punched, formed or welded.

Tool Holding Plays an Important Role Where Chips are Flying

When Pilatus Aircraft installed new manufacturing systems for machining structural parts made of aluminum, they relied on tool holders and shrinking and balancing machines from Haimer to achieve the desired surface quality and precision during high speed milling operations.

Time to Reconsider Holding Taps with Collet Chucks

The next time you think about setting up a tapping operation with a collet chuck the same old way you always have, you may want to think again. There are now tap holders designed specifically to mitigate the load imposed on the tap by essentially absorbing synchronization error.

Workholding Collet Changeouts Get Totally Automated

Cutting edge workholding automation technology that incorporates robotic workpiece loading/unloading is creating total machine automation for job shops that opens up wide ranges of application possibilities for ever shorter production runs.
Cutting Tools

The Chamfer that Changed the World

It all began with “Scuffgate,” a small chamfered edge that became a critical priority and evolved into a growing demand for fine finishes and feel in a world of myriad applications that only precision chamfering can deliver.
Drilling Tools

Opening a Connected Path from Digital Art to Part to Profit

Having data is not enough. Whether the data is identifying and describing the workpiece, the materials, the machines that will make it, the approval specification or other manufacturing criteria, all of the information must be organized in a manner which allows the data to work for you. This is where the digital intelligence of the smart factory comes into play.
Fixturing Systems

Changing the Way Things are Done with Magnets

New magnet technology is being scaled and engineered to revolutionize power from lighter weight tools for precise manipulation, positioning and cleaning, and increased safety in welding and fabrication, automation and more.
Abrasives, Belts, Brushes, Grinding Wheels

On the SPOT: How to Improve Safety When Using Power Tools and Accessories

Here are some basic rules to follow for safely operating right-angle grinders, flap discs, die grinders and cutoff wheels, or other handheld tools and accessories. That’s not all: you’ll save some time and money too.

How Close is Close Enough When Trying to Achieve Positioning Accuracy?

Which is better: pneumatic or electric actuation? This review of the various options of each process, along with their advantages and shortcomings depending on application circumstances, can help you make more informed decisions about positioning design and selection.
Punches and Dies

VR Technology Improves End Effector Production Accuracy and Speed for Pressroom Stamping

Take a closer look at how DESTACO uses the Accelerate Vision VR digital design tool at the beginning of the design process to precisely build an end effector based on customer-supplied models and provide detailed information and data to die makers so that they can streamline their design and review process.
Saw Blades

Benchmark Survey of Industrial Metal-Cutting Organizations

Amid a challenging operating environ­ment, the LENOX Institute of Technology conducted a survey of 100+ industrial metal cutting operations that identified three key areas where organizations can gain additional productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. 

Tool Management

The Smart Factory uses cyber-physical automation for tool management at every stage: from purchasing to programming to operation; from selecting, ordering and maintaining the proper tools for particular jobs to precise recommendations for cutting data to generating CNC programs for specific applications.
Threading Tools

Thread Form Now Available for High Speed CNC Machining

Stanley's Spiralock thread form has been used in applications for NASA’S Space Shuttle, the Saturn Cassini orbiter, and more.
Toolholders & Adapters

Balance: A Critical Part of Continuous Improvement

This machine shop didn't fully recognize the importance of balancing toolholders until they lost a spindle and realized that balancing is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.
Vises and Vise Jaws

Reinventing the Unbreakable Grip

Examine the design of these machine tool vise jaws to understand how they enable aggressive 5-axis machining of high-value medical and aerospace parts in a single setup by clamping on as little as 2 mm of surface.
Tooling & Workholding: Products

New Multi-Function Tool for Swiss-Style Machining

The extremely versatile, multi-function G6 six-edge turning insert from Carmex fits one holder and delivers high productivity, cost efficiency, and a smooth surface finish even in hard materials when threading, grooving, parting, and back and front turning a range of diameters from small, thin wall applications up to 2.5 in.

Multi-Purpose Clamping for High Speed Drilling, Reaming and Finishing

Perfect for high speed drills, reamers and finishing end mills with a diameter up to Ø 1 in, the high precision multi-purpose Mega New Baby Chuck from BIG KAISER provides .00004 in runout accuracy and guarantees one micron runout at the collet nose.

Advances in Precision Marking and Machining

The Beamer Laser Systems M-Series Enclosure from ARCH Global Precision easily, quickly and safely marks a product, while their ULTRA-DEX Chatter-Free Boring Bar and KEO Cutters Center Drills significantly increase machining performance.

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