Tooling & Workholding

Mills, drills, taps, reamers, boring bars, cutters, inserts, dies, punches, abrasive wheels and other devices used to cut, mill, drill, grind, tap, notch, punch and form material. Chucks, fixtures, clamps, blocks, angle plates, tooling columns, dies and other mechanisms used to position, locate and hold material as it is being cut, milled, drilled, ground, tapped, notched, punched, formed or welded.

How Shrink Fit Chucks Fit Single Blade Applications

See why Starrag uses shrink fit chucks so their rotationally symmetric clamping body has less interfering contours and higher run-out accuracy when roughing and finishing hard-to-cut materials used for highly precise turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other structurally complex parts. 

Hard Turning on a Magnetic Chuck

Green or hard turning on a magnet is becoming more accepted as an alternative for lathe chucking, particularly for rings which are vulnerable to deflection.

Getting a Better Grip on Toolholding Systems

This precision machine shop discovered the many ways that balancing and heat shrinking their toolholders gives them repeatable and predictive results in machining aluminum components for aircraft.
Cutting Tools

Breakthrough In Aluminum Face Milling

This machine shop halved its cycle time on producing diesel engine manifolds and rocker arms, saved $300,000 a year in machining costs and sidestepped a $500,000 capital expenditure. All with one tool.
Drilling Tools

How to Thread Nickel-Based Alloys

Proper tooling selection is the key for optimal results in this demanding application.
Fixturing Systems

Using Adaptive Grippers as Flexible Fixturing For Robotic Welding

Using a traditional jig for every type of piece and assembly is complicated and expensive when welding small volumes or high mixes of parts. Why not use a robot with an adaptive gripper to feed a welding robot? This could replace most of the templates currently used by adapting to any part size and shape and holding them firmly while welding.
Grinding Wheels

Documented Cost Savings for Abrasives

Rather than focusing only on energy savings or reducing costs associated with large equipment, manufacturers that are looking for potential savings in their plants should take the time to investigate just how much money they could save by switching out an abrasive. In doing so, they should evaluate fully how labor costs tie into the equation.

How Welding Positioners Are Helping to Save Venice

Silvestrini welding positioners are being used to fabricate massive weldments and hinges in an ingenious flood-defense barrier intended to protect the city.
Punches and Dies

Clever Turret Press Tooling Produces More Parts In Less Time

Tooling changeover is a priority for this sheet metal job shop, which achieves quick setups, extra durability and increased uptime by using advanced tooling  that makes its turret presses "operate like new."
Saw Blades

Benchmark Survey of Industrial Metal-Cutting Organizations

Amid a challenging operating environ­ment, the LENOX Institute of Technology conducted a survey of 100+ industrial metal cutting operations that identified three key areas where organizations can gain additional productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. 
Threading Tools

Thread Form Now Available for High Speed CNC Machining

Stanley's Spiralock thread form has been used in applications for NASA’S Space Shuttle, the Saturn Cassini orbiter, and more.
Vises and Vise Jaws

Reinventing the Unbreakable Grip

Examine the design of these machine tool vise jaws to understand how they enable aggressive 5-axis machining of high-value medical and aerospace parts in a single setup by clamping on as little as 2 mm of surface.
Tooling & Workholding: Products

Matrix Table Clamps

Booth N-24032: BESSEY displays high-quality welding table clamps for 16 mm and 28 mm matrix tables in either fixed throat versions or a variable throat depth version for maximum flexibility, with choices of a lever, cantilever, 2K handle or even the more traditional T Bar styles to choose for specific welding table set up.
BESSEY Tools extends its family of high-quality welding table clamps for 16 mm and 28 mm matrix tables. 

Heavy Duty 3-Axis Single Column

In Booth N-24049: Ideal for situations when total product access is needed, the MHL1P 3-axis, single column, 6,000 lb capacity positioner from ALM requires no special foundation and eliminates dangerous, old-fashion belts, chain transfer and screw systems while allowing the operator to raise and position his weldments or assemblies to a convenient height and working position.
ALM Positioners introduces their new MHL1P 3-axis, single column, 6,000 lb capacity positioner which requires no special foundation and is ideal for situations when total product access is needed.

Cloud Based Machine Monitoring Revolutionizes Sawing Operations

MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing is a cloud based system that revolutionizes sawing operations with an innovative feature that monitors the performance of a blade and accurately forecasts the number of remaining cutting hours left before a saw blade dulls and is no longer cutting with precision or a complete breakage. Both operators and management will know the remaining useful life on a band saw blade.
Gone are the days of tracking machine hours and accumulated cutting area. Now MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing from Cosen Saws provides shops with advance knowledge of the days and hours before a replacement saw blade is required.