Tooling & Workholding

Mills, drills, taps, reamers, boring bars, cutters, inserts, dies, punches, abrasive wheels and other devices used to cut, mill, drill, grind, tap, notch, punch and form material. Chucks, fixtures, clamps, blocks, angle plates, tooling columns, dies and other mechanisms used to position, locate and hold material as it is being cut, milled, drilled, ground, tapped, notched, punched, formed or welded.

Smart Tooling for Greater Efficiency

In a major step toward the smart factory of the future, the Tool-ID system from Walter controls tooling plant-wide, saving time, boosting productivity and increasing process reliability.

Stick to the Story

Check out how a special dual contact stick turning toolholder developed by Briney Tool Systems eliminated the need for one shop to re-engineer their catalog of lathe stick tools.

How the Right Offline Tool Presetter Affects a Shop

The old saying “it won’t make chips – not worth it” doesn’t apply anymore. Considering the accelerating pace of change in technology and the relentless competition your shop faces, how can you possibly afford not to use a presetter?
Cutting Tools

Efficiency Reigns Supreme

In the aircraft manufacturing supply chain, one thing is certain: process improvements – both large and small – can have a massive impact on the bottom line.
Drilling Tools

A More Productive Alternative to Helical Interpolation for High Volume Holemaking

The limitations of using milling tools to prepare holes for finishing become apparent as hole depth and volume increase. Enter the relatively simple and affordable twin cutter, which can solve this and virtually any other holemaking problem.
Fixturing Systems

Using Adaptive Grippers as Flexible Fixturing For Robotic Welding

Using a traditional jig for every type of piece and assembly is complicated and expensive when welding small volumes or high mixes of parts. Why not use a robot with an adaptive gripper to feed a welding robot? This could replace most of the templates currently used by adapting to any part size and shape and holding them firmly while welding.
Grinding Wheels

Why Cotton Fiber Abrasive Wheels Rule the Automotive World

A revolution is taking place in automotive braze removal, where Type 1 cotton fiber wheels are exponentially impacting smooth operations, shrinking costs and negating operating downtime. 

How Welding Positioners Are Helping to Save Venice

Silvestrini welding positioners are being used to fabricate massive weldments and hinges in an ingenious flood-defense barrier intended to protect the city.
Punches and Dies

Clever Turret Press Tooling Produces More Parts In Less Time

Tooling changeover is a priority for this sheet metal job shop, which achieves quick setups, extra durability and increased uptime by using advanced tooling  that makes its turret presses "operate like new."
Saw Blades

Benchmark Survey of Industrial Metal-Cutting Organizations

Amid a challenging operating environ­ment, the LENOX Institute of Technology conducted a survey of 100+ industrial metal cutting operations that identified three key areas where organizations can gain additional productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. 
Threading Tools

Thread Form Now Available for High Speed CNC Machining

Stanley's Spiralock thread form has been used in applications for NASA’S Space Shuttle, the Saturn Cassini orbiter, and more.
Vises and Vise Jaws

Reinventing the Unbreakable Grip

Examine the design of these machine tool vise jaws to understand how they enable aggressive 5-axis machining of high-value medical and aerospace parts in a single setup by clamping on as little as 2 mm of surface.
Tooling & Workholding: Products

Cut-Off Wheel for Fast and Cool Cutting of All Metals

VERSA-CUT by Rex-Cut,  The premium aluminum oxide grit composition makes it highly effective for free cutting on both carbon and stainless steel without bogging down, eliminating the need to store multiple SKUs for different applications.
Built with a 0.045 in cutting edge, VERSA-CUT from Rex-Cut, can be used in almost any cutting application and provide the cutting speed of a thin wheel while maintaining the longevity of thicker options.

Coolant-Through Tooling

The Walter Turn Precision Coolant system directs coolant through the insert clamp and along the flank face of the insert for a 30 percent to 150 percent tool life increase when machining stainless materials, high temperature alloys and steels. Beginning at pressures as low as 150 psi, the system targets coolant precisely at the cutting edge for greater lubrication, cooler inserts and improved chip control.  
By targeting the coolant stream as close to right place in the cutting zone as possible, coolant-through tooling systems can bring improvements that range from higher cutting speeds to better surface finish by effectively controlling chips and helping to optimize tool life and increase production. Here are some of the latest systems to consider.

Coolant-Through High-Feed Face Mills and End Mills

Coolant-through high-feed end mills and face mills from Techniks are made from high grade H13 tool steel that is precision ground for accuracy and feature an electroless nickel coating for longevity and rust resistance. The inserts feature a proprietary PVD coating that is thicker and tougher than other coatings for long life and smooth cutting.
Coolant-through ready cutter bodies from Techniks are made from high grade H13 tool steel that is precision ground for accuracy and feature an electroless nickel coating for longevity and rust resistance.