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The way we machine parts has changed significantly over the years. Now it’s time to change how we think about workholding too.  
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How Shrink Fit Chucks Fit Single Blade Applications

As a long-time partner of the aircraft industry, Starrag develops precise turnkey machine tool solutions for the production of turbine elements. One standard element of such complete
systems is Haimer shrinking technology. (Photo courtesy of Starrag)
See why Starrag uses shrink fit chucks so their rotationally symmetric clamping body has less interfering contours and higher run-out accuracy when roughing and finishing hard-to-cut materials used for highly precise turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other structurally complex parts. 

Hard Turning on a Magnetic Chuck

Figure 1. All three areas of the hardened ring on this magnetic workholding set-up will withstand a 0.200 in depth of cut at 0.020 in feed per revolution. A demagnetizing cycle provides easy workpiece removal.
Green or hard turning on a magnet is becoming more accepted as an alternative for lathe chucking, particularly for rings which are vulnerable to deflection.

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Röhm Holds Grand Opening Oktoberfest

At the ribbon cutting during the grand opening of the new North American manufacturing and headquarters facility of Röhm Products of America in Suwanee, GA. Dr. Joachim Hummler opens the ceremony with his comments. To the right of him is Matthew Mayer, the chief executive officer of Röhm Products of America.
Their new 32,000 sq ft facility in Suwanee, GA, is three times larger than their previous location in order to manufacture in the U.S. and expand service and support operations across North America. 

KOMET and SCHUNK Hold Joint Distributor Event

All types of workpieces and various materials such as cast iron and aluminum were machined, boasting the depth of KOMET tools as well as the variety of clamping technology available from SCHUNK, offering a wide array of flexibility. 
The five-hour event included demos of SCHUNK workholding and toolholding working together seamlessly with KOMET cutting tools in a machining center on the production floor. 

Techniks Offers Certified Toolholder Promotion

As Capto tooling continues to grow in popularity, offering Capto-Compatible tooling reinforces the company's commitment to providing a wide range of high quality toolholders for CNC machines.
This introductory 30 percent promotion covers ER collet chucks, ShrinkFIT holders, end mill holders, face mill arbors, and turning tools.


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Innovations in Workholding

Ideal for machines with short stroke cylinders, the ROTA NCX from SCHUNK is a power lathe chuck with a quick jaw change system that can decrease set up time up to 80 percent and be changed out with a repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm. It boasts a large through-hole and easily replaces conventional lathe chucks. 
Workholding must be updated to make full use of the small lot flexibility that machine tools now offer so that the same part cost can be achieved in much shorter production runs. Here are some of the latest advances in workholding technology for shops to consider. 

The Freedom of Magnetic Workholding

Fast, reliable MagVISE workholding chucks from Techniks save 50 percent to 60 percent on setup time and provide the freedom to machine on all four sides and the top of the part to cut more metal faster when face milling, edge milling, drilling, and even boring on thick or thin workpieces.
MagVISE workholding chucks from Techniks are used for face milling, edge milling, drilling, and even boring operations on all four sides and the top of thick or thin workpieces. 

Synthetic Gripper for Complex, Sensitive Workpieces

The customizable, lightweight yet robust RRMG Synthetic Gripper 3 from Röhm is perfect for securely gripping and clamping of complex, sensitive parts. It has jaws with free-form surfaces that adapt to different workpieces geometries, whether they be round or prismatic in shape.
The RRMG Synthetic Gripper 3 from Röhm uses free-form surfaces that adapt to different workpieces geometries, whether they be round or prismatic in shape.