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KOMET and SCHUNK Hold Joint Distributor Event

All types of workpieces and various materials such as cast iron and aluminum were machined, boasting the depth of KOMET tools as well as the variety of clamping technology available from SCHUNK, offering a wide array of flexibility. 
The five-hour event included demos of SCHUNK workholding and toolholding working together seamlessly with KOMET cutting tools in a machining center on the production floor. 

Techniks Offers Certified Toolholder Promotion

As Capto tooling continues to grow in popularity, offering Capto-Compatible tooling reinforces the company's commitment to providing a wide range of high quality toolholders for CNC machines.
This introductory 30 percent promotion covers ER collet chucks, ShrinkFIT holders, end mill holders, face mill arbors, and turning tools.

Techniks Opens Ontario Warehouse 

Local customers will have immediate access to Techniks’ full line of CNC Toolholders and setup equipment, including ultra-precision collets, collet chucks, end mill holders, shrink fit tooling, face mill arbors, milling chucks, and tapping tools.
Techniks opened an Ontario distribution center to better serve Canadian customers.


Chucks: Products

Clamping for Difficult Machining Applications

The non-rotating air manifold in the Systec chuck uses Teflon seals that are virtually maintenance free and help increase the grip force. The chuck operates with just 90 psi air pressure. Internal safety valves prevent loss of air pressure and gripping force.
These clamping systems from Lexair are ideal upgrades for manual lathes, rotary tables and indexers that require higher grip force for difficult applications.

Chucks for Machining Oil/Gas Pipes

Pneumatic 6-jaw front-end LVE chucks can be configured to machine bent pipe; ES versions have rapid stroke and clamping stroke; other versions have retracting clamping arms for pre-centering the workpiece; still others have spring clamping and pneumatic release. 
Pneumatic 6-jaw front-end LVE chucks from RÖHM are ideal for machining the ends of especially large and long pipes used for extracting crude oil or natural gas.

Air Chuck Jaws Grip Delicate Parts Without Damage

Two types of jaws, blank or (blocks) top jaws in 1018 steel or 6061 aluminum, or full circled or (pie shaped) top jaws in A356 aluminum, 6061 aluminum or 1018 steel, are milled with very close tolerances to correctly fit the chuck.
The Dillon pin with location top jaws from Dillon Manufacturing firmly holds small and delicate parts being machined with air chucks without damaging or marring their surface.