Time to Reconsider Holding Taps with Collet Chucks

The next time you think about setting up a tapping operation with a collet chuck the same old way you always have, you may want to think again. There are now tap holders designed specifically to mitigate the load imposed on the tap by essentially absorbing synchronization error.
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Do Lathe Operations on the Bed of Your Mill

RapidTurn from Tormach securely positions parts in 15 deg increments for secondary work on the primary spindle of the mill, which is ideal for cutting wrench flats or drilling cross holes on turned parts without additional setups.

Stick to the Story

Check out how a special dual contact stick turning toolholder developed by Briney Tool Systems eliminated the need for one shop to re-engineer their catalog of lathe stick tools.

Beat the Competition on a Budget with this Entry-Level ‘Automation’

The way we machine parts has changed significantly over the years. Now it’s time to change how we think about workholding too.  

How Shrink Fit Chucks Fit Single Blade Applications

See why Starrag uses shrink fit chucks so their rotationally symmetric clamping body has less interfering contours and higher run-out accuracy when roughing and finishing hard-to-cut materials used for highly precise turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other structurally complex parts. 

Hard Turning on a Magnetic Chuck

Green or hard turning on a magnet is becoming more accepted as an alternative for lathe chucking, particularly for rings which are vulnerable to deflection.

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Chucks: Industry News

Downturn in U.S. Cutting Tool Orders

April orders of $168 million dropped 16 percent from the previous month.

Kitagawa North-Tech Hires Senior Manager

Shaun Thomas will be instrumental in managing all design, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

SCHUNK Opens Service and Technology Center in Houston

Their new Houston Tec-Center is fully equipped for process demonstrations, application support, and repair or service.


Chucks: Products

High Accuracy Internal and External Clamping Systems

The AGILIS power-operated cartridge mandrel clamping system from Röhm is for ID clamping of very small diameters for grinding, turning, milling, drilling and measuring applications, and their powered KZF-S external clamping collet chuck is for gears/workpieces that have an external plane or gear teeth geometries accessible from the outside.

Full Grip Pie Jaws Securely Hold Workpieces in Virtually any Application

Pie jaws from Dillon Manufacturing are ideal for machining valves, cylinders, specialty wheels and gears, housings and enclosures, adaptors and connectors, aluminum and steel shells, flanges, retainer rings, thin-walled automotive smog control air pump rotors, gas turbine parts, thin-wall tubing and cylinder liners for diesel engines, and more.

Eliminate Vibration and Maintain Efficient Milling Speed

The super-slim HMCJ milling chuck from BIG KAISER has a peripheral coolant supply that supports heavy duty and finish end milling tasks with power and precision using Ø1/2 in or Ø12 mm cutters.