Do Lathe Operations on the Bed of Your Mill

With Tormach's RapidTurn, parts can be securely positioned in 15 deg increments for secondary work with the PCNC’s primary spindle, making it ideal for cutting wrench flats or drilling cross holes on turned parts without additional setups.
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Stick to the Story

The special Dual Contact CAT50 stick turning toolholder developed by Briney for an Okuma MacTurn 550 milling/turning center. The dual contact of the toolholder taper shank and the toolholder flange eliminates pull-back of the toolholder. The steep taper contacts the spindle taper and flange contact on the spindle face, making a solid union in both the axial and radial planes. As a result, dual contact toolholders are resistant to axial movement because the face contact prevents the toolholder from being pulled up into the spindle at high speed.
Check out how a special dual contact stick turning toolholder developed by Briney Tool Systems eliminated the need for one shop to re-engineer their catalog of lathe stick tools.

Beat the Competition on a Budget with this Entry-Level ‘Automation’

A Unilock zero-point clamping system uses air pressure plus die springs to drive clamping pins against a tapered clamping knob that is attached to a base plate, fixture or directly to the workpiece for easy palletization of single or multi-chuck applications.
The way we machine parts has changed significantly over the years. Now it’s time to change how we think about workholding too.  

How Shrink Fit Chucks Fit Single Blade Applications

As a long-time partner of the aircraft industry, Starrag develops precise turnkey machine tool solutions for the production of turbine elements. One standard element of such complete
systems is Haimer shrinking technology. (Photo courtesy of Starrag)
See why Starrag uses shrink fit chucks so their rotationally symmetric clamping body has less interfering contours and higher run-out accuracy when roughing and finishing hard-to-cut materials used for highly precise turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other structurally complex parts. 

Hard Turning on a Magnetic Chuck

Figure 1. All three areas of the hardened ring on this magnetic workholding set-up will withstand a 0.200 in depth of cut at 0.020 in feed per revolution. A demagnetizing cycle provides easy workpiece removal.
Green or hard turning on a magnet is becoming more accepted as an alternative for lathe chucking, particularly for rings which are vulnerable to deflection.

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Chucks: Industry News

Bilz Tool Adds New Manufacturer’s Reps

Denco is now their agency for the southeastern U.S. and Tool Application Services covers Southern California and northwest Mexico.

Röhm Expands Regional Sales Team

Al Dopf, Edward Borsos, Jennifer Allison, Jimmy Clark and Rodney Payton now handle sales and service in various regions across North America.

Röhm Expands Service in Mexico with New Office in Monterrey

The ribbon cutting ceremony: Röhm Products of America CEO Matthew Mayer (second from right), Röhm GmbH CEO Dr. Robert Buchmann (second from left) and Rodolfo Espeleta, managing director of Röhm Products Mexico (center). 
The facility supports increasing opportunities in clamping and gripping technology in Mexico and Central America.


Chucks: Products

Jaw Nuts and Keys Handle High Stresses, Mechanical Forces in Heavy Machining

Operator safety and chuck life are greatly improved by eliminating the use of low carbon jaws nuts and T-nut in the machining process. Dillon Jaw Nuts, T-nuts, and Keys are available to fit all popular power chucks from 6 in diameter to 24 in diameter, including Forkhardt, Gamet, Howa, Kitigawa, Matsumoto (MMK), Nikko, Pratt Burnerd, Rohm, Samchully, Schuck, SMW, SMW-Autoblok, and more.
Ideal for high speed machining, Dillon Jaw Nuts and Keys provide superior wear resistance, impact resistance, higher tensile strength, and extended jaw nut life.

Sealed Quick Jaw Change Chucks

Booth W-1400: Needing lubrication only every third shift, the KNCS-2G next generation of quick jaw change chucks from SMW Autoblok has additional channels and grease pockets in the jaw guide ways that help the chuck operate longer, while seals in the chuck body and base jaws provide extra defense against chips, lubricant and other debris.
Ideal for mass production operations, KNCS-2G next generation of quick jaw change chucks from SMW Autoblok provide extra defense against chips, lubricant and other debris, and only require lubrication every third shift.

IMTS 2017 Sneak Peek: Tooling & Workholding

Booth W-2464: Designed for turning rough forging and castings, the Pramet HR2 indexable chip breaker from Dormer Pramet features a positive, stable geometry for improved tool life and performance. The single-sided inserts are ideal for working in steels, cast irons and stainless steels. The HR2 delivers increased productivity with reliable chip formation and evacuation at high feeds.
Here is a sneak peek at some of the state-of-the-art tooling and workholding systems that will be exhibited on the show floor at McCormick Place in Chicago from September 12-17.